HungryBear and Light & Wonder Reach a Game-Changing Slot Masters Distribution Deal

A Game-Changing Deal

This is a potentially game-changing deal, considering both parties’ prominence in the gambling industry. As a pioneering supplier of online casino gambling content in the UK, HungryBear Gaming has a lot to offer. Alternatively, Light & Wonder is a world-class provider of cross-platform entertainment and games. There is a huge significance to this deal since both parties have extensive resources and networks.

Why Slot Masters?

The deal between HungryBear Gaming and the subsidiary of Light & Wonder is based on Slot Masters, a new slot title from Light & Wonder. Slot Masters is a free-to-play, three-way, multi-player slot title. This title’s gameplay is simple: players strategically deploy attack and defensive weapons to affect their opponents’ scores. The free-to-play and multi-player aspects of this game make it more fun and engaging to play.

Light & Wonder launched Slot Master in 2022 and initially integrated it into OPENGAMINGTM, an industry-leading games platform. Integrating the title onto this platform made it accessible to hundreds of its international partner operators. The title is already popular with many tier-one providers.

Data analysis shows that the slot is growing increasingly popular with players internationally. The analysis shows an increase in player days and session times. In addition, HungryBear Gaming is in the final stages of developing a real-money version of Slot Masters, which will boost its popularity even further, especially among opportunistic players.

HungryBear Gaming and Light & Wonder are rolling out the title across more European and global partner operators. The new partners will launch online and TV marketing campaigns to popularize it.

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Alejandro Dalby Written by Alejandro Dalby