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Why we should play free blackjack games

Playing free online casinos offers a lot of benefits. For instance, it allows players to try different gaming strategies until they find what works best. They can do this as often as they want without worrying about losing even a single penny.

Another significant benefit of playing the free blackjack games is to improve your blackjack strategy chart and stay entertained at your favourite casino site. It's, however, good to note that any gain made from playing free blackjack games isn't payable.

Play Online Blackjack for Free

If you are looking to make a successful entry into the world of online blackjack gaming, the best way to begin is with a demo. The game uses play money chips offered, so you won't incur anything.

Nevertheless, it still has the same features as real money online blackjack (with a few exceptions, like live dealer blackjack games). Additionally, the free online blackjack lets you practice until you are ready – there are no limitations to the number of times you can play.

Cash £

Play Live Blackjack for Free

To play live online blackjack games for free, you must use a real money blackjack account. Most online casinos hire their croupiers and have to pay for the profit made. Since free blackjack doesn’t contribute to the casino's profit, it's hard for them to let you participate in live games.

Be that as it may, some casino sites will allow you to watch the live games for free. They do this to help you familiarize yourself with the games so that you'll have complete knowledge when you decide to participate.

Play Free Blackjack games For Mobile Devices

No paying to casino houses

Gone are the days when you would pay regular visits to casino houses to play blackjack online games. Nowadays, these games are readily accessible right from your mobile devices.

Play from everywhere

That has made them even better because you play online blackjack from wherever you are and at any time of the day. And unlike the traditional way, these online blackjack games for mobile devices offer privacy so that you manage your wins or losses without minding others.

Fast support

Other benefits include dedicated support, unlimited wagering options, and a gambling history to play for free mobile blackjack games.

Play blackjack online in the casino for free

To enjoy the best casino gambling experience, you must make sure you play blackjack online from a reputable casino site. Unfortunately, many casino sites make gamblers feel stranded when trying to identify the best among them.

Free Blackjack vs. Real Money Blackjack

Variations of free online blackjack games

American Blackjack

One of the variations of the game is American Blackjack. The Player aims to get their hands closer to 21 points while avoiding going above them. To outsmart the dealer in the American blackjack variant, the Player's hand total must exceed that of the dealer; however, it must not exceed 22 points. The dealer is served two cards – the face-up, shown to the Player, and the face-down. The Player allowed only three chances to split his hand with this variant.

European Blackjack

The European Blackjack is much like the American Blackjack; however, a few rules put them apart. For instance, in the European blackjack variant, dealers aren’t allowed to check for blackjack supposing their first card equals 10 points. In this case, players take their first turns without knowing whether they automatically lost. Moreover, in European Blackjack, the Player is limited to splitting their hands once, which can somewhat alter their gaming strategies.

Switch Blackjack

Among the variations of the blackjack game, Switch blackjack is unique. For this online blackjack variant, the players are allowed to play two hands each round, and they can either decide to retain the hands they were dealt or pick a second card for each hand to maximize the outcomes. In most cases, the payout for this blackjack is usually in cash, rather than the blackjack that pays 6 to 5.

Pontoon Blackjack

Pontoon is yet another blackjack variant that resembles the American Blackjack. The Player aims to achieve a point closer to twenty-one without exceeding it. The Player is dealt two cards in this variant, all facing up. The dealer also gets two cards but faces down. If a player achieves the pontoon (21 points), the hand should pay 2:1, and if the dealer achieves the pontoon, the house wins.

Surrender Blackjack

The general rule for the online blackjack (getting closer to 21) also applies in the surrender blackjack variant. The players are served with two cards. They try to achieve points closer to 21 but realize they can’t and then choose to surrender instead of standing up. The benefit of surrendering is that it spares them from losing everything. They only lose half and retain the other half.

Atlantic City Blackjack

In the Atlantic City blackjack, a player is served with two cards, after which they choose to split or double down as they wish to maximize the chances of winning. In addition, this variant lets players purchase insurance or surrender to reduce their losses, thereby boosting the chances of making positive returns.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

This special blackjack variant allows a player to place an extra bet that acts as a cover for the outcome of the first two cards served, being a pair. The side bet is settled first, and then the main bet continues as per the specified casino site's stipulated blackjack rules.

Single Deck Blackjack

As you can tell from its name, the above blackjack variant can only play using one deck of cards. This makes it more possible for players to predict the card they will likely draw and when they will draw it. The house edge for this black variant is usually low, and it's best suited for card counters.

Double Exposure Blackjack

Like the main blackjack, your aim remains – getting points below 21 points but having more points than the dealer. Both the dealer and the player cards are exposed. In the case of ties, dealers win the blackjack game, and if the players get a blackjack, they are even paid money. This blackjack variation allows players to split one time only.

FAQ Free Blackjack Play FAQ

Can you win real money playing free blackjack games?

The straightforward answer is NO. Unless stated otherwise, there isn’t a possibility of winning real money from free blackjack games. The reason is that you are playing blackjack online with the casino's virtual money, which goes to the virtual account. In the same way, you will not suffer financially if you make losses playing free blackjack casinos. These are meant to help newbies and experienced gamblers hone new gambling for free.

Can you play blackjack without registering?

Yes, but only if you are looking to play free blackjack games. As earlier stated, these aren’t meant to deal with real money. So, whether you signup or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can try playing online blackjack and enhance your skills. For real money accounts, registration is a must. The casino site will need your credential to ensure they are not dealing with fake identities.

Do I need to download software to play blackjack for free?

It is not a must for you to download apps to play blackjack free games. All you need is to visit a reputable casino site and start playing online blackjack right away without making any downloads or installations. However, this doesn’t mean you are restricted if you want to download software. Most gaming sites recommend downloading software for a flawless gaming experience.

What is free bet blackjack?

Contrary to what most people think, free bet blackjack isn’t the same as free online blackjack games. Instead, it is a real money free blackjack game that offers some free bets.

The blackjack game has similar rules to American Blackjack; however, a player is given free doubles for cards total of 11,10,9 and free splits for all pairs other than 10s. The only caveat to these rules is that dealers push on 22.

Can I count cards in free blackjack?

The direct answer is yes. You are free to count cards if you wish; however, doing so might not bear fruits in most cases. The reason is that most casino sites have advanced tools to shuffle cards after a card has been dealt. Fortunately, there are some programs you can use though they are not legal for real money gaming. The good thing is that you can use them at your home where there’s no one to monitor what you are doing.

Can all blackjack variants be played for free?

Yes. Most casino sites will let you play any blackjack variant for free. They do this because they want you to boost your gambling skills before proceeding to real money gambling.

Where can you find the best free blackjack games?

There are very many online casinos that you can visit and enjoy playing blackjack online for free. However, when choosing the best sites to play, you should be mindful of many things. For example, you should ensure that the website is credible and has a variety of games. To establish this, check if they are appropriately registered. This will give you the confidence to proceed to their real money gaming after you advance your skills. Our research found that the best casinos offer free blackjack games.

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