Muscogee Nation Gaming Enterprises Enlists Oosto for Improved Security

Easy Dealing with Threats

It can also identify banned and evicted customers through facial technology. This advanced technology can work even with the challenges caused by face coverings and occlusions and poor lighting to pick up the bad actors in the crowd.

According to the director of compliance at Muscogee Gaming Nation, Travis Thompson, Oosto technology has helped eliminate the traditional manual process used to check for flawed characters among the patrons. Now, when a patron commits a crime inside the online casino, a specific casino software bars them from ever stepping on the property.

Accurate Facial Recognition Technology

The face and information of the patron are captured and entered into the Oosto system. This system looks for the face every time patrons come to the casino. The director said that the technology helped the organisation make three to five positive detections daily. He said this was key to ensuring their customers were comfortable, as the entity kept the bad people outside.

This system not only offers a database of a single casino, but it combines all the bad characters across all online casino properties managed by Muscogee Gaming Nation. This means that actors that have been banned from other properties cannot enter any different location run by the same organisation.

In addition, the system comes with a quick OnSearch tool and an Inquiry capability that enables it to analyse footage it captures in the casino and informs the staff of any crime that has been committed on the property.

Battle-Tested System

According to the Chief Revenue Officer at Oosto, Adi Nativ, the firm was glad to offer Muscogee Nation Gaming Enterprises several tools they could use to support the security team that is always busy. He added that its facial recognition technology was battle-tested in complex environments and has proven to provide both speed and accuracy in various applications. Adi finalised by saying that the security firm was ready to elevate River Spirt Casino’s security operations to the next level.

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