Though some of the apps listed below may not be directly downloaded onto your mobile device (for various reasons), you can certainly have them on through other routes (such as side-loading or using APK files). The following are some of the mobile casino apps for Android and iOS that let you indulge in some serious mobile roulette action:

Working with the touchscreen

Playing roulette on a touchscreen device is different from playing the game on regular desktop computers. Generally, online casinos make their mobile apps using software that is specifically designed for mobile devices. In other words, the software is aware that users would use touch gestures to navigate and play the game. It, therefore, incorporates design cues that make the gaming experience seamless.

Roulette mobile apps are optimised to adapt to different screen sizes of mobile devices. Whether you are playing the game on a tablet computer or a smartphone, the app recognises the change in virtual real estate and adapts itself to the space accordingly. It also accounts OS-specific navigation buttons and gestures. This means the mobile roulette experience on an iPhone and an Android phone could be different since the iPhone uses only a ‘home’ button and the Android also has a dedicated ‘back’ button.

In case your device has a smaller screen, you may face certain difficulties with touch gestures or there could be incorrect/unintended registers. Generally, it’s recommended you use the roulette mobile app on a device that’s at least five inches or more in screen size. Since the majority of phones now come with larger screen devices, this is practically a non-issue. But if you use a smaller iPhone, a stylus-like inputting device should be ideal.


There is nothing as “ideal” roulette app type for your mobile device. Almost all types of roulette apps can be played on your pocket-sized device. This includes apps that have been downloaded straight from the app market, and also the ones downloaded as APK files. As aforementioned, advancements in technologies have made it possible to play roulette games on even mobile websites.

However, if we still have to talk about titles, then some of the popular ones are Playboy Roulette, Ra Roulette (an amalgam of slots and roulette), etc. If one attempts to categorise the various types on offer, the range of variations could easily confuse the individual.

One of the other major reasons why roulette is so seamless on a mobile device is the game is built for mobile gaming. Compared to other casino games, roulette’s fewer button requirements and overall simplicity make it a lot more compatible with small screen devices. And the fact that developers focus more on mobile roulette than any other form of roulette speaks volumes about why screen size is not an issue for roulette.

Generally, mobile or online roulette can be broadly categorised as live and electronic. With live mobile roulette, a dealer spins a physical roulette wheel, similar to how things happen within a brick-and-mortar casino. In case of online roulette, 3D graphics and technologies are used to depict the roulette wheel and table. As there is no real wheel, the outcome is determined using the integrated RNG (Random Number Generators) technology.


Online casinos function the way they do because they have a casino software running the show at the back. In other words, an online casino is dependent on software firms to offer the games they do. All casino games, including all variants of roulette, are made and operated by specialised and large software firms. These companies usually sell games to Internet casinos and don’t directly interact with players. An online casino is basically the front end. The gaming software company sets up the infrastructure, offers gaming platforms, and manages live roulette games’ video production. There are quite a few online casino software tools or companies. But for brevity, we shall discuss only the top three.

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A Dedicated Roulette App or Mobile Website - Which One Is Better?

Before we start comparing and differentiating between a mobile app and mobile website, let’s talk about the similarities first. Both the app and website make accessing roulette easy on a mobile device. And the similarities stop right there. Now let's discuss the contrasting aspects.


A mobile roulette website can be accessed from any mobile device, irrespective of its maker and the platform it runs on. You would just need a mobile web browser, which could be Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, or any other compatible browser. But if the roulette app is made only for the iPhone, you cannot access it on your Android or Windows Mobile device.

Moreover, certain online casinos may update their mobile roulette apps to work on only specific devices or hardware. In other words, they could fiddle with gameplay to ensure the rendering is best only on the latest mobile devices. Though only a few online casinos resort to such acts, it’s a point to be looked into if you are contemplating downloading the mobile roulette app on your two or three-year-old device.


To play roulette on the mobile app, you would have to download the app – either from the application marketplace or through alternative, longer routes. You also would have to download a browser to play web-based roulette on your mobile device. But since almost all phones come with a browser pre-installed and a browser serves several hundred other purposes, a browser download may not seem like an additional step.


As far as engagement and intuitiveness go, a mobile app scores higher since it has been made specifically for roulette. All the design and development invested are solely for the game. Mobile websites, on the other hand, are all-encompassing and their job is to ensure desktop websites are compressed and presented to look good on any and every screen size.


A mobile app sends push notifications and collates information about customer behaviour and preferences. A mobile website, on the other hand, doesn’t offer such functionality. If notifications and staying on top of what a particular online casino service provider has to offer matter to you, then a mobile app is a no-brainer. If keeping up with the latest and greatest in the game of online roulette is not important, a mobile website should be fine.

At the end of the day, you won’t go wrong either way. If you don’t want to install another app and don’t mind the minor dips in quality, a mobile roulette website should suffice. But if gameplay is paramount, a mobile roulette app is the way to go. People who love roulette and are serious about making money playing the game would definitely download the app. Make sure you play at only those online casinos that offer different variations of roulette such as European roulette, American roulette and French roulette so that you have options at your disposal.


Live roulette on a mobile device is certainly possible. Playing live mobile roulette is different from downloading the gaming software and then playing the game. The gameplay entails live rooms, which you can access using your registered username and password. The game incorporates special technology to make the gameplay a lot more intuitive and realistic.

For instance, the shots close in whenever the ball starts slowing down, so that you need not depend on the croupier to tell you the outcome, or see things happen in miniature. Moreover, the betting wheel and grid would occupy the entire screen when you’re using them. And they interchange to make optimal use of the space available.

You would also be able to see dealers via your phone live and chat with dealers and fellow players real-time. The most unique and special thing about live mobile roulette is that you get to enter the premises of a real casino without stepping outside the comfort of your house. To accommodate remote players participating through a mobile device, online casinos customise the game to ensure playing on the mobile device isn’t hindering. A lot of money and innovation has gone into making the software right and user-friendly, which indicates live roulette is not a novelty but as mainstream as it gets.

To get started with live mobile roulette, you would just have to click on a seat and then place your bet. For a great live roulette experience, it’s important your broadband Internet connection is strong. To ensure the best connection possible, make sure you are not simultaneously using the same Internet connection for other purposes, such as streaming content.

Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans