During a casino live stream, Drake gives away $1,000,000 in Bitcoin

During the live show, viewers were selected at random and gifted by the rapper. The largest value that players received were gifts of £75,000 (which is about 2.6 Bitcoin). Drake called winners around the world to share with his love for online gaming. Winners indeed came from around the world, from Canada to Jordan, Argentina, India, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

In addition to giving Bitcoin gifts, the rapper headed to the live casino section and tried his luck at the roulette table. He picked number eleven, which turned out to be a lucky number that netted him a whopping 18 million. However, luck was not on his side and he ended up losing 20 million in other games. Despite the overwhelming loss, he was able to bring smiles to the faces of many of his fans.

Stake.com is one of the leading crypto gambling providers and offers both sports betting and casino games on the same platform. It was launched in 2017 and has been making headlines due to its unique and disruptive approach to gaming. Furthermore, the use of cryptocurrency makes it a borderless platform, as players from all over the world can stake on games without worrying about currency exchange or betting restrictions.

The platform has since partnered with influential figures and entities to boost its numbers, enhance its awareness campaign, and get more players to bet. Apart from Drake, Stake.com has worked with Watford, the UFC, and the renowned footballer Sergio Aguero.

Before the live session, Drake and Stake.com hit the airwaves when the rapper recently won a whopping £2.6 million in a parlay wager. The platform receives hundreds of such big money bets every day. Drake has also made news with his betting prowess, with the most recent round being wagering a whopping £230k on Charles Leclerc to lift the trophy in the Spanish Grand Prix. The driver has since retired from racing.

In the live stream with Stake.com, the rapper ended the show on a high note, despite the losses, by predicting a win by the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference NBA game and winning a cool £800.00.

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Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans