As earlier mentioned, Blackjack apps give players a similar experience as a visiting physical casino premises direct on their devices. Gamblers can play various Blackjack games using real money in real-time using the different mobile apps available online. Before downloading any Blackjack mobile on your device, it is recommended that you ascertain the compatibility with your gadget. Mobile apps give players a platform where they can stake on their favourite Blackjack games from their mobile devices regardless of their current location. Although not all casinos can offer all the available Blackjack games, most of the applications available online are compatible with almost all devices with Android and iPhone Blackjack apps taking the lead.

Working with the touchscreen

Touchscreen devices have in recent past taken over the market with, with the trend being available even in PCs. A Blackjack app installed on a touchscreen device gives a secure platform for gamblers to play their favourite games with ease. With a simple touch on the screen, the player can command the various functionality of the app according to his preference.

The benefits of working with a touchscreen device are that the tasks are effortless as opposed to clicking on buttons. The experience of moving or flipping cards does not involve a computer mouse as the player can do so using the finger. Touchscreen devices have also improved on their graphics as compared to the conventional devices which relied on keypads. The player is, therefore, able to access Blackjack games in high definition which enables them to see all the options available to make it possible for them to play on mobile devices.

Blackjack apps offered by various companies provide an even better playing experience by integrating the landscape mode. In this kind of mode provides a more accurate and efficient presentation of casino games as opposed to portrait. The landscape mode gives a better layout where all features needed to play the Blackjack game are easily accessible by the player. The app tries to imitate the same functionality as playing on a physical casino table with an exemption of reduced dimensions on the screen. The player is also able to emulate a similar position it would be possible if he were playing from a casino facility.

Tablets, which have become common similarly to smartphones, are being used gambling activities by players who want to have even a bigger view of the Blackjack apps. The app developers have realised the need to incorporate all clients regardless of the size of their devices by creating tablet-compatible Blackjack apps. The functionality of the app on a table is similar to that of smartphones and users can select the kind of mode, either landscape or portrait, according to their preference. In some apps, however, the landscape mode is set to default by the app developers to ensure no change in the position of the games tabs.


The kind of Blackjack games which a player can play on their phone largely depend on the games offered by the company and their preference. While there are many Blackjack game types, the number significantly reduces when it comes to those which are available on a mobile platform. The good news, however, is that most of the casinos that provide Blackjack apps have included the live Blackjack with real dealers. This game is specifically popular with gamblers who want to play against real players in real-time, as opposed to playing against computer software.

Players of the live Blackjack games can combine additional type of games such as Perfect Pairs to their main blackjack bet. The Perfect Pairs gives gamblers a chance to win if their cards from the first pair are similar- for example, two Aces, two Queens, or two 3s. There are three types of pairs which all have different payouts and can be accessed from the online casinos offering them.

The 21+3 Blackjack game can also be combined with the live Blackjack where players win if the dealer’s upcard and the player’s first two cards compromise of the combinations given on the online casino. The combination is similar to those in poker, and every one of them has a different payout according to the casino terms and conditions.


Mobile applications run on specific software which ensures that they can operate in the required manner without inconveniencing either the players or the casino company. There is some trusted software by casino companies due to their convenience and accuracy in providing Blackjack games on mobile platforms which include:

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A Dedicated Blackjack App or Mobile Website - Which One Is Better?

Various betting companies have embraced the use of apps and mobile sites to ensure them to reach more clients on all devices. Apart from the considerable reach made possible by the provision of games on these two platforms, there are merits related to the use of apps and mobile sites by players.

Players who have devices with low internal memory may opt to use mobile sites as opposed to mobile apps to play on their favourite Blackjack games. Mobile websites have been specially crafted to ensure that gamblers who play from their mobile device enjoy all the functionality of the Blackjack games similar to those who play from the PC. The mobile sites have been adjusted to ensure that they fit perfectly on mobile devices regardless of the screen sizes. This property makes it possible for players to access all the game features whether from their tablets or smartphones by the app taking the screen size by default. The mobile sites do not require any download to the phone memory. Hence the speed of the gadget is not affected by many downloads which take a big space in the device memory.

By feeding the desired casino URL on the web browser from the mobile device, the system automatically detects the kind of gadget being used and redirects the user to the mobile site. As a result, the player does not need to type the entire mobile URL on the browser every gaming session. This property makes it easy for players to access the main site faster and play their favourite games. Gaming sites are working around the clock to ensure that mobile sites offer the best experience to gamblers to help in reducing traffic from the main site. A gaming site which relies solely on the main website without a mobile website is more likely to experience downtime and delays especially when many clients are accessing the site at the same time.

Players of the Blackjack game may also choose to download an app to their mobile gadgets where they can gamble without having to visit the primary site of the casino company. Blackjack apps are made to include the main features of the games to ensure fast loading especially for players who focus much on live Blackjack dealers. The merit of using an app over a mobile site is that the traffic on the app does not affect the time taken to load games. App developers are always working to ensure that they provide the best updates to gaming apps for an even better gaming experience. Less data is used when playing through an app as opposed to accessing games via a mobile site which is beneficial for gamblers who are relying on a limited internet connection. As such, betting from a mobile app is more convenient as compared to playing on the mobile site.


Playing live Blackjack on your phone has been possible by various online casinos through the provision of mobile sites and applications. With the aim of reaching more clients and offering unlimited access to Blackjack games at all times, companies are embracing the use of mobile phones in gambling. All that players need to do to play live Blackjack on their phones is by ensuring that their devices are compatible with the casino applications offered for the game. Some applications are limited to specific operating systems, and hence, they may not function on gadgets which are not included in the compatible list.

Players who access the live Blackjack through mobile sites should ensure that they are on a stable and fast internet connection. A gambler is likely to lose a game if he experiences an internet downtime as the live games are not paused when a player goes offline. Live Blackjack games may not be appropriate to play on, especially when travelling and playing using a cellular network where the internet is prone to fluctuation. Live games also need a device with a good memory which can connect load Blackjack games fast. In many instances, players have a terrible experience with live Blackjack, despite being in an environment with a good stable and fast internet connection due to the low memory of their devices. It is recommended that players find the best gaming devices which will be able to give them the best gaming experience due to their fast connection speed at all times. to further enjoy a flawless gaming experience on your mobile device, players may consider pausing all other applications on their gadgets which might be slowing down the loading speed of the live Blackjack games.

Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans