Nanocosmos is Changing the iGaming Sector with Ultra-Low Latency Offerings

Nanocosmos’ Products

Nanocosmos develops solutions that offer ultra-latency, which is very critical for a seamless gaming experience. In an interview with Casino Beats, Oliver Lietz explained that online games need minimal audio and vide transport delays, which is known as ultra-low latency. For this reason, Nanocosmos saw the need to provide ultra-latency technology that can run on all browsers and devices. Since the company placed its focus in the igaming sector, Nanocosmos has been working hard to create solutions that target the overall streaming experience.

The company initially catered to various iGaming aspects such as live online casino games, live slots, bingo, and micro betting. However, in recent years, the company has expanded its offerings to provide added value to live game operators.

Besides addressing latency issues, Nanocosmos also commits its services to enhancing the overall quality of the gaming experience. So, the company also develops products like analytic and security tools in the iGaming sector.

What is Behind the Company’s Success?

Nacosmos attribites its success to its commitment to managing the content delivery network and deploying and extensive network of widely distributed servers. This approach guarantees the delivery of uninterrupted streaming services at a global scale.

According to the CEO, Nanocosmos recognized that the online gaming sector is every expanding and changing. So, it seeks to keep up with the sector and its requirements, especially when it comes to content delivery so it can create solutions that make an impact. For instance, the company recently launched an alerting system that notifies clients about possible streaming issues. This is part of an initiative to provide full comprehensive support for clients that are looking forward to a better experience with a variety of online casino games. Additionally, the company launched comprehensive support packages and a multilingual international support team.

What to Expect from Nanocosmos at the SBC Summit Barcelona

This year’s SBC Summit Barcelona coincides with Nanocosmos’ annual September product launch. So, the CEO explains that clients can expect a set of new features that will set standards in terms of high quality interactive live streaming at the SBC launch. The company intends to showcase its new fast start-up time at the summit. Nanocosmos will also be showcasing its latest product, the nanoStream Cloud 2023 and all its incredible features like robust monitoring and new alerting mechanisms.

Furthermore, Nanocosmos will be one of the panenists at the SBC Summit Barcelona this year. During the panel discussions, the CEO explains that Nanocosmos will delve into the art of delivering high quality live games and creating engaging experience via real-time live streaming, among other issues.
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