Online Live Dealer Casinos

Online Live Dealer Casinos have been with us for the last two decades with Baccarat being the first game introduced in this format. Live Online Casinos have become more and more popular in this digital age. Helped by the vast improvement in technologies making gameplay more appealing to all ages. Regulations governing online casinos and protection afforded to Gamblers has also come on leaps and bounds thus giving punters more confidence that they are not being cheated.

Advantages Of an Online Live Dealer Casino

  • Comfort/Relaxed – What beats sitting in your favourite armchair at home to gamble in your own relaxed surroundings.
  • Little-to-no distractions – Allowing full concretion of the games at hand
  • Accessibility – Can play from mobile device or PC.
  • Minimal requirements – Casino Account, Stable Internet connection, Connected mic and webcam
  • Innovative new games – Appearing more regularly online than in Land based Casinos
  • Etiquette – Little or none to follow, compared to a brick and Mortar casino.
  • Convenience – Play games 24 hours a day if you so wish or at times of your own Choosing.
  • Low Cost – No travel, or expenses – less internet which people generally have already.

Disadvantages Of an Online Live Dealer Casino

  • Speed of Games – Can be slower than in the brick and mortar casinos, however, some players may prefer this
  • Fewer Game types – Online live dealer casinos have added expense – film crews etc so tend to offer less gave types
  • No interaction/observing with other players, making it more difficult to find their tell.

Land-Based (Brick & Mortar) Casinos

The Chinese recorded the initial gambling account practice in 2300 B.C and gambling has appeared in many historic tales from Ancient Greece onwards but its origin is unknown. Casinos have come along way since the first recorded European Gambling house, Casino phrase not used until the 19th Century, in 1638 located in Venice. The most significant World casino sites are Monte Carlo, Macau, Singapore and USA with a reported Worldwide gambling revenue totalling $385 billion, released figures in 2016.

The Glitz and glamour along with the sense of occasion attending a Casino may surpass that of the gambling for many. The chance to dress to impress – look like James Bond or a Bond girl – and the etiquette involved with the top end/traditional casinos can make for a special occasion even in part an act of escapism for many. Even just to experience the flashing lights of Vegas style casinos, as seen in many a film can add to the excitement of gambling, as gambling should be Fun.

Advantages Of A Land-Based (Brick & Mortar) Casino

  • Atmosphere – Of excitement and risk making an event or special occasion
  • Spectacle – Glitz and glamour of a brick and mortar Casino, Social drinks
  • Social/event – Many a Stag night or just a bonding session or treat that special lady/man
  • Reading of competing players – To find their tell, this I guess can be more difficult within this day and age with hoodies and sunglasses employed by players to hide their tell and give no advantage to their competitors.
  • Physical games – Craps, for instance, the skill required in rolling your own dices. Can you compete with the Guinness World Record for the longest craps roll in gaming history at a time of four hours and 18 minutes!
  • Thrill of the Games – Can Online Casinos’ ever compare!

Disadvantages Of A Land-Based (Brick & Mortar) Casino

  • Limitations ongoing games – Set timings and not all types of games always available.
  • Expense – Travel, Victuals and Others
  • Distractions – Activities and persons may distract your concentration.
  • Atmosphere – Of excitement and risk may cause players to gamble more
  • Betting Limitations – Tend to be stricter compared to their Online counterparts


So as far as I see it it all boils down to your own personal preference on whether you wish to make an occasion of a trip to a casino or prefer to gamble in the quiet of your own home or your own time on the move. Of course, you always have the option of both at times of your choosing. Grosvenor Casinos openly encouraged both as bonus codes from their (land) brick and mortar casinos can be used online. Another casino that operates in both spheres is Hippodrome and you can find many a Hippodrome Casino live casino review for Land and Online options

As always gambling can and should be fun, carried out within your own means and limitations.

Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans