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By this point, if you don’t actively use Telegram, then you certainly at least know what it is! Despite being around since 2013 (which feels almost like ancient history at this point), the IM platform practically blew up over the last few years, hitting 200 million active users in 2018 and an extra 100 million for every year after that. This success, while deeply impressive, isn’t particularly difficult to explain, given that the competition has struggled with their branding or with providing a decent, secure service which works reliably. Telegram, meanwhile, is not only completely open source (meaning that anyone can look at the code of its client or even build their own), but also has provided users with a variety of features not found at most competitors. And by far the most popular and useful of those features is, without a doubt, the channels feature.

What are Telegram Channels?

Channels are nothing new for IM programs – it was the feature that first put Discord on the map, after all. Telegram, however, does things very, very differently. While Discord uses channels as, essentially, big chatrooms that anyone is free to join and chat with like-minded people, only the channel owner may post in Telegram channels. Everyone else is simply watching the channel, yet still receives a notification for each message just as they would if they were in a conversation with them.

What this means, in practical terms, is that channel owners can very easily send updates and interesting things they’ve discovered directly to everyone who might be interested in them, in a simple, straightforward and easy to use fashion. For example, a store may send discount codes to its loyal followers, or a news organization might link to its latest coverage as it happens. Obviously, the potential for Telegram channels is infinite – and we wondered what it would mean for the world of online casino.

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The Casino.Online Telegram Channel

We’re extremely proud of Casino.Online, as it’s a site that we’re constantly (and we do mean constantly) working on to improve in various ways. We’re adding new articles about topics that readers like you are interested in pretty much every week, we’re researching, evaluating and writing reviews for the top new casinos to expand our portfolio of reliable reviews, and we’re also frequently updating our older articles to expand them, remove outdated content and even remake them from scratch.

The issue with this approach is that, unfortunately, it can be very difficult to keep track of what’s new on CO. When you launch the site and see a new look, you can probably assume that we’ve gotten a redesign (which we recently did – isn’t it lovely?) But it’s much harder to see what other reviews and content we’ve added. That’s why we created our very own Telegram channel, as a way to directly reach out to our readers and let them know what we’ve been cooking! If we review a new casino or come up with an informative new article we’ll link it right there in the channel, allowing you to always keep track of what we’re up to. In addition, we’re frequently posting polls about what you would like to see next, which means that the channel is the best way to influence what we write about! It’s like a superpower!

How to Join the Best Casino Telegram Channel

Our UK channel launched after our German and Russian ones, and as a result we’re sadly lagging behind in terms of subscribers. This means that, by subscribing to the channel, you will not only receive all of the latest news, articles and reviews that we publish pretty much as soon as they’re up, but you’ll also be helping us Brits against the foreign teams. And that is what we in the business call a win-win.

To join, all you need to do is click here to go to the channel page (where you can sign up from Telegram or preview our post even without the app), or simply search for the channel @casino_online_en directly from Telegram. We certainly hope to see you there and bring you our latest content more directly than ever before!

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Joshua Rawlings Written by Joshua Rawlings