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  • Secure payment system – Bitcoin security protocol is among the best
  • Universal currency – Bitcoin can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Competitive games bonus – it has a welcome and other existing bonuses.
  • Variety of games on offer – there are both new and classic games up for grabs.
  • Players do not have to register to bet on games.
  • Only one mode of currency, which limits the diversity that comes with betting.
  • Not recognised by the United Kingdom Gambling condition. Games WELCOME PACKAGE
25% Cashback up to $2,000 equivalent in BTC.
GIVE ME MY BONUS Games Features
Adheres to the universal gaming rules

Legal betting age 18+ years, random number generator (RNG) and license acquisition are some of the practices followed. Games adhere to responsible gaming propositions

It has a self-exclusion option where the gamer can set gaming limits as a way to self-regulate gaming

Has a secure information system

No one, including SBGC staff, has the permission to disclose any confidential data to anyone.

Has a responsive customer service, both offline and online

Customers can find out gaming procedures through the Frequently Asked Questions segment, or the official email ([email protected])

A unique casino that operates on Bitcoin only

Its staking currency is Bitcoin only. However, it uses other contemporary payment options to convert hard currencies to digital currencies

Everything You Need To Know About Games

What stands out in this Games review is the exclusive use of Bitcoin as the mode of exchange. Gamers can either use Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash. Its operations are tied to the cryptocurrency such that it gives its users a chance to understand the digital currency. It also has working arrangements with other payment models to complement its options. Everything else is standard; the slots, table games and other online casino gaming.

As the gaming mechanics is not the same as other online casinos, the Bitcoin game’s customer service helps gamers understand how to stake, play and win. Questions in focus revolve around deposits, Bitcoin wallets and staking. All these and many more are covered on the FAQs. Promotions also have a page where the casino expounds on their models. In essence, casino games is a leader in crypto-gaming. Games PAYOUT RATE

Typically, online casino adopts their return to player rate basing on the games. Each game has its own RTP based on its terms of service. They range between 90% to nearly 99%, depending on the type of game. Blackjack tables give out over 99%, while roulettes range between 96% and 98% basing on the casino’s gaming variance. Slots have a large variance of between 90% and 99%. They are very many, and their terms of service vary from one slot to another.

Although there are no definite figures on the terms of service, the games review shows the same variation as the standard figure. For online casinos operating in the United Kingdom, the figures must be displayed on every game, and the standard RTP is indicated in the terms of service. Look out for the RTP before participating in any game on the casino. Games SOFTWARE

The casino list games from the world’s most-followed casino software provider. They range from video slots, jackpots, table games, among other casino games. Some of these software operators are listed below.

Pragmatic Play is among the most recognised gaming brands in gambling. They deal with video slots, live casino and bingo. Its games can work on both mobile and desktop computer and can be translated to over 31 languages. They accept all major currencies, including Bitcoin.

Vivogaming is a trailblazer in both classic and contemporary gaming. It specialises in table games, with a firm footing in the live casino. From America roulettes to live dragon tiger, Vivogaming tables make good table games on games.

What stands out with BGaming is the support features like currencies and provably fair. These features make digital currency gaming easier, secure and fair. BGaming has video slot games, table games and lottery games on games, including Hit the Route, Johnny Cash and Lady Lucky Clover.

Playson is also a service provider on games. It is big on jackpots and big-spending promotions. The Cash Days $60,000 promotion running on the games landing page is part of the games developed by Playson. Other games from Playson include the Super Sunny fruits, Legend of Cleopatra Megaways and Crystal Land. Other software operators include Ezugi, Belatra Games, Endorphina and Wazdan.


From the name of the online casino, the mode of currency is digital. It has a crypto-wallet that allows only Bitcoin as the mode of currency. If the gamer doesn’t have Bitcoin, they can use selected payment methods that can convert the dollars, pounds, or euros to Bitcoin. MasterCard, VISA Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are used for the conversion. Also, there are selected bank transfers that can facilitate payments.

To deposit, the gamer can go to the profile, select any Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash listed and deposit into the account. If the transaction is successful, it will record on the blockchain in a few minutes, allowing them to stake. First-time customers can now access the welcome games bonus, while return customers stand a chance to win the periodic reload bonuses.

For withdrawals, go to the profile section and click on withdraw. After filling out the intended amount and the preferred address, click on “Withdraw.” The funds will go to your crypto-wallet, which you can convert back to your desired currency. In case of any operational query, go to the games forums, where all technical questions are explained in detail.

The nature of payments revolves around Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. Therefore, the listed online payment options have to change any currency used to Bitcoin. However, information such as the exchange rate of Bitcoin to USD is public information. For facilitation, the blockchain charges 0.0001BTC for withdrawals on the blockchain. To be safe, ensure you withdraw a significant amount to benefit from the economies of scale.


In practice, Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash are not subjected to any regulatory practices, making it irrelevant to control withdrawals. The gamer can withdraw any amount from their Bitcoin wallet to their hard currency wallets. However, whatever moves from the conversion payment method is subject to regulatory policies as stipulated in their service terms. Every withdrawal attracts a 0.0001BTC service charge.

Withdrawals reflect in real-time from the games account to the preferred payment option. If the gamer has a Bitcoin blockchain, the transaction is instant. However, if the game wants to get it in real cash, the transaction will follow the prescribed times as per the terms of service.

Compared to other online casinos using real money, the modes of payment are different. Bitcoin gaming is still a new concept, making its payment processes unique. However, as technology improves, the digital currency will convert seamlessly to hard currency and back. Games LIVE CHAT AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT games review on customer service comes in 3 ways email, Twitter and Bitcoin forum. The email address used is [email protected], where the gamers can list down their query. However, it takes up to 24 hours to get a response.

The Twitter handle is faster and details the query in a short and straightforward manner. Those responsible take the shortest time possible to solve the issue using short and precise answers. It also documents all communication sent through the handle over time, hence a good information management tool. discussion forums are revolutionary. They are divided into specific topics where each topic is discussed extensively. From legal set up to technical, media and project development, they cover the topics in details.

However, the online casino does not have a live chat portal for real-time communication. The frequently answered questions and the discussion forums step in to answer all questions. Every mode of communication is adequate and answers all requisite topics intended. Games RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING RECORD games advocate for responsible gambling as it subscribes to considerate gaming. If a gamer wants to stop gambling but cannot due to addiction, games have useful resources to that effect. Help Guide, Youth Gambling and NCP Gambling are some of the organisations the casino advises gaming addicts to visit. They have useful material and processes that can help anyone to reduce their gaming addiction.

The casino also has internal mechanisms to curb gaming excesses. There is a voluntary self-exclusion method that ranges from 6 months to 5 years. However, the gamer has to initiate the process and provide their account details for execution. When they are ready to resume, they should reach out to customer support for reinstatement. Gambling is addictive and should only be done as a part-time activity. The amount used in gambling must be the excess of what you have, not what is meant for other issues. This can help self-check gaming activities and limit the adverse effects of gambling. Games SECURITY

First, the games website uses SSL security technology that uses socket layers to shield against external hacking. International finance corporations commonly use technology. What makes it more efficient is the regular upgrades to secure the platform systematically. It guarantees secure systems that deter cybercriminals from gaining unwanted access to the online casino.

However, no security system is 100% efficient without the help of the users. Gamers should ensure that they keep their log-in information is safe from prying eyes. The log-in URL found under My Account must be kept in confidence. Anyone who gets hold of it can access your funds and can withdraw them. games workers are under oath not to share personal information with anyone, except in exceptional circumstances. Gamers from Europe have data protection rights under the European Economic Area agreement, which SBGC ( games operator) strictly adheres to. It protects gamers’ personal and financial information from access without a court order or authority from the owner. games has been using MetaMask in order to better provide protection and service for its players. Games FAIRNESS AND LEGITIMACY

Casino games such as the games slots have an RNG model that identifies the gaming outcomes. It ensures fairness and undue influence from the online casino. The same concept also works with classic casino games such as the games roulette. Since gamers are known by codes rather than names, the operator cannot discriminate against other gamers.

Digital currency operating models rely on market forces with no central authority, which is the same concept as games. However, the holding company has the ultimate right to censor some accounts if they go against the laid-down terms of service. Before that, they do their investigations, and if the gamer feels aggrieved, they can seek arbitration from e-gaming arbitrators.

The only information games picks from the gamer is the IP address. They use it to determine if the gamer is in their jurisdiction. Any other element is left to chance. Games TERMS AND CONDITIONS

The terms and conditions appear on the bottom taskbar, which is common among all pages on the platform. They are divided into 3 major sections the provably fair, privacy policy and the terms of service. The provably fair touches on games’ fairness. Outcomes are random and aren’t controlled by anyone from the online casino. Although not obligatory, gamers can share some information with the online casino. The privacy policy spells out the code of conduct of workers on personal data. No data sharing, save for a legal reason associated with the fraud. Otherwise, the gamers’ data are protected by the European Economic Area.

The terms of service carry the backbone of the procedure. It gives out all legal framework from which the player and online casino should relate. They cut across age, jurisdiction, multiple accounts and any fraudulent activity in Games In case of any clarification, the gamer should look out for the customer service representative or the FAQs section to further explain.

However, some special terms are worth mentioning, among them the governing law (from Costa Rica) and the use of cryptographic systems.

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How do I sign up for Games?

When a new user lands on the webpage, they are given an anonymous account number. They can use the account, but they have to remember the URL used when they visited the site the first time when leaving the page. It can be found on the My Account menu. Guard it jealously since it contains personal information that someone can access.

As opposed to other online casinos, games does not ask any customer to enter their details. This keeps all gamers anonymous, which is suitable for strategic reasons. However, reserves the right to admit or reject any active account in case of any breach of contract. The most important thing is to note the anonymous user URL at first, which you will use for subsequent log-ins.

What is the contact number for Games?

Unfortunately, does not have a registered office in the United Kingdom. In essence, it means that it does not have a UK customer service number. However, there are other ways in which users can gain access to customer service. The first place to look for is the FAQs. It explains in a simple and precise format some selected topics.

Other places to look for are the terms of service and the forums. They have answers on all topics found on the casino. If all these information centres do not help, write an email to [email protected] and state your case. The customer service will answer, but after 24 hours. All this aims to make the casino as private as possible. However, when the need arises, the holding company can introduce the numbers to its customers.

How do I log in to Games? games do not have any sign-in details. However, when you visit the casino site for the first time, the system allocates you with a unique code, which is captured on the URL under My Account. You have to save it somewhere, preferably where you cannot forget.

Once you click on the URL, use the account key to access your profile. Ensure that no one has access to it, as they can wipe out your Bitcoin balances. In case you forgot both the URL and the account key, talk to customer service, explain the situation and get another account. The absence of sign-up information solidifies the privacy narrative, which is at the heart of Bitcoin’s operation.

How do I close my account at Games?

The system engineers the creation of the games account. If you want to close it down, write an email to the customer support with details on why you want to close down the account. Any funds left in the account will be transferred to your crypto-wallet.

However, there are other options you can take, if the problem is overspending. You can either self-limit, a process that can be done within the system, or go to gambling control sites. They include GAMStop, NCP Gambling, Help Guide, or Youth Gambling. Their insight on the dangers of betting and the gambling control process can help you scale down the addiction.

Is Games a Rip Off/Fraud? games get its footing from the digital currency Bitcoin. Known the world over as a modern age currency, it represents future transactions’ aspirations without geopolitical restrictions. Its systems are secure and have a worldwide presence. Just like any other online casino, it houses the popular games slots and table games. Gaming is straightforward as it uses the same concept as other casinos. This means that the casino cannot interfere with outcomes, neither can it influence who wins a game.

With the world looking towards digital currency, games are growing in equal measures. Its privacy policy stands out, making anonymous players confident while gaming. Also, its linkage to contemporary payment methods makes it accessible to people who would want to convert their winnings to hard currencies. Payments reflect in real-time, both deposits and withdrawals. Bring together all factors, games is a trusted brand in casino gaming and is significantly gaining ground with contemporary gamers

Do you have to download software to play at Games?

All games are stored on their servers, making it irrelevant to download them to your phone. From games roulette to blackjack, slot games and other video games, all the gamer needs is access to the website. All betting is done on the browser, both mobile and personal computer.

Moreover, online casino software developers have created a simple way of betting that saves broadband data. This makes it pointless to download any software for betting. Otherwise, website betting is the best since you have all casino games on one platform from which you can choose.

Can I pay via my mobile device at Games?

Yes, but it has to go through another payment medium before it moves the casino’s account. Credit/debit cards (MasterCard and VISA), Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are the currency conversion payment options that remit money through mobile before moving to casino. The same process applies to both deposits and withdrawals and may attract a transaction fee.

However, as technology improves, Bitcoin can develop a model that allows bettors to pay through mobile to their blockchain directly. It will make it faster to transact and save the transaction fees.

Does Games accept PayPal?

Currently, games cannot handle PayPal transactions. Instead, it has mobile pay platforms and bank transfers as alternatives. As the payment processes develop, more options will be added, including PayPal. It will make transacting possible for gamers who prefer e-wallets payments. From experience, funds can move between e-wallets and Bitcoin crypto-wallets. When the time comes, Bitcoin will affect it, bringing on board a significant number of gamers who use PayPal as their preferred mode of payment.

Get Games Bonus Games WELCOME PACKAGE
25% Cashback up to $2,000 equivalent in BTC.
Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans