It’s once again the spookiest time of the year, the season of witches, vampires, ghouls and ghosts, and, of course, irresistible Halloween casino offers! We at Casino-Online absolutely adore Halloween, despite the fact that it’s not the most popular or “commercial” holiday. The fact that you can already see Christmas things in shops before Halloween has even come to pass is a testament to that. But despite this unfortunate fact, it’s also undeniable that Halloween, not only as a day, but as a season, carries a particularly strong atmosphere. Horror movies and videogames feel that much scarier in October, pumpkin drinks and treats feel that much tastier, and horror-themed slots seem to be that much luckier! As if there’s some kind of dark magic in the air which exacerbates everything spooky to a whole new level!

In celebration of that magic, and the season as a whole, we’ve decided to acknowledge our absolute favourite horror slots from the best developers! We’ve scoured the internet to find not only the most popular UK slots, but also the ones that we personally feel manage to capture that creepy October atmosphere. Before we begin, however, it’s very important to note that the slots are presented in no particular order, very similar to our games based on slots list. When it comes to, say, movies or shows, it’s much easier to establish criteria by which to rank one above another, but with something as subjective as slots everyone’s going to undoubtedly have their own opinion and preference.

Without further ado, let’s get into the list!

Mental (Nolimit City)

Oh boy. What a way to start off our list. A fair warning must be given to anyone who considers trying out this slot: it really does have some brutal imagery. And how could it not? In real life, asylums have a dark enough history as it is, but in fiction, they may as well be hell on Earth – and “Mental” doesn’t dare shy away from this depiction. Paying tribute to classic movies and TV shows, like “American Horror Story” and “Silence of the Lambs”, as well as horror videogames like “Silent Hill”, Nolimit City’s “Mental” uses brutal images of lobotomies, electroshock therapy, death, disrepair and severe mental illness as its symbols.

  • It’s no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most creatively twisted slots available in the UK market.

Its bonus features are similarly disturbing, for example the Dead Patient feature which will grant you a multiplier, at the expense of the patients that met their end under the abuse of the institution that was meant to treat them. Even the free spins features, usually painted as a happy and lucky occurrence, suddenly take on sinister undertones with specials like the Autopsy Free Spins and Lobotomy Bonus. Don’t get us wrong, however – we love this kind of creepy, disturbing atmosphere, and it helps elevate “Mental” far above most of its contemporaries, even if it’s probably a bit much for some people.

Frankenstein (NetEnt)

With Frankenstein, Mary Shelley pretty much-invented horror as we know it today. Sure, ghost stories and tales of the boogeyman have been around for as long as humans have needed a way to keep naughty children from wandering off, but it was Shelley’s revolutionary 1818 novel which introduced horror as a twisted reflection of our own reality. Every single horror author in the next 200+ years, like HP Lovecraft, Franz Kafka, Stephen King and Junji Ito, owes their craft to Shelley to a considerable extent (in fact, Ito – the closest we’ve got to a “master of horror” today – has adapted Frankenstein in his own terrifying style). With so much history behind it, we can’t think of a more appropriate team to bring the story of Frankenstein to the world than NetEnt, a leading slot games developer.

  • We’re happy to say that, as usual, NetEnt haven’t disappointed, bringing us yet another brilliant adaptation.

Based on the Universal movie from 1931 (which is every bit as iconic and influential as the book, bringing us the classic design of Frankenstein’s monster which most take for granted), the slot adaptation preserves many of its iconic images and locations. Taking place in that famous lab, the players take on the role of Dr Frankenstein himself as he tries to bring his Adam to life. The Monster, the Doctor, his assistant Fritz and the “corrupted” brain that would eventually end up in the monster’s head are all represented by symbols, and looking as good as you’d expect from NetEnt. The biggest feature that draws people to this slot is, of course, its bonus of 175,000 coins – one of the biggest among all NetEnt offerings. It truly feels like the team did their best to create a worthy successor to both the novel and its movie version!

Immortal Romance (Microgaming)

Unlike most famous monsters (such as mummies, goblins, werewolves and aliens), vampires have always been uniquely romantic creatures. Back in 1897, Bram Stoker wrote Dracula as a sophisticated, brilliant man, a far cry from your average monster at the time. Dracula was handsome, well-spoken, highly intelligent and cunning, and with a certain thirst not only for blood, but for romance (he did have several ‘brides’ sharing his castle, after all). As such, it’s really no wonder that so many works throughout the decades have depicted vampires not as bloodthirsty beasts, but as immortal romantics that are well worth loving. Most famously, Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” series earned millions of readers through its premise.

  • While clearly inspired by “Twilight”, Microgaming’s “Immortal Romance” stays true to its gothic Stoker-esque origins.

The overall atmosphere of “Immortal Romance” is significantly darker and more sinister than anything you’d find in the high school of “Twilight”, featuring significantly older and more sinister characters at the center of its romance, as well as gothic locations where even Bela Lugosi’s Dracula would feel right at home. Most uniquely, however, the slot also features fully voiced character backstories for each of its four main leads, immersing you into the world of the game, the characters’ relationships with each other and their own unique role in the story. This, in turn, makes them feel like actual people (or, well, vampires) and not just as symbols that bring you wins – a truly unique idea that I hope more slots go on to adopt!

Alice Cooper and The Tome of Madness (Play’N GO)

If you’re a big alternative musician or band, you need to be in a videogame – that’s simply the rule! Some, like Metallica, have managed to get away with their own “Guitar Hero” spinoff, others, like Ozzy Osbourne, simply lended their voice and appearance to other games such as “World of Warcraft” or “Brutal Legend”. Some of the biggest names in the genre, however, starred in their own projects, such as the incredibly weird “KISS: Psycho Circus – The Nightmare Child” (yes, that is indeed its name), or the somehow even weirder “Omikron: The Nomad Soul”, which combined the genius of David Bowie with the sheer madness of future “Detroit: Become Human” creator David Cage. With all that in mind, there was simply no way Alice Cooper could stay behind – and he enlisted the help of famous slot developer Play’N GO to digitally immortalize him!

  • Make no mistake – this isn’t a slot with an Alice Cooper coat of paint on it. He’s breathed life into every single pixel of it.

To start off, Alice Cooper actually voices himself in the slot, in addition to providing his likeness – his voice will guide and encourage you as you rack up the wins. The idea is that evil forces have locked him up (you can see him bound to the right of the reels as you play), and you need to find 3 keys in order to free him in time for his concert. Once that happens, he’ll turn into a gigantic Wild for a bonus feature, his music will start playing and you’ll rack up some big wins. Depending on how well you do here, you’ll unlock a few free spins which you can use in various different locations, each with a different bonus and each inspired by a different Alice Cooper video (such as the Temptation Room and the Chamber of Horrors). So not only are the bonus offerings quite generous once you manage to activate them, but they’re also perfectly representative of the artist that clearly put a lot more than his name to this game to make sure it’s truly special.

Halloween Fortune (Playtech)

Not every horror slot needs to be themed after a particular license, or even a particular setting – some may simply allow the player to get drenched into the Halloween atmosphere as a whole, to enjoy the symbols of the season in a dark room next to some candlelight and enjoy an experience that is more delightful than spooky. Halloween Fortune is one such slot, and admittedly, the idea does sound like it could be a little bit of a disaster in the hands of the wrong developer. In the hands of Playtech, however – one of the best software providers in the world – we can’t help but be a little excited to check out what it’s all about!

  • The title “Halloween Fortune” is a fun play on words, given that witches play a pivotal role in the games and symbols for the slot.

Besides the more traditional Halloween symbols, such as pumpkins and ravens, many of the tiles you’ll be lining up are closely tied to witches – black cats, magical amulets, potions, cauldrons, etc. It is the cauldrons in particular that you want to really look out for: they only appear on the first and fifth reel, and if you get one on both you activate the free spins bonus game. When you do, you’ll need to select one of three witches (your choice will determine how many free spins you’ll get) and then help her brew a potion (your choice of ingredients will set the multiplier for your spins). Will you be able to take full advantage of your Halloween fortune?

Curse of the Werewolf (Pragmatic Play)

We’ve all played the classic party game Werewolf – and if you’re one of the few who haven’t, then we strongly recommend you find a party to play it at as soon as possible! Essentially, the idea is that all of the players are villagers, but one of them is secretly a werewolf – question is, which one? The werewolf can kill one villager every night (or, in some game variants, turn them into a fellow werewolf), but the villagers can only choose to kill their suspected furry beast if they reach a consensus. This, naturally, quickly turns into a game of mistrust and suspicion, and the inevitable “gaaah, it was you all along?!” moment when the werewolf is revealed, which usually shakes up even the most boring party.

  • Pragmatic Play’s “Curse of the Werewolf” is clearly inspired by the party game, with the struggle of werewolves and villagers at its center.

Right off the bat, its colorful and cartoony visuals make it pretty clear that you’re not supposed to be taking the game particularly seriously, despite its gorey premise. And while the main game may only have tangential similarities to the “Werewolf” party game, this all changes once you enter the bonus round, in which the goal is to convert as many villagers as possible into werewolves. There are four villagers in total, and the idea is that the more you manage to convert before your free spins are done, the bigger your multiplier and wins become. Every golden werewolf you get will deal some damage to one of the villagers, and once their health is critical, they become one of your own! Convert everyone, and you’ll win big!

Pumpkin Smash (Yggdrasil)

Halloween isn’t quite as big in Mexico as it is in some other countries – and that’s because they have an arguably much cooler holiday only a few days after the end of October known as the Day of the Dead, when brightly colored, intricately adorned skeletons take over the country for a bit to serve as a reminder that while death is inevitable, it doesn’t mean it can’t look fun and fancy! Day of the Dead has inspired a lot of fantastic media, from animated movies like “Coco” and “Book of Life” to videogames such as Tim Schafer’s brilliant “Grim Fandango”. It really could come as no surprise that it also inspired at least one slot adaptation!

  • Yggdrasil’s Pumpkin Smash truly captures the spirit, unique visuals and catchy music we associate with Day of the Dead.

The graphics are appropriately colorful and popping for the holiday, and we have to be honest, the music is an absolute banger which can perfectly put you into that awesome Day of the Dead atmosphere. But what do smashing pumpkins have to do with that holiday? Well, despite the name, it’s not actually related to Billy Corgan’s band, but to the bonus feature of the slot. If you get at least two pumpkin symbols on any reels you’ll be taken to a special screen where you can smash those pumpkins and see what’s inside – cash, free spins or a multiplier. Oh, and if you get even a single pumpkin during your free spins, you get to immediately smash that too! It’s not exactly a pinata, but it’s just as fun!

Book of Madness (Merkur)

As we already discussed, asylums are spooky enough all on their own – but what happens when an asylum becomes overtaken by a supernatural force? That’s the premise behind Merkur’s Book of Madness, a slot by Merkur (or, as they’re also known, Gamomat) which may not be one of their most popular offerings, but certainly wins points with us for its creativity and originality! On top of all the classic asylum tropes that make our skin crawl, such as syringes full of dubious medicine and metal beds in less than ideal condition, the slot also lets us interact with the creepy monsters the asylum’s residents have turned into.

  • The patients have all become vicious werewolves, and the nurses – disfigured monsters straight out of Silent Hill.

The monsters will, naturally, bring you the most wins, on top of actually being animated once you line up their symbols, which only further intensifies their uncanny nature. The titular book, responsible for the ironic madness that has overtaken the asylum, acts as both a Wild and a Scatter, much like it does in Merkur’s other Book slots, like Book of the Ages and Book of Oz. Similarly to those slots, if you manage to get three Books on any reels you’ll unlock 10 bonus spins, during which any symbol could expand to bring you even more wins than before. Overall, there are certainly far worse ways of spending time in a haunted asylum!

Halloween Jack (NetEnt)

NetEnt are one of the best slot providers in the world – so good, in fact, that we couldn’t help but include two of their slots on the list, making them only one of two operators with that distinction (the next entry on our list is the other, but don’t scroll down just yet). And how could we resist? As usual with NetEnt, the quality of the slot is through the roof, with amazingly detailed images and smooth animations, not to mention an overall fantastic Halloween atmosphere. The narrative tells of a young girl who finds a mysterious jewel box and, using it, accidentally unleashes the titular Halloween Jack, a demon who thrives on Halloween like Krampus does on Christmas.

  • While a bit light on features, “Halloween Jack” absolutely thrives on visuals and atmosphere, and is a fantastic slot to play in late October.

Granted, all slots we’ve listed here are fantastic for play during the spookiest time of the year, that’s why they’re there. But Jack in particular is just oozing atmosphere – the colors, visuals, music, occasional lighting strikes all blend together perfectly in order to create this amazing Halloween feeling. But what about the bonus games and other features? As usual for NetEnt slots, you’ll find wilds and scatters, and collecting 3 or more scatters will activate a free spins feature. What makes “Halloween Jack” interesting is that, during free spins, special lanterns will appear on the 5th reel which represent Jack’s power. Collecting those will make him stronger and, in turn, you’ll be granted additional multipliers and bonuses. In other words, by unleashing this demon upon the unsuspecting world, you’ll stand to benefit and grow your own power, just like the main character. Whoever said slots can’t be immersive?

House of Doom (Play’N GO)

For the final entry on our list, we’re going back to Play’N GO for another horror staple – the haunted house! Whether it’s the walkthrough attraction that pops up in every city around Halloween or the horror movie/game trope where the protagonists walk into a house they really had no business being into, we love haunted houses – and chances are you do too! If only there was a way to explore a creepy living room while also earning free spins and coins… Well, Play’N GO had the same time, and they’re inviting you for a walk through a house that’s to die for… Literally!

  • The story is that a cathedral has found itself unfortunately taken over by forces from “down below”, filling it with monsters and demons.

This uniquely ironic setting allows for some truly spook-tacular imagery which should quickly seem familiar to any fans of heavy metal – flaming skulls, demonic rams, metal pentagrams and blood-stained roses. But what are symbols without wins and bonus features? If you manage to trigger three Scatter symbols you’ll activate the quite appropriately titled “Doom Spins”, which will grant you a random number of free spins at a random multiplier (usually the lower the amount of spins, the bigger the multiplier. During Doom Spins, Scatter Symbols will also become Wilds, further expanding your winnings. That’s certainly one haunting we’d be happy to have any day, but especially on Halloween!

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