Landmark deal penned between SA20 and Betway

In the recent past, Betway has signed other landmark deals with Cricket South Africa and Cricket West Indies, shaking the universe of online casinos and betting sites. SA20 now joins the list. In addition, the Betway brand has an agreement with the well-known voice of the game, Kevin Pietersen. The deal makes him the brand ambassador of the Super owned Group. Kevin constantly transcribes a column in the Betway Insider, which is Betway’s editorial hub.

The deal seeks to make Betway SA20 to be South Africa’s leading sports and entertainment brand. It was the end goal of the partnership. Apart from that Betway SA20 plans to form the biggest cricket league that is outside India. The deal is to encourage the new set of fans and players

The deal was agreed upon at the right time, as there is excitement leading to the buildup of the tournament right before the first ball. The first ball will be played between MI cape town and Pearl Royals on January 10 in Newlands.

Betway SA20’s main takeaways from the new landmark deal

The CEO of Betway, Antony Werkman, said that it was an honor for Betway to pen an agreement that would make their brand the title sponsor of the maiden Betway SA20. Betway’s goal is to be the market leader in cricket.

There is growing competition from different parts of the world coupled with excitement as a result of the launch of the tournament. That is why Betway wants to show commitment to cricket with sponsorships.

The Commissioner of Betway SA20, Graeme Smith, said they were happy to pen another milestone deal with another global brand. He added that Betway is a global brand that has a genuine interest in the game of cricket. Betway SA20 will lead to the formation of new markets and a much bigger audience. The new T20 league will commence on January 10. A total of 33 matches will be played in six different locations in South Africa.

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