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Oct 05, 2021
James Anderson
7 .9

1xBit is so far my favourite cryptocurrency casino. I had a good experience with the 1xBit mobile application. The app is similar to the desktop, in the sense that I can access all games and at the same time, I can fund my account. I also love the fact that any time I want to withdraw my winnings, I do it easily and I get the funds in less than one hour which is incredibly fast.

Sep 29, 2021
Mark Harrison
5 .5

This is a very nice casino and I would recommend it to anyone. The website is easy to navigate since everything is well-arranged and they have used bright colours which are pretty attractive. They also have great offers and there is always a 1xBit casino bonus to claim every now and then.

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Are There Any Negative Customer Reviews about 1xBit Casino?

1xBit has operated for nearly five years. Our review of 1xBit casino showed several complaints from different users of the platform. A few of these complaints are related to the service delivery and handling of customers. Others emanate from customers not reading the terms and conditions or just ignoring them. In this case, we would recommend that players seek customer service assistance before undertaking any procedure.

Our research team did not find any complaints that expressly link the casino to any forms of fraud, such as taking customers cash unfairly, changing of terms or disputes that ended at the gambling watchdog. This is a pointer to a transparent and reliable platform. However, there were complaints of issues taking long before they were resolved, technical hitches and inability to convert different e-currencies used on the site.

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Reasons Why 1xBit Casino Is a Reputable Online Casino

Our team undertook a review of the 1xBit casino to determine if it was reliable and trustworthy. We first looked at the licence. Despite not showing its licenses, we found that it is licensed by Curacao Gaming Authority. This is a reputable gambling authority where the casino details can be verified and users assisted if they get into a dispute with the casino.

The platform has clear terms and conditions for the players to go through before using any feature. Therefore, no nasty surprises await customers when getting their bonus winnings or withdraw their cash.It allows you to withdraw winnings you make from bonus cash without any problems as long as you meet the terms and conditions. Besides, customer service is usually at hand to assist those facing difficulties when completing different activities.

In addition, the platform makes use of legitimate, licensed software. Therefore, players can get any network bonuses offered by different software providers. This platform does not hold on to users’ cash without a valid reason. On the contrary, it releases payments within a few minutes to any wallet that works with e-currencies supported by the platform.

What Can You Do in Case You Suspect 1xBit Casino of Fraud?

The steps you take on finding fraud on the 1xBit platform depend on the type and the perpetrators of these actions. If you suspect a player or players are engaging in fraud, you can contact 1xBit customer service and give details of the fraud. Players can engage in various forms of fraud, such as opening different accounts to take advantage of the bonuses, conspiring to take positions on the live casino and increase chances of a win. They may also try to hack into the casino using software tools.

If you suspect the RNG software or a live dealer is committing fraud, you should bring the same to the attention of the casino. Sometimes such issues come up because of technical errors and not actual fraud. In such cases, the casino would correct the technical problems and refund anyone who lost their cash. However, if the casino is reluctant to handle the issue at hand or disagrees that there is a problem, you may reach out to the gambling watchdog for assistance.

In most cases, the authority will take a week or so to investigate the issue and provide its finding. If it finds the casino culpable, the watchdog will order the gambling platform to pay you damage from the loss of cash and for keeping you waiting. It may also take additional steps to enhance the safety of other gamblers on 1xBit casino. We recommend that you post any suspected cases of fraud on gambling forums to help other punters. If the matter is resolved, post the replies from either or both the regulator and the casino. Other gamblers can learn from your case.

Is log in at 1xBit Casino safe?

As per our evaluation of the 1xBit login page, we believe it is safe to put your credentials. We have various reasons to back our claims. First, we found that the platform had a solid password policy. Therefore, the passwords that it prompted the players to create were not easy to crack. If your account remains open for some time without any action, it logs out automatically. On the other hand, if the casino finds suspicious logins, such as from locations you do not normally use, it will lock your account for verification.

The communication between the casino website and your device is protected using SSL encryption. Therefore, no one can tap the login data as you enter it into your device. Besides, the snooping tools and key loggers cannot tap details of your passwords as you enter them on the login page.

Our casino comparison between 1xBit and other internet platforms confirmed that the platform had security features that were in line with what is accepted in the industry. We checked various security matters, including anti-fraud and theft policies, password policy, online security tools, speedy resolving of issues, user feedback and anti-virus, among other issues. We are glad that that platform performed better than many sites and above average compared to the general industry best practices. We believe your data should be safe on the 1xBit platform.

However, we advise players to take steps to safeguard the accounts. First, you should always log out of your account when you are done. It is the first-line protection against anyone who tries to gain access to your account. If you have a reason to believe that someone may have your password, it is good to reset it at the earliest opportunity. You can do this by heading to ‘My Account’ and checking the security section to change your password. In addition, if you believe that your credit card information has been compromised, you may remove it and order your provider to stop any transactions involving it.

Is the Casino Bonus of 1xBit Casino Reputable?

Yes. 1xBet casino bonuses are legit. The platform pays out any winnings that players make from their bonus offers as long as they have met all the provided terms and conditions. It provides clear terms under each promotion. Therefore, you should not have any problems trying to interpret any of them. However, if you have problems understanding any of the terms, contact customer service for an explanation before you claim the offer.

Our casino comparison tasks also involved the coverage of bonuses as other casinos do. We were glad that 1xBit has a welcome bonus available in all the jurisdictions where it has a presence. Besides, there are few restrictions on other bonuses, such as 1xBit Casino free spins, increasing the chance of making money from using promotions.

Check the 1xBit casino bonuses on the platform and pick the preferred one. You can pick one after the other and enjoy free cash.

  Is my debit card data safe?

Your credit card data is not required at 1xBit casino. Other payment methods as 1xBit Casino PayPal are not required. You just need to open a wallet and start transacting with the platform. The use of e-currency gives you unmatched security and freedom to make transactions without fearing for the safety of your banking data.

Had a Bad Experience With 1xBit Casino? – We Can Help You!

We can help any player who has lost cash due to suspected fraud at 1xBit Casino. If you are one of them, send a message to mrringo.com detailing the fraud. Alternatively, you may report the same in the comments section. Our team will look into your case and contact the relevant parties. Besides, we shall provide all feedback that we get from the casino and the regulator. It is easier to reach out to the regulator through our platform than doing it yourself. You also get to help other gamblers in the process.

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