Aristocrat Opens a New Helsinki Studio and Acquires Playsoft and Futureplay

Aristocrat’s Growth

Investing in acquiring Playsoft seems to be a great move since more than 50 popular games are within its portfolio. The firm will be tasked to develop the Product Madness among other sectors to accelerate its entire pipeline.

Innovation and creativity in developing and enhancing Aristocrat’s popularity within Europe will be part of its core operations. The newly-opened studio doesn’t come as a surprise since Aristocrat already had future expansion plans. The location in Helsinki was rather a surprise, but it is strategic to the company’s growth within Europe.

The new studio will be known as Northern Stars and will have a drive, with the main focus being on Aristocrat’s casual genre that is popular among its customers and is seen to still be for years to come. The studio will also be used to make a significant expansion and try out better systems to develop games to make them better and attract new customers into the system.

New Strategies

New Strategies have had to be developed to keep the company growing. The consistency of these strategies is vital to the development of Aristocrat’s portfolio. Consistency is also a value that the CEO, Michael Lang, has embraced and sticks to see the company moving forward.

Top-quality talent in casino game development is part of the strategy since it aims at providing the best casino games in the market and has expanded the game pipeline as much as possible. The company aims at making sure the growth in momentum is sustainable and scalable as well.

Aristocrat is very proud to have some of the best game developers as part of their team, and so Futureplay and Playsoft are the perfect combinations to get the company to the heights they need to be at. Reaching the peak through marketing and investments using the specialized skillsets in these companies is also quite ambitious and will get the company to a higher place within the market.


As long as Aristocrat keeps playing the strategies well, it would be possible to reach the top of the market chain and establish a position that is hard to compete with by having the best casino software among other things. Future expansion within Europe and other geolocations and more lucrative investments will give Aristocrat an upper hand to dominate the market.

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Joshua Rawlings Written by Joshua Rawlings