LSports Acquires Statscore in a Major Sports Data Deal

Lazar Anticipates to Soar Greater Heights with the LSports-Statscore Merger

Dotan Lazar believes that Statscore’s acquisition will enable them to soar to greater heights, deal in more products, and acquire tools for the personalisation and validation of data to boost their accuracy level to 100 per cent. LSports aims to double all aspects of the company within a short span. The CEO reveals LSports’ common goal with Statscore to bring forth the world’s most innovative data-driven sports products. Dariusz Łęczyński, Statscore’s chief operations officer, refers to their merger with LSports as a natural move, noting that the two companies had been partners for a long time in the world of casino games before implementing the acquisition.

The companies have similar visions, but their unique products and data collection approaches distinguish them. Combined, LSports and Statscore have great potential for an impressive common future. The COO anticipates a faster deployment of the first effect of the combination soonest. The deal is set to be very influential in the realm of online casinos.

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Joshua Rawlings Written by Joshua Rawlings