Top Telegram Casinos and Gambling Bots 2024

1. 1xBit Casino

1-3 Days
bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, eos, ripple, litecoin, tron, bitcoincash, binancecoin, tether, monero
Welcome bonus up to 7 BTC!

1xBit is a prominent online casino and ever the front of innovation in the industry. They have adopted the No KYC model for a specific set of their games and are prepared to break more new ground with it. You don't need to show documentation in order to play specific games and you don't need them to claim your winnings.

Welcome bonus up to 7 BTC!
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2. Mega Dice

1-3 Days
visa, mastercard, bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, ripple, litecoin, tron, bitcoincash, cardano, binancecoin, tether, solana
200% Bonus up to 1 BTC + 50 Free Spins

To kickstart your Mega Dice experience on Telegram, simply access the app and tap 'start'. The platform facilitates immediate cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, sidestepping the traditional KYC process given users are pre-registered.

Mega Dice is not only licensed but also welcomes new members with a - bonus on their initial deposits up to . As a cherry on top, they're granted 50 free spins.

200% Bonus up to 1 BTC + 50 Free Spins
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3. Betfury Casino

1-7 Days
visa, mastercard, bitcoin, applepay, ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin, tron, binancecoin, tether, solana, monero
100 No Deposit Free Spins for registration and Welcome pack up to 225 Free spins + $10500

BetFury Casino stands as a beacon in the dynamic world of online gambling, offering an unparalleled gaming experience that seamlessly blends the excitement of traditional casino play with the innovation of the digital age.

As a prominent Telegram casino, BetFury has successfully harnessed the power of social messaging to create a vibrant, interactive community. With its cutting-edge technology, a wide array of games, and commitment to fairness and security, BetFury Casino is truly a trailblazer, redefining entertainment in the digital era.

100 No Deposit Free Spins for registration and Welcome pack up to 225 Free spins + $10500
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4. Lucky Block Casino

1-3 Days
visa, mastercard, bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, ripple, litecoin, tron, bitcoincash, cardano, binancecoin, tether, solana
200% Bonus up to 10,000 EUR + 50 Free Spins

Lucky Block Casino stands as a licensed gem among other Telegram casinos. With instant registration and cryptocurrency deposit capabilities, players can benefit from a stellar 200% deposit bonus of up to £10,000. Additionally, free spins enhance this deal, available for the initial 30 days post-deposit.

Under the esteemed regulation of Curacao eGaming, Lucky Block promises a secure gaming environment. Players can further capitalize on Bitcoin deposits without fretting about extra transaction charges.

200% Bonus up to 10,000 EUR + 50 Free Spins
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5. Casino

1-5 Days
bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, eos, ripple, litecoin, tron, bitcoincash, binancecoin, solana, monero
200% Welcome Bonus up to $2000 in Crypto

Stake, a renowned casino, has seamlessly integrated with Telegram, elevating its prominence with an expansive game selection. The platform's major attraction on Telegram lies in its daily challenges, catering to the ever-active social media populace. A dedicated Stake channel on Telegram ensures users stay updated and engaged.

The Stake bot amplifies user engagement by dispensing bonuses directly through its channel. While its full game suite is still brewing for Telegram, avid players can anticipate fresh additions periodically.

200% Welcome Bonus up to $2000 in Crypto
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2-6 Days
bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin, binancecoin, tether, solana
$25,000 Weekly Race is the premier crypto casino on the Solana network, offering a diverse gaming portfolio with over 9,000 options, including live-dealer games and sports betting. It supports more than 25 cryptocurrencies for transactions, enhancing player convenience.

Unique to is the inclusion of  Telegram Casino, providing an innovative and accessible platform for users to engage in their favourite casino games through Telegram directly.

$25,000 Weekly Race
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7. Casino

2-7 Days
bitcoin, tron, tether
Daily Cashback's 20% caters to Telegram users seeking a wide array of crypto games, live casinos, and slots with low deposit requirements.

While it may not offer extensive welcome bonuses or ongoing promotions, its focus on anonymity, excellent customer service via Telegram, and commitment to responsible gaming distinguishes it as a premier option for crypto casino players.

Daily Cashback's 20%
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Pros and Cons of Telegram Casino Sites

  • Exceptional privacy and anonymity, thanks to Telegram's no-KYC policy, ensuring user identities remain concealed.
  • Swift, secure, and anonymous signup.
  • A rich array of games, including slots and live dealer options.
  • Attractive welcome bonuses, offering up to 200% on the first deposit.
  • Encourages vibrant player interactions within the community channels.
  • Challenges in market regulation due to minimal bureaucratic procedures for game access.
  • Potential risks like RTP manipulation stem from the lack of strict regulation.

What are Telegram Casinos

Telegram has ushered in a novel gaming paradigm, diverging from traditional casinos. This initiative targets a fresh niche, captivating those who prefer mobile-centric casino experiences.

With rapid technological advancements, players are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to engage with casinos. Telegram, already a renowned messaging platform, has smartly evolved to tap into this demand. The core idea is to integrate the familiarity of a messaging app with the thrill of casino gaming, creating an unmatched blend.

Casinos leverage Telegram bots to entice players, broadcasting bonuses across platforms. These bots also tailor the gaming experience and facilitate diverse payment options.

The bots play a pivotal role, functioning as personal casino assistants. They keep players updated, handle transactions, and ensure a smooth gaming journey. A good example is the poker bot that handles everything around playing Texas Hold'em Poker games. This real-time interaction brings a level of immediacy and engagement that traditional online platforms often lack.

App-based casino gaming, as seen on Telegram, distinguishes itself from the typical front-end systems of traditional online casinos. Telegram meticulously orchestrates every facet of the gaming experience, from components and structure to content.

A notable departure from conventional casinos is the flexibility Telegram offers: players can maintain multiple accounts with varied currencies. This not only introduces variety but also heightens prospects of winning across accounts.

Furthermore, this multi-account feature embodies the essence of modern gaming - a mix of strategy, diversification, and flexibility. It empowers players to diversify their risk and adopt varied gaming approaches, something conventional platforms don't offer.

Synchronizing an account with most Telegram casinos streamlines subsequent registration endeavours.

Benefits of Using Telegram Casinos


There are various benefits, such as convenience, accessibility, and others as listed below.

Given today's fast-paced world, users increasingly prioritize platforms that offer them both entertainment and convenience. Telegram, with its user-friendly interface and versatile offerings, stands out in this regard.

Anonymous Online Gambling

Telegram offers anonymous gameplay, ideal for those preferring a division between gambling and personal banking. Its flexible payment options pave the way for diverse, discreet transactions.

This anonymity caters to a segment of users concerned about privacy and digital footprints. Not having their gambling activities tied to their primary financial records provides an added layer of security and peace of mind.

Global Reach

With its vast user base rivalling giants like WhatsApp, Telegram presents casinos with a ready audience. While traditional online casinos invest heavily in advertising, those on Telegram capitalize on the app's existing popularity, reducing promotional needs.

This intrinsic global reach translates to a diverse player base, fostering a rich and varied gaming community. Players from different cultures and backgrounds converge on a singular platform, enhancing the overall gaming narrative.

User-Friendly Interface

Telegram casinos boast intuitive navigation. Their integrated payment systems allow direct app transactions, and the Telegram bot further streamlines gameplay, aiding users in game selection.

Unlike some platforms that come with a steep learning curve, Telegram casinos prioritize user experience. With minimalistic design and clear instructions, even novices can dive into the gaming realm without any trepidation.

Better Bonuses Value and Variety

Variety is the spice of casino gaming. Telegram casinos entice with diverse and welcome bonus offers, ranging from percentage-based bonuses, as seen in Mega Dice, to additional cash bonuses, like those at Manga Casino. Moreover, the game assortments ensure players are continually engaged.

Such attractive bonus structures not only enhance the initial gaming experience but also fortify player loyalty. Casinos on Telegram seem to understand the psyche of gamers, constantly evolving their offerings to keep players hooked and intrigued.

Enhanced Security and Data Protection

Telegram is renowned for its commitment to user security and data protection. With end-to-end encryption and self-destructing messages, players on Telegram casinos can be assured that their communications and transactions are kept private.

Moreover, Telegram doesn't share user data with third parties, ensuring that players' personal information and gaming habits remain confidential. This commitment to security further attracts players who are wary of online vulnerabilities, providing an extra layer of trust and confidence in the platform.

How Telegram Casinos Work

Telegram casinos either operate independently or as extensions of existing platforms. Through bots, users enjoy swift registration and immediate gameplay initiation. The bot communicates player details to the main casino, streamlining access.

In a sense, these bots act as the nerve centre of Telegram casinos. They encapsulate the entire gaming process, making it efficient and enjoyable. While traditional casinos sometimes get bogged down by layers of processes, Telegram casinos promise an uninterrupted journey.

Bots bridge players and casinos. Mirroring online sports betting platforms, they allow balance checks, transactions, game provider selection, and play initiation. Players enjoy instant responses, enhancing their gaming experience.

Think of these bots as the casino concierge, ready to assist, guide, and enhance the player's experience. Their versatility in handling diverse tasks — from mundane balance checks to intricate game selections — showcases the potential of integrating technology and entertainment.

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Why Players are Opting for Gambling via Telegram Bots

Players are opting for Telegram bots rather than online casinos because of the appeal the casinos have and, by extension, the audience it has attracted by tapping into an already-made market. Entering players to bet using a trusted social media application is easier than conventional advertising methods.

The digital era has seen the proliferation of apps and platforms, and Telegram has skilfully leveraged its existing user base to make inroads into the casino industry. For many players, the comfort of using a familiar app outweighs the allure of traditional online casinos, no matter how flashy their promotions might be.

Telegram has pierced through the veil, scrapped the entire registration process, and automated it. The application already has the player's details, and there is no need to add more details when registering. Also, having numerous accounts is an option many would prefer because it hedges their positions in different systems.

This automated registration resonates especially with the younger tech-savvy generation, who appreciate the efficiency and detest redundancy. The multi-account feature also amplifies the strategic component of gambling, allowing players to experiment with different approaches and techniques.

Using the bots is simpler because players can prompt the bot to bring certain games to their attention. The bot could also act as a reminder for bets meant to be placed at a particular time, which is why having a popular telegram casino bot is more appealing than the online casino.

With the bot acting almost as a personal assistant, players can focus more on the game's strategy than logistics. This bespoke experience, tailor-made to individual player preferences, pushes Telegram casinos a notch above their traditional counterparts in terms of user engagement and satisfaction.

Online Casinos vs Telegram Casinos

Telegram Online Casinos

A newer entrant into the world of online gaming, Telegram casinos have introduced a minimalist approach to gaming, focusing primarily on text-based interactions rather than extensive visual simulations. One of the standout features of Telegram casinos is their emphasis on user privacy.

Players on this platform are shielded from the often-annoying barrage of promotional texts from emerging casino platforms, as Telegram commits to not selling user contacts for marketing purposes. However, while the platform appears sleek and innovative, there are concerns.

The reliance on bots to control many game aspects means that there's potential for manipulation, calling into question the fairness of some games.

Traditional Online Casinos

Traditional online casinos serve as the foundation for all casino models and have been prevalent for decades, earning trust and continuously refining their offerings. These casinos emphasize visual simulations, providing players with immersive gaming experiences that stimulate both their senses and anticipation.

Over the years, the experiences offered by these platforms have been designed to mirror the thrills of physical casinos, from the graphics to the sound effects. However, one downside to traditional online casinos that some players have reported is the sharing of their contacts with third-party marketers, leading to unsolicited promotional messages.

Safety and Legality of Telegram Casinos

Telegram is preferred for anonymity, and through that, it ensures that your details are kept separate from your bank account details.

However, this distinct emphasis on anonymity raises concerns about misuse. While privacy is paramount, this also opens up avenues for individuals to potentially obscure ill-intentioned activities, making it challenging for authorities to track or intervene. Ensuring a balance between privacy and security becomes essential.

The legality of casino games in Telegram is a grey area because there are no gambling restrictions. Players on Telegram are using cryptocurrencies to play games, and there are no limits to how many accounts a player can have because opening different accounts is possible.

With the dawn of cryptocurrencies, many legal systems worldwide are still catching up to this new form of transaction. Their decentralized nature and the intricacies of blockchain technology further blur the boundaries of what's considered "legal". Players tread a fine line when navigating this realm, and should always ensure they are informed of their jurisdiction's stance on such matters.

Another facet of legality is the potential manipulation of the telegram bot to achieve specific outcomes of fair games. Since bots are programmable entities, there's the looming possibility of tampering to generate biased results, putting the fairness of games in question.

While the chances of bot manipulation could be relatively low, especially with reputed casinos, it remains a concern for many players. Transparency and continuous audits could be potential solutions to ensure fairness and player trust.

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Telegram Casino Bonuses

Matched Deposit Bonus

Telegram Casinos have introduced enticing bonuses to lure players. One such bonus is the 200% matched deposit on initial deposits. Casinos such as Mega Dice provide a 200% bonus up to 1 BTC, sweetened further with 50 free spins. Metaspins, another player in the market, offers a competitive 100% matched minimum deposit and bonus, capping at 1BTC, albeit with a 25-times wagering requirement.

Matched deposit bonuses serve as a fantastic entry point for new players, letting them experience the platform without risking a significant chunk of their funds. These bonuses, when utilized wisely, can pave the way for substantial winnings, making the initial stages of a player's journey lucrative.

Free Spins

A hallmark of many online casinos, free spins remain a significant pull factor. Slot games, a crowd favourite, often come with such offers. Mega Dice, for instance, pairs its bonuses with an extra 50 free spins. Likewise, Lucky Block provides an additional free spins, setting a trend commonly observed across Telegram and other online casinos.

Free spins resonate with players as they offer a chance to win without any monetary investment. Especially for slot enthusiasts, these spins could potentially unlock jackpot wins. Casinos leveraging this bonus effectively find increased player retention and enhanced user satisfaction.

Deposit Reloads

Deposit reloads serve as a lifeline for consistent players, with offerings like a 25% cashback on weekly losses. Certain casinos stand out by making this available to all, as opposed to being an exclusive VIP perk. Additionally, 1xbet casino adds a touch of sentimentality with bonuses commemorating the anniversaries of user membership.

Such gestures reinforce player loyalty, demonstrating the casino's appreciation for its patrons. Beyond the monetary benefits, these bonuses instil a sense of belonging and value among the players, ensuring longer, more committed relationships with the platform.

How to Start Playing on Telegram Casinos

How to Play on Telegram Casinos
Estimated Time
What You Need
Our Guide to the Best Telegram Casinos Online, Telegram App, Internet Access
Equipment Required
Smartphone, Tablet, or PC
Install Telegram
Registration on Telegram Mobile App
Download and register on the Telegram mobile application.
Compare Casinos
Choosing a Telegram Casino
Once registered, search for your preferred Telegram casino. Establish an account directly through Telegram.
Setup Casino Account
Setting Up Transaction Preferences
During the account creation phase, specify your preferred transaction method. This ensures smooth financial interactions later.
Terms & Conditions
Understanding Telegram's Integrated Gaming World
Telegram offers both its conventional benefits and an integrated gaming experience. Learn how the selected casino bot merges communication and entertainment.
Play Casino Games
Exploring the Casino Bot and Winning
After setting up the account, use the bot to assist in game selection and play casino games.

Diverse Game Selections Offered by Telegram Casinos

Telegram messaging app isn't just a communication platform; it's a gaming haven. Mirroring their online counterparts, Telegram casinos offer a repertoire of popular games – from the thrill of roulette and the strategy of blackjack to the unpredictability of slots and the fun of learning how to play poker. And with Telegram, these aren't just standard games; they come in a medley of variations, catering to a broad spectrum of player tastes.

The gaming landscape on Telegram isn't static; it's dynamic and ever-evolving. With the assistance of the bot, players can seamlessly navigate this vast gaming realm. A simple prompt to the bot, and it retrieves the desired game, reflecting the merger of technology and entertainment.

Moreover, the APIgrator feature is a game-changer. This powerful tool allows casinos to amalgamate a plethora of games from diverse gambling platforms with a single integration. Such a vast array, combined with Telegram's reach, positions these casinos to attract a fresh wave of players, diversifying their user base.

Additionally, the embrace of cryptocurrency within Telegram casinos marks a transformative phase in gaming. Many online platforms sideline games necessitating crypto deposits. However, Telegram welcomes them with open arms, championing inclusivity and broadening the gaming horizon.

Withdrawal Terms and Conditions

When it's time to reap the rewards, understanding the withdrawal dynamics of Telegram casinos becomes paramount. Notably, one should keep in mind the following:

  • Withdrawal procedures and timelines differ among platforms.
    Some platforms may require a 24-hour waiting period. Swift withdrawals might also be used to indicate a casino's commitment to player satisfaction.
  • Casino bots often handle withdrawals without fees.
  • Broader financial systems may impose charges, especially for cryptocurrency transactions.
    Players should be aware of potential costs to protect their winnings.
  • The chosen transaction method impacts both the timeline and fees of withdrawals.
    Cryptocurrency transactions typically are quick. Conventional currency transactions can take up to 48 hours and may have extra fees.
  • Understanding the withdrawal dynamics of Telegram casinos is crucial.
    Players should familiarize themselves with details for a seamless gaming experience.

How to Stay Safe While Playing on Telegram Casinos


In the digital age, as gaming platforms like Telegram gain prominence, so does the importance of ensuring one's digital safety. Telegram channels, though primarily designed as collaborative spaces for players to share experiences and discuss strategies, can sometimes become a breeding ground for unsolicited activities.

One of the foremost appeals of Telegram has been its user-centric approach. Its channels provide a rich medium for users to connect over shared interests. However, like any communal space, caution is warranted. Digital spaces, given their vast anonymity, can sometimes harbour individuals with less than genuine intentions.

One of the most common traps unsuspecting players might encounter is the reception of dubious links. While they might seem benign, or sometimes even lucrative, clicking on such links can expose players to malicious threats.

Equally precarious are unsolicited business propositions. As tempting as these "too-good-to-be-true" opportunities might seem, they often conceal fraudulent intents. The best defence is a proactive one: always exercise caution and avoid engaging with such offers. The vastness of the digital sphere means it's interspersed with both genuine enthusiasts and potential scammers. Discernment becomes one's greatest asset.

A noteworthy feature of Telegram, which amplifies its commitment to user privacy, is its concealment of phone numbers. This inherent safeguard ensures a baseline level of anonymity. But to further bolster this protective shield, players should be prudent and refrain from sharing personal contact details within channels.

In essence, while Telegram offers a protective framework, the onus also falls upon users to ensure their safety. By being vigilant and adopting a cautious approach, players can truly enjoy what Telegram has to offer without compromising security.

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Telegram Casinos FAQ FAQ

Can I bet real money on Telegram?

Yes, you can bet real money on Telegram because there is an option of depositing through different currencies.

Why play with Telegram casinos?

These casinos are easier to register because they are integrated on Telegram. They also provide anonymity to their users because they do not ask for KYC documentation.

What Telegram casinos pay out?

The best casinos that pay well are Mega Dice, Jet Ton, Lucky Block, and Stake. The payout depends on the wins received from all casinos.

Can you access an online casino directly through Telegram?

Yes, you can access online casinos such as Mega Dice, Stake, Lucky Block and many others that have integrated their website with the mobile application.

Can you use Telegram to play online casino games?

Yes, you can use Telegram to play online casino games because all the features of an online casino have been integrated into the website.

Is Telegram free to use?

Yes, it is free to use, and you do not have to pay anything because it is also free to download the application.

Do you need to provide a mobile number to use Telegram?

You need a mobile number to verify the account while registering on Telegram.

Do Telegram casinos support cryptocurrency transactions?

Yes, many Telegram casinos, especially Ethereum-based ones, support cryptocurrency transactions, offering players a seamless crypto gaming experience.

How do I deposit or withdraw money from Telegram casinos?

Depositing or withdrawing funds in Telegram casinos is often facilitated through the integrated bot, which guides payment methods and transaction processes.

Is the game variety on Telegram casinos comparable to regular online casinos?

The game variety largely depends on the specific casino. However, many Telegram casinos offer a wide array of games, mirroring their online counterparts.

Are there exclusive bonuses for playing on Telegram?

Yes, many Telegram casinos offer exclusive bonuses for their players that might not be available on their primary website. These can range from deposit bonuses to free spins.

Can I play Telegram casino games on any device?

As long as you have the Telegram app installed, you can access Telegram casinos on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Are the odds and fairness in Telegram casinos similar to traditional online casinos?

Yes, reputable Telegram casinos use the same RNG (Random Number Generator) systems as traditional online casinos to ensure fair play and unbiased outcomes. However, always choose casinos that are transparent about their fairness protocols and, if possible, are audited by third-party organizations.

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