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Aug 04, 2022
5 .5

I had 7 euro on a 5x bet and it was cancelled mid way through. To which it then hit. After this my 7.50 disappeared into thin air. It isn't on my history log either.

Mar 01, 2022
5 .5

Worst casino ever. Games are rigged and u will not win nothing, not matter how u play. Another curacao license casino that will take your money and nobody will protect you after u lose all your money in their cheap and rigged games. Stay away. ps not bonus and not chance to win not matter how much u play.

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Are There Any Negative Justbit.io Customer Reviews?

Justbit.io has only been around for a year. However, this is long enough for customers to air their dissatisfaction with the platform. There have indeed been some complaints from customers. A few have complained that the site has few odds, they waited longer to get their concerns solved, or there were delays in processing withdrawals. A good number of issues were resolved in good time.

The bulk of all other complaints was due to hitches caused by not following the terms and conditions. These cases included the inability to claim bonuses, withdraw cash, and participate in tournaments.

Our review of Justbit.io did not find any instances of fraud or verifiable claims such as withholding customer cash without a valid reason, changing terms to its advantage or any disputes settled at the regulator. This is a positive sign that the platform is transparent and reliable enough for anyone to join and start making money

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Justbit.io Scam & Fraud INFORMATION

Reasons Why Justbit.io Is a Reputable Online Casino

From our review of Justbit.io casino, we found the platform trustworthy, exciting and reliable. There are several reasons why we concluded this. First, we checked the licensing and found that the Curacao e-gaming watchdog regulates it. This authority is reputable and provides security for all players.

We also found that the platform has clear terms that players can understand with ease before undertaking any procedures at the platform. It also does not change the terms arbitrarily. Therefore, you are not likely to get nasty surprises when you cannot withdraw cash because the terms have changed.

It also has responsive customer service that answers all your queries in no time. You can also withdraw any bonus winnings you make without a lengthy process as long as you meet the terms and conditions. This casino uses legitimate software with a verifiable license. This ensures that players get network bonuses from software providers. Your cash will not be held without a valid reason, and it is released within a reasonable time.

Summary on why Justbit.io Passes the Integrity Test

  • This casino has a license from Curacao eGaming Authority
  • It uses legitimate software from authentic software providers
  • Its terms and conditions are clear, easy-to-understand and straightforward
  • It does not change the terms arbitrary, allowing players to enjoy games and win fairly
  • It has responsive customer service that answers questions and complements promptly.

What Can You Do in Case You Suspect Justbit.io of Fraud?

The steps you think of when you suspect fraud at Justbit.io depend on the kind of scam you suspect and the people who have committed it. At the lowest level, if customers participate in fraud, you can just contact customer service and bring them to the attention of the incidence.

Some of the fraudulent activities that players can engage in include opening multiple accounts, hacking into other people’s accounts or conspiring to take up the majority of seats at the live casino to increase chances of a win. All these activities may lead to loss of cash or information.

Sometimes, the RNG system does not provide random results and may be biased. Other times, the live dealer may be playing a few tricks. You should contact the casino about any of these issues. Sometimes the problems can be caused by technical errors that the casino can resolve in a short while.

However, if the casino fails to investigate or report on the issue or the response is dissatisfactory, you may contact the regulator to help resolve the matter. The regulator takes about a week to a month to conclude its investigation. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the platform may order the casino to pay for any damages resulting from the fraud or ask for specific changes in their mode of operation. In extreme cases, it may close the casino or take other drastic measures to ensure safety.

We recommend that you air your grievances on various platforms so that other gamblers may know about the fraud and how it was resolved. This helps them to be alert should such issues happen again.

Is log in at Justbit.io Casino safe?

We also evaluated the Justbit.io login page to check if it was safe for players. Fortunately, we found it to be safe and reliable. There are various reasons why we believe it is secure. First, we liked the password policy as we found it reliable. Players have to create a solid password, and the platform logs you out when your account remains inactive for quite some time. You may also be asked to verify your identity if you log in at an unverified location or suspicious logins.

Apart from the login, this casino has put various security measures to keep accounts safe. First, the accounts are protected by SSL encryption. This makes it hard for hackers to access the account information as it moves between devices. It also has online antivirus tools to detect and prevent brute force attacks on the website.

From our online casino comparison, we found Justbit.io to be at par with the best platforms in terms of security and reliability. It has various policies that you will find reliable per industry standards. In many cases, it offered better security than many reputable platforms. Therefore, we recommend the platform to any player looking for a secure casino.

However, we advise that you take action to secure your account. Ensure that you sign out every time you are done betting. This prevents anyone that picks up your phone from accessing the account. If you suspect that the account has been compromised, reset the password as soon as possible. The reset option is available under ‘My Account and scroll down the security section.

In addition, if you feel that the credit card information has also been hacked, stop it from transacting and remove it from your bank account. This prevents hackers from accessing cash on both the casino and bank account.

Is the Casino Bonus of Justbit.io Reputable?

Yes. Justbit.io is a legit platform. You will get paid any winning you make from claiming bonuses as long as you meet the terms on this platform. Besides, it offers clear terms that you can understand to interpret with ease. If you find sections that you cannot interpret, contact customer service for assistance before claiming the bonus.

We also found the Justbit.io casino bonus to be at par with what other platforms do from our casino comparison. While the welcome bonus was not available in all jurisdictions, it was a good offer with few restrictions and a good selection of games. Besides, you may also get Justbit.io free spins from time to time by visiting the promotions section of the casino and selective an offer. You may try other Justbit.io bonuses that you find in the promotions section.

Is my payment card data safe?

Your credit card information on the platform is safe with Justbit.io. As explained above, the casino has put in place measures to ensure that all customer data is kept safe and secured from attacks. If you do not wish to use the cards, you can transact with the cryptocurrency or any other available methods on the account. Just visit the cashier section of the account and pick methods that work best in your case.

Had a Bad Experience With Justbit.io? – We Can Help You!

If you have been a victim of fraud at Justbit.io, we can help you recover the amount you lost. To reach out to us, just make your request via our comment section or drop a line at casino.online. Be sure to include all the information about the fraud, including any correspondence from the account. Our teams will investigate the matter and contact the casino for more information.

If not satisfied, we shall reach out to the regulator and present your case. We shall also keep you updated on the case’s progress and post it here for other gamblers to learn from it. Take up this chance to increase your chances of getting back your money.

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