Slot apps enable anyone with a compatible smartphone or tablet to easily access different types of casino style games on their device. Commonly, the design will be simple, with a touch screen set up, enabling easy and engaging game play. The only requirement is that the device you use has the appropriate software to enable the app to be downloaded.

Appropriate software is automatically included in all the latest iPhones, Androids, Windows mobile and BlackBerry phones. iPads and iPods are also compatible. Depending on the device you use, you will have access to different slot app markets. Currently, Android users have the largest selection of slot apps to choose from.

The app will either require you to download the software prior to using or it may allow you to choose the 'flash option'. This will allow you to play mobile gaming slot apps without downloading software. Downloading the apps is super simple and often takes less than 5 minutes. Once you have decided on the app you desire, just search for it in your device's app store and click download. Alternatively, download the app directly from the option on your chosen mobile casino site.

Once downloaded, you can then move it onto the home screen of your device to make your slot app ultra accessible. Downloading the app will use some of your devices data, though the exact amount is dependent on the app. Google apps has a handy app comparison tool that allows you to compare the battery, data and memory usage of each individual app.

Each app will use different amounts of data, though using about 1KB data per spin on a low quality game is to be expected. The higher the game quality; the bigger the data usage. For these reasons, it is worth playing any free slots games on the app through a WiFi connection wherever possible.


Depending on the app you have chosen, you can either play for free or play for real money. Some apps will allow you to play for free initially (a 'welcome bonus'), which is a good way of getting the hang of the game before you commit to spending real money.

Whichever method you have chosen, you will need to register an account. If playing for real money, your account will need to be linked to a deposit payment method, such as your debit card. Accounts and funds will be verified by the host prior to your account being enabled.

Before you start to play online slots you will need to select the options setting the standard for the game. Examples would be lowering the best, raising the best or using an auto-bet tool. Once you are satisfied with your selection, touch the 'spin' button and await the outcome. Any winnings you accumulate and wish to withdraw will be paid out via the same method into which you paid your deposit.


There are many slot games that are available across all the different devices and their software and some that are device-specific. Below is a list of some of the more popular slot apps. If you want to play lotsa slots, there are apps recommended for different devices, this does not necessarily mean that they are not available on other devices too.

Available on all devices

  • 3x Wild Cherry - Old fashioned slot game with low stakes.
  • Goblins Gold - Classic 3 line slot set up with generous prizes, including a 6000 coin top prize.
  • Stickers - From NetEnt, this is based on the classic slot format but with a multitude of deposit bonus play options.
  • King Tiger Slot - Can be played as a free game slot or for real money with a chance to win a 5000 coin jackpot.

Android Apps

  • Android have the largest range of slot apps available.
  • Funky Chicken - a slot game with a high percentage payout and the potential for a 5000 coin jackpot.
  • Big Bang Theory - Great for fans of the show with soundbites from the TV series.

iOS (iPhone and iPad) Apps

  • The uniqueness of many of the features available on an iPhone will ensure a memorable gaming experience when using slot apps.
  • Break the Bank - A game for players who want many options when experiencing real gambling or free play: includes an optional payline and various bonus rounds and features.
  • Batman online slots - A nostalgic game with clips from the 1970s TV show with lots of hidden features.

BlackBerry Apps

  • BlackBerry have upped their game and more and more slot apps are now available on these devices.
  • Cool Bananas - A 25 payline slot game with the potential for high-paying welcome bonuses.
  • Big Money Cheese Caper - A quirky game with regular bonuses.
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It has never been so easy to download the best mobile slots apps to your mobile or other devices. Whatever device you use, there is a direct way to access all the available slot apps. Up until recently, Google has not allowed real money mobile casino apps on the Android market. Whilst there were ways around this, it could often be a challenge to negotiate.

Now, it's so much more simple. From August 2017, in the UK, Ireland and France, as long as the operator is licensed in the country they want to target, then Google will have their App available for download.Just access the store as you always have done and search for the required app. iPhone, iPad and iPod users can download free slot apps via Apple's App Store and users of other devices should access their appropriate store.

Downloading from any of these stores is a simple process. Simply search for the app you want after doing your research, tap the 'download button and await the arrival of the app. Costs will vary app to app, dependent on the provider but all costs should be advertised at the time of download. Once on your device, you can drag the app to your home screen to endure instant access when on the go.

As always, apps for mobile slots can continue to be downloaded directly from the individual online gaming sites. In this instance, head over to the online casino/ gaming site and tap to download directly. Alternatively, slot apps can be downloaded via a third-party app.


While you play lotsa slots on PC may essentially be the same as  when you do so via an app or a mobile site, there are certainly a few subtle differences between the 2 platforms that are worth considering. Firstly, for ease of access and convenience, there is no beating the app and of all the online mobile casino games, it is slots that is most suited to the app platform. The game is one tap away on your device and, with today's impressive technology, the graphics and sound effects can be mind-blowing and every bit as good as accessing mobile games through a mobile site.

What's more: now you can access just as many free games via apps as you can through the mobile sites as mobile casino app devices have become more sophisticated and operators are becoming increasingly aware of the demand for apps and the convenience that they provide. This is especially true for iOS and Android owners as now every major online casino has an app for these devices.

One cautionary note, however: there is a higher risk of fraud when using mobile slot apps as not all mobile casinos have encrypted technology so it is worth shopping around to find one that does. That aside, apps offer all the features of the best casino as well as being super convenient and easy to use.

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