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What Is Ethereum and How Does It Work?

Ethereum hasn’t been around for that long, unlike other cryptocurrencies, but it’s widely used. Cryptocurrency has been accepted across many industries as a safe and secure payment method. Ethereum is a blockchain software platform, and it’s one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Just like other cryptos, Ethereum is used to make online transactions and payments and is widely accepted at crypto casinos.

The method gives you more control over your money, personal, and financial information. Therefore, no one can tamper with your information on this blockchain technology. Ethereum is a decentralised platform, so the currency is just one of the platform’s elements. It operates on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which creates smart contracts (a concept to be explained later in the article).

Ethereum is obtained by Ethereum mining, and it’s mined using a method known as Proof-of-Work. To mine the currency, certain mining software is downloaded and installed on the computer. With the software installed, the computer can make complex Ethereum transaction calculations, keeping the network going. If you do this by yourself, you will get rewarded with Ethereum. Alternatively, you can buy Ethereum or exchange Ethereum with other currencies.

Ethereum is now accepted as a payment method alongside traditional fiat currencies in the gambling industry. Ethereum casinos operate like conventional online gambling sites, apart from the payments section. Since this platform operates on the blockchain network, players can deposit into the smart contract or the casino wallet. This article will guide you on what to look for when choosing an Ethereum casino and how to play Ethereum casino games at the best Ethereum casinos.

Ethereum Wallet

An Ethereum wallet is software or hardware that allows you to interact with the Ethereum platform. There are several Ethereum wallets, and you can choose the one you want. The Ethereum wallet allows you to interact with your Ethereum account. You can also keep track of your account’s balance, send money to other users, receive funds and interact more with your account.

The Ethereum wallet is controlled using a password or a private key. The password is used whenever you want to move funds within your wallet. To ensure that your funds are safe, you are the only one who is supposed to know the private key.

Many wallets are available on the market, some of the most popular being Coinbase, Gemini, Bittrex and Kraken. Once you have your crypto wallet, you can start to purchase Eth and the many other cryptocurrencies available to play with.

Once you have chosen the Ethereum betting site you wish to play at, connect your crypto wallet to the online casino via the payment options at the cashier section, select how much you wish to deposit and start using Ethereum to play your favourite classic casino games, slot games and live casino games.

Smart Contract

A smart contract is an agreement between two parties; in this case, it’s the user and Ethereum’s operators. Being a smart contract, it’s represented as a code stored on a public database and not subject to any changes. Any transactions happen under the smart contract’s self-execute mode, so there’s no need for a third party.

The transactions only occur when all the conditions in the “smart” agreement are met. The smart contract pays you instantly if all the agreements have been met. For example, smart contracts handle your payment if you win a bet at an Ethereum gambling site.

Pros & Cons Of Ethereum Casinos

  • Deposits and withdrawals are almost-instant
  • Thousands of Ethereum casino games
  • All of your activity using Ether is completely encrypted
  • Frequent Ethereum bonuses such as free spins and a first deposit bonus
  • Isn't appropriate if you are not a risk-tolerant player
  • Fewer Ethereum betting sites than BTC casinos

5 Things You Should Know About Playing with Ethereum at Your Online Casino

  1. Faster Deposit and withdrawal times
    Players can use Ethereum to fund their cryptocurrency casino accounts. Deposits and withdrawals are made directly to and from their personal Ethereum wallets to the casino’s cash balance. Deposits reflect immediately, while withdrawals take as little as ten minutes to process.
  2. Lower Fees Compared to Other Cryptocurrencies
    You will probably come across the term “mining fees”. This term refers to a fee paid to perform transactions, especially when dealing with cryptocurrencies. Ethereum’s mining fees are lower compared to other cryptos like Bitcoin.
  3. A Wide Range of Casino Games to Play
    Most players have a specific taste of certain casino games. It could be online slots, table games or live dealer games. The best Ethereum casinos offer a wide variety of games to attract many players. So, whether you want a seat at a live Blackjack table or you want to spin some reels at the online slots, an Ethereum casino should be the go-to casino.
  4. Ethereum Casinos Are Easily Accessible
    The gambling industry is growing rapidly and more Ethereum casinos are coming up. Ethereum is among the most used cryptocurrencies in the gaming industry. Now, there are countless anonymous Ethereum casinos that any player can access and play their favourite games from anywhere in the world
  5. You Remain Anonymous
    Discretion is key, especially in online gambling, since players always do different transactions. Ethereum betting sites prioritise their customers’ security. They ensure that all players transact anonymously without their financial privacy being breached.

How to Deposit with Ethereum at Online Casinos

How to Make an Ethereum Casino Deposit
Estimated Time
What You Will Need
An account at an Ethereum Casino, a crypto wallet Ethereum in it
Equipment Required
A PC, mobile device or tablet
Go to Deposit
Go to the Deposit page
Navigate to your crypto casino's Deposit page, usually located somewhere near the top.
Select Ethereum
Choose Ethereum as your Payment Method
If there are multiple cryptocurrencies available, make sure to select Ethereum.
Link wallet
Connect Ethereum wallet
Connect your Ethereum wallet or the service provider where your ethers (ETH) are stored.
Comfirmation of Ethereum Deposit
After the final confirmation, the Ethereum payment is available on the casino account.
Start to Play
Enjoy playing games at your Ethereum Casino, good luck!
The Best Crypto Casinos with Bonus
# Casino Bonus Crypto Currencies
1 Casino 2000$ Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple, TRON, Bitcoin Cash, Shiba Inu, Binance Coin, eos Claim Bonus
2 RollettoRolletto Casino 500€ Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin Claim Bonus
3 DonbetDonbet Casino 750€ Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash Claim Bonus

7 Points on How to Withdraw Ethereum

You need to have your personal receipt address.
Receive your funds
The online casino approves the withdrawal request
Paste the address into the casino’s cashier section
Log into your Ethereum casino account
Copy the address from your wallet
Choose how much Ethereum you want to withdraw

Ethereum Safety - Is Depositing with Ethereum Safe?

Cryptocurrencies are ranked as some of the safest online payment methods. With the Ethereum wallets, you can easily store your ether and make payments at an online casino and sports betting sites.

Ethereum allows you to create your own Ethereum wallet, and you are the only one aware of the private key. To top up the security, the best Ethereum casinos use high levels of encryption technology, so your deposits are safe.

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Ethereum Taxes - Do UK Players pay taxes on Ethereum Deposits

UK players are not required to pay taxes for Ethereum deposits. There is no gambling law stating that crypto casino deposits should be taxed. If you make a deposit, you will get the exact amount you deposited. Similarly, they don’t have to pay taxes for their winnings, but customers may have to pay taxes when exchanging winnings for another currency.

Alternative Cryptocurrency You Can Use Crypto Besides Ethereum at Online Casinos


Currently, Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency that’s accepted around the world, and it’s also used by many online gambling sites. Some of the reasons why players pick this option over other cryptocurrencies are because it’s accepted widely, it’s trusted, and there are many Bitcoin casinos. You will fully control your BTC account and funds as a player since Bitcoin is decentralised.

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Litecoin is known to be an altcoin, and it’s a popular payment method accepted by many online casinos since 2011. Litecoin has many similarities with other cryptocurrencies, but it offers its unique benefits. All transactions are highly secured, and you will remain anonymous. If you use Litecoin casinos, you should be ready to enjoy fast deposits, withdrawals and great bonuses. You can check out the Bonus to find a suitable Litecoin casino.

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Another alternative to Ethereum gambling is ripple. Ripple is both a platform and a cryptocurrency. You can use it to make large deposits and withdrawals at crypto casinos. Many players choose this method over other cryptocurrencies due to the platform’s versatility and variety. Ripple works as an exchange platform and is acceptable by online casinos worldwide.

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Ethereum vs Bitcoin - Which to Use

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, offers users anonymity and control over their funds. However, payments are faster at Ethereum gambling sites because the network is smaller. A Bitcoin transaction can take up to hours, while Ethereum payments only take minutes. Check our BC game review for a trustworthy casino to test it.

A huge benefit of playing at an Ethereum casino is that you will enjoy lower fees at times, and no fees will be charged when making a deposit or withdrawal. Another advantage of playing at ETH casinos is that Ethereum uses smart contract technology.

Therefore, players can deal directly with their Ethereum online casino, providing more security and reliability. Aside from these few differences, Ethereum casinos and Bitcoin casinos are almost identical in their benefits.

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Alternative Fiat Payment Options

Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin may look like the most up-and-coming payment options in the future of online casino sites. However, many other well-established deposit and withdrawal methods are recognised as safe and secure.


Other than using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to make casino payments, you can use Neteller. Neteller is an e-wallet that is quite popular since it’s accepted by many casinos. You can deposit money into your casino account and expect the funds to reflect immediately. The method also processes withdrawals fast. It’s also safe and secure; they never share your financial information with third parties. In summary, Neteller can be referred to as a fast, reliable and secure payment option.

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Skrill is another popular e-wallet that’s accepted as a casino deposit option, even on Ethereum casinos. Skrill belongs to PaySafe, and the company is owned and operated in the UK. It works just like other e-wallets in terms of loading your account. You can use Skrill to fund your casino account and to request withdrawals from the same account.

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Debit Cards

The core advantage of using debit cards over cryptocurrencies is accessibility and availability. Debit cards are widely available and can be used in online casinos worldwide. The most commonly used debit cards are Visa and Mastercard. These two cards are accepted by many casinos due to their speed and security.

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Ethereum Casinos & Deposits FAQ FAQ

How to Check If an online casino accepts Ethereum?

If you start looking for an Ethereum casino, you might face a challenge because there are so many Ethereum online casinos. You have to differentiate between legitimate Ethereum casinos and scams. To check if a casino accepts Ethereum, go to their banking section and check the list of all accepted payment methods. If Ethereum is listed as one of the methods, you have found your Ethereum gambling platform.

How long does it take to withdraw winnings using Ethereum?

Ethereum is one of the most used cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin. The method ensures you get your winnings as fast as possible. Once the Ethereum casino approves your withdrawal request, you will get your money within a few minutes. The withdrawal time depends on how busy the network is at the time of your withdrawal. In most cases, you will have to wait for a few minutes.

Can I obtain casino bonuses when Ethereum Gambling?

If you are interested in casino bonuses, you are lucky because the best Ethereum casinos never run out of bonuses. Just like regular casino sites, bonuses are widely available in almost all the top Ethereum casino sites. Mostly, the casino awards players with a hefty welcome bonus or deposit bonuses. You can also enjoy matched deposit bonuses from time to time. Other bonuses offered are free spins, no deposit bonuses, VIP programs, tournaments and other special promotions.

Are Ethereum Casinos Legal?

The legality of an Ethereum casino depends on whether gambling is legal in your region or country. Some countries have strict regulations stating that online gambling is illegal. However, in the UK, gambling is legal. The best Ethereum casinos are the ones that are licensed by a reputable body or authority. Such Ethereum casinos have licenses from trusted regulatory bodies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority.

Is There a Minimum Deposit to Play at an Ethereum Casino?

One of the major benefits of playing at an Ethereum casino is that they have an extremely low deposit and withdrawal limits. Each Ethereum casino sets its limit, but you will find that the minimum deposit limits are low across all Ethereum gambling sites. Therefore, these casinos are perfect for low stake players.

Can Ethereum be hacked?

Ever since its launch, Ethereum has never been hacked. Ethereum remains a safe and secure cryptocurrency. The only confusion that was there in the past is that people thought the cryptocurrency had been hacked, yet it was the exchanges that were hacked. Up to date, the method has proven to be 100% secure, and no players have forwarded complaints about losing their ethers.

Can I play Casino games with Ethereum?

You can enjoy online gambling using the blockchain system of cryptocurrencies. At the moment, numerous crypto casinos are accepting Ethereum. Such casinos offer many games, including slots, table games, live casino games and poker. You can even play some of these games for free because some Ethereum casinos offer them in demo versions.

What is the best Ethereum Casino?

When looking for the best Ethereum casino, look at the following guidelines. Which Ethereum casino site has the biggest selection of online casino games and casino bonuses? Check the Welcome bonus, and look for Free Spins offers. Are there any terms I need to know, like wagering requirements?

How do I find out if a casino has an Ethereum Bonus?

Ethereum casino bonuses are not hard to come by as most cryptocurrency casinos of bonuses in the same way as traditional casinos. To check which casinos offer the best Ethereum casino bonuses, check our list of the best Ethereum casino sites. As well as providing you with details of the casino welcome bonus, you can read our Ethereum casino reviews.

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