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What is a Casino Bonus Code?

Let's be honest here - online casinos just don't like giving away bonus offerings! They do it because it's a great advertising tool, but at the end of the day they actually lose money on free spins and deposit match bonuses. As such, to reduce the number of people they need to give a deposit bonus to, sometimes casinos will require users to input a casino promo code - sort of like a way for players to say "Yes, I know about these free spins you guys promised, its free bonus money and I definitely want to have them!"

Granted, many casinos nowadays no longer require a code to give you your free spins or deposit bonus, but many of the ones that do will refuse to pay out your bonus unless you use a code first. Therefore, before signing up for any casino, it's always crucial to research whether they have any bonus codes you can take advantage of!

Types of Bonus Codes

Casino bonus offers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and sometimes different codes may give you completely different benefits.

One may give you a couple of free casino bonus spins without a deposit, another - a bigger match on your first deposit than the welcome bonus typically awards when making a casino account. These are some of the most common bonus codes:

Deposit Bonus Code

The most common type of bonus code - essentially boils down to "input this code during deposit and gain this deposit bonus on the house". Sometimes the deposit casino bonus will be better than what you'd get otherwise, while other times it'll add something extra, like bonus spins for a slot that you like. More often than not, this deposit bonus code is activated during your first deposit, but sometimes the casino may release an offer for returning players as part of a loyalty program which also requires a bonus code. Which leads us into...

Promotion Bonus Code

While closely related to the deposit bonus code, the promo code is ultimately its own thing which, unlike that code, is usually not part of the welcome package. Rather's it's a free bonus which is aimed at returning and existing players. Maybe the online casino bonus offers players who deposit free spins for a specific slot game, or a deposit match which only works on certain days of the week. Sometimes these promotional conditions will activate automatically, but other times the deposit casino bonus can only be triggered with a bonus code.

Free Spins Code

Free spins bonuses are fairly common in the world of online casino, but sometimes you need to use a code to take advantage of those delicious bonus spins! The way this type of code works is different, as sometimes you'll gain a couple more free spins alongside your deposit bonus, while other times the offer is exclusively for bonus spins. The former version is more common, but the latter is often found in casino no deposit promos.

Exclusive Code

On the surface, this is no different from any of the other codes we've discussed - it can still give you a deposit casino bonus just like any of them. The catch? You won't find that code listed on the casino page. Instead, that code may be exclusive to their social media feed, or perhaps they can send it over to a review site as thanks for a good review which brought them a lot of players.

That's why it's always important to check the review page for the casino you're interested in right here on - sometimes we'll have a code for great offers, like no-deposit free spins, you won't find anywhere else.

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How to Deposit with a Casino Bonus Code

Making a deposit using a bonus code is actually not too different from making any other online casino deposit. Realistically, the biggest difference is that you need to input a specific code in order to take advantage of your bonus spins, deposit casino bonus or whatever the terms of the promotion are. But what if this is your first deposit and you're not sure how to make it?

No need to worry: We've outlined a step by step guide for you! Here's how to to make a casino deposit using a bonus code:

How to Deposit with a Casino Bonus Code
what you will need
A bonus code, Internet access, funds for the first deposit
PC, Smartphone or Tablet
Complete Sign-Up
Complete the Sign-Up Process
Input your details and create your account, then confirm it.
Check T&C
Check the bonus conditions
Make sure that you qualify for the bonus and the offer is still active.
Make Deposit
Make your first deposit
Click on the Deposit button and choose how much you wish to deposit.
Enter Code
Input the Bonus Code
Before you complete your deposit, enter the code in the proper field.
Verify Bonus
Ensure that you got the bonus
Check your account and make sure that you got the appropriate bonus.

What to Look Out for in a Bonus Code

Like we said, using a code will almost always give you a better casino bonus than not using one. But just in case you're not sure, here's a handy-dandy checklist that will help you find the best casino bonus codes for you

  • Gives you additional free spins or bonus spins
  • Provides you with exclusive bonus offers you can't get without it
  • Gives a higher deposit match than not using a code
  • Has a lower wagering requirement than the bonus without the code
  • Gives a worse bonus than not using the code at all
  • Gives you free spins for a game you don't care about
  • Only useful as a first deposit bonus, but you're already registered
  • The bonus offers just aren't that good in your opinion

What do you plan on doing at the online casino?


What do you like to play most?


How would you deposit/withdraw money?


Should You Use a Promo Code at All?

99% of the time, the answer is absolutely "yes"! The deposit bonus or free spins you'll get from a code will almost always be better than what you'd get without it. After all, if you could get a better bonus without the code, then what's the point of having it there in the first place, right?

Many deposit bonus offerings can only ever be claimed by a bonus code, as online mobile casinos you can access on Android want to know that you're actively interested in the bonus instead of just claiming it because it's there. A lot of the time even when you can claim a bonus with or without a code, using the code will give you a better deal (like extra free spins or lower wagering requirements). So unless a code will actually give you a worse match bonus (which almost never happens), go ahead and use that code!

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Bonus Codes Terms & Conditions


Sadly, as fun as the idea sounds, codes aren't really as simple as punching in some letters and numbers and getting free money - if that was the case, then anyone would just use the code and then immediately withdraw the money without playing any games!

Wagering Requirements

Any bonus funds claimed through either a regular bonus or a code are subject to the so-called wagering requirements, a complicated word which actually means something fairly simple. In essence, every kind of bonus you get from an online casino must be "played through" a set number of times, meaning that you need to wager it in its entirety (at once or in parts) several times in order to turn it into cash, and thus withdraw it.

Time Limit

It would be too easy if the wagering requirements were the only thing you needed to worry about, right? Well, there's also a time limit in which you need to fulfill them, otherwise your deposit bonus (and any funds gained from free spins) will immediately vanish from your account. Online casinos do this so that players actively engage with the bonus instead of just leaving it in their account "for later".

Eligible Slots & Games

Most deposit bonuses can be played on any game - even live casino games sometimes! Some, however, are different and will only work on certain games. Most often this applies not to deposit bonuses, but to free spins, bonus spins and other slot-related bonus offerings. They will usually be limited to a very particular game that you need to play them on.

Withdrawal Limits & Other Restrictions

All deposit bonuses are a little different when it comes to their terms and conditions, and while some will just limit you to wagering requirements, others may place limits on how much of your deposit bonus you can withdraw even if you complete the wagering requirements within the time limit. There is a often a minimum deposit requirement as well.

Always be sure to read the terms and conditions for all deposit bonuses you claim to make sure you don't get a bum deal!

What to Do if a Bonus Code Doesn’t Work

Don't panic! There's many reasons why a code may not work, and not all of them mean that the code is irrepairably broken. First and foremost, verify that the code has been typed in correctly. It's best to copy/paste it rather than type it, even if it looks very simple. If that still doesn't work, verify that you're activating it correctly. Some casinos may need you to press a button to apply the code before you proceed with your registration, so make sure you've done that!

If the code still refuses to work, it might have expired. Deposit casino bonuses usually change all the time, and free spins offer may alter the game they're attached to. Try to Google the code and see whether the bonus it was attached to doesn't have a time limit.

Another option may be that a particular offer (for example, free spins for a particular slot) may be exclusive to a different country from yours. If you've double-checked and are still absolutely certain that the code should work, try writing to support and asking them directly. They'll give you a straight answer, and might even directly activate the bonus without the code if it's a technical issue!

Tips & Tricks for Finding the Best Promo Codes

There are several ways in which you can check whether a casino offers any deposit bonus codes before you sign up. Here are a few:

  • Check their casino bonuses page  right here on
    We're usually very good at researching online casinos and will be sure to describe all deposit bonuses in detail, especially if they require a bonus code to trigger.
  • Check the casino's promotions page.
    This is always a great way to check whether you were lucky enough to stumble upon a timed promotion which gives new users a bigger deposit bonus, or throws in some free spins. If you do, you'll almost certainly need to use a code to redeem it.
  • Go to the casino's social media page.
    A page on Twitter or Instagram is a great way to communicate with players - and since casinos want the engagement that bonus codes bring them, any such codes are likely to be posted there.
  • Ask support whether there are any codes you can use as a new player.
    Most casinos have live chat, and they'd love to help out a potential new player - it's their job after all. Simply write them and ask if there's a code for some extra bonus funds or free spins that you can redeem at registration.
  • Search "(casino name) bonus code" on Google.
    This method is less than reliable because deposit casino bonuses change all the time, and codes you may find online will likely not work. But it's a good way to make sure you haven't missed anything through the other steps.

Mobile Casino Bonus Codes

Mobile casino deposit bonuses have become rarer now that the mobile market has a much bigger share, but they still exist. The idea is that an online casino may offer players a deposit bonus exclusive to the casino's mobile app to encourage players to download it. Today, most players actually prefer to play casino games on mobile than on desktop, making mobile-exclusive deposit bonuses obsolete - but it's worth checking anyway.

To verify whether the casino has any mobile deposit bonus codes, simply download the mobile app and check the promotions (or bonus) page. There may be a deposit bonus labeled as "mobile" - if there isn't, compare just compare the casino bonuses on mobile and desktop and check if there's anything extra. Sometimes redeeming the bonus may be as simple as merely finding a code on mobile and inputting it on desktop!

Casino Bonus Codes FAQs FAQ

Can I use a casino bonus code more than once?

Unfortunately no. Online casino bonuses are only given once per player, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Therefore, bonus codes are only valid the first time you use them.

Is it really possible to get free cash with a bonus code?

It is - though it's not easy. Every online casino will require you to play through your free spins, no deposit or deposit bonuses several times before you can withdraw them. The idea is that casino bonuses are only used to test the games, though you can certainly withdraw them into cash if you're committed.

What’s the difference between a deposit bonus and free spins?

Free spins are exactly what they say on the tin - the ability to spin a certain slot for free a set number of times without paying, while keeping the winnings as bonus funds. Meanwhile, a deposit bonus directly gives you the bonus funds without requiring any spins. They're both different means to the same end.

How can I withdraw a no deposit bonus?

Most often no. Whether it's free spins or bonus funds, most no deposit casino bonuses are incredibly difficult to withdraw - if not impossible. This is deliberate, to prevent abuse and scams. So instead of thinking about withdrawing them, think of them as a free trial on the casino games.

 Is it worth searching for a casino bonus code?

Always! Special Casino bonus codes may give you brand new casino bonuses or better conditions on the ones you'd get without them. You can even input no deposit casino bonus codes for free bonus funds! So it's always a great idea to check our review page or use Google to check whether a particular casino offers bonus codes.

What happens to my bonus if I don’t complete the wagering requirements within the time limit?

The bonus funds will expire and evaporate like mist! So don't sit on your deposit bonus and try to use it as much as you can - even if you lose it all without being able to complete the wagering requirements, it's okay because the bonus would disappear anyway once the time limit is over.

Do all casino sites offer a bonus code?

No, not all of them - many prefer to just give players regular deposit bonuses that they can gain without having to input any deposit bonus codes. So if you're not finding any codes for free spins or a new welcome bonuses, don't fret - there probably aren't any.

Can I use a bonus code which is only available for a different country?

Unfortunately, that's not possible. Casino bonuses given to a particular country are meant to entice a very particular market into signing up at the online casino. If anyone could use them, then that would defeat the purpose.

Can I use multiple casino bonus codes at the same time?

This depends on the casino's policy. Some casinos allow you to use multiple bonus codes simultaneously, while others may require you to complete the wagering requirements for one bonus before claiming another. Check the casino's terms and conditions for clarification.

Do casino bonus codes expire?

Yes, casino bonus codes typically have an expiration date. The validity period can range from a few days to a month or more. Make sure to use your bonus code before it expires to take advantage of the offer.

Are there any restrictions on games I can play with my bonus?

Yes, casinos often restrict the games you can play with bonus funds. Some games may contribute less towards the wagering requirements, and others might be excluded altogether. The terms and conditions of the bonus will specify any game restrictions.

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