As earlier mentioned, Blackjack apps give players a similar experience as a visiting physical casino premises direct on their devices. Gamblers can play various Blackjack games using real money in real-time using the different mobile apps available online. Before downloading any Blackjack mobile on your device, it is recommended that you ascertain the compatibility with your gadget. Mobile apps give players a platform where they can stake on their favourite Blackjack games from their mobile devices regardless of their current location. Although not all casinos can offer all the available Blackjack games, most of the applications available online are compatible with almost all devices with Android and iPhone Blackjack apps taking the lead.

Working with the touchscreen

There are many benefits attached to playing poker games on the mobile phone. To begin with, the customer is exposed to enticing promotions and offers attached to the card games. Normally, the user is exposed to promotions such as the Welcome Bonus to be enticed to play. Secondly, the apps provide a number of online gambling sites with great poker games and offers. This means that customers can easily play for real money using the apps in a convenient and flexible way. Whenever a customer wants to play mobile poker, all they are expected to do is to unlock their mobile phones and run their apps. There is no need for a customer to dress up to walk into a gaming house. There is also no fear of carrying huge cash to go into a physical poker house to play the card games. With these conveniences, customers can easily play their favourite card game while watching TV or listening to music.

Furthermore, mobile poker exposes the customer to lower rake. When a customer goes to a physical poker spot, the rakes are usually higher and they are allowed to make a minimum stake of £5. In mobile poker, the customer can play for less. This advantage is effective in encouraging mobile poker gaming. Additionally, mobile poker allows the customer to multi-table. This is a situation where the gambler is allowed to play in two or more poker table at ago. There are customers who can play in as many as 20 tables. When a customer is doing multi-tabling, the chance of them winning huge cash is very high. Overall, there are many benefits attached to mobile poker than physical gaming. With easy swiping and clicking on the poker app, the customer is able to win real cash in a simplified and convenient way.


Most mobile phones and tablets allow the playing of poker games such as Stud, 7-Card, Oasis Poker, Casino Hold’em, Texas Hold’em and Omaha. In playing these poker games, it’s important for the user to use a reliable poker app. These card games come with easy to follow guides for the player. In popularity, the Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, Casino Hold’em, and Oasis Poker are the most played card games by mobile users. The Texas Hold’em game is popular because it provides huge playing options for the customer. With this game, several players can participate in the gaming event if it’s for fun. However, a customer who wants to play for real cash has to play and beat the dealer.

Oasis poker, is played against the market dealer and the customer is allowed to exchange cards. When it comes to the Casino Hold’em, the game is slightly different from Texas Hold’em. However, the customer is not allowed to play against other players but only against the market dealer. The other difference is the extra bet the customer obtains together with a payoff option.


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A Dedicated Poker App or Mobile Website - Which One Is Better?

When deciding between using a poker app and using the Mobile Website, there are a number of factors to consider before deciding on which option is better than the other. To begin with, the customer needs to look at the flexibility of using the features. According to most gamblers, a dedicated poker app provides the user with the flexibility to play from anywhere using their Smartphone. Inasmuch as the Mobile Website also allows flexible online gambling, it is not simple enough to allow convenient playing. With the app, the customer can access the major poker markets easily with one click.

Secondly, the customer needs to consider secure connectivity. With a secure connection, the poker games can be played on any operating systems. Provided that the user has downloaded the app, they are able to get access to a range of secured markets.

Additionally, it’s important for the customer to consider space and security of their mobile device. There are those customers who prefer to play online poker without the need to download the apps. This may be due to memory awareness and device security. Such customers opt for the Mobile Website option as no download is made. In this case, the customer gets to play without going through the costs of downloading the poker app.

Furthermore, the customer can also consider the advantages attached to playing the online poker game. In terms of benefits and offers, both playing options provide the customer with the freedom to enjoy the Welcome Bonus among other offers from the market provider.

Again, the customer has to consider the navigation features of the two playing options. Some customers complain that they find it hard to navigate through the game when using the Mobile Site poker option than using the apps. Normally, apps come with content that is simplified and one that allows easy screen enlarging so as the customer can navigate in a simple way. For this reason, the customer should go for an app over the Mobile Site betting option.

Generally, it’s okay to argue that the use of Poker Apps is better than using the Mobile Site feature. It’s clear that the poker apps are run by flexible software which allows the customers to easily navigate the betting options. When it comes to real money betting, the apps are the best options for playing poker online. The developers of these software programs employ advanced technology to encourage interactive gambling among its users. In terms of speed of play, the poker apps necessitate fast gaming and thus effective than the Mobile Site option. Due to the wideness of the Website, users can easily go through the site using the Mobile App than going directly to the Website to access the games. This is because, with the app, the gaming features are easily configured to allow simple betting. Putting these arguments into perspective, it’s okay to say that the Poker apps are better than using the Mobile Website for playing the card games.


Currently, playing live poker using the mobile phone is not common. This is because the Smartphone posses limited bandwidth. For this reason, it’s most advised that customers use the desktop when playing live poker. Customers with Mac or PC can easily play the live dealer poker games of their choice. Nonetheless, there are a few gaming sites that have made it possible for poker fans to play live card games using their mobile phones. The availability of the games such as Live Hold’em, Live Baccarat, and Live Blackjack depends on the structures of the apps that the users are using.

In playing live card games, customers need to understand that live poker games use more mobile data than playing normal poker games. For this reason, a customer should use wireless internet connection as it’s cheaper than mobile data. Another consideration for the online gambler is to ensure that the internet connection is stable so as to have smooth playing.

Overall, the live poker games enable the player to access all the important features of the card game. A customer who prefers to play a live mobile poker game needs to understand the rules of the game beforehand so as to avoid getting into a mix-up. With the right approach, the customer gets to play lively and gets to gamble for real cash.

Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans