Playtech Brings Arcade-Style Games to Casinos

The Inspiration

Playtech chose a different approach from the popularly known fish arcade games. Its main goal with Space Hunter is to lure and capture more players while at the same time taking advantage of the games classic attraction.

Although it has been 40 years since space shooters started engaging arcade players, Playtech looks to introduce a breath of fresh air to the casino industry. This different approach goes beyond the traditional slot players and the formation of other game styles for new customers.

Game Regulation and Compliance

With increased popularity, fish games are also catching the attention of security officers in some countries. For instance, the state of North Carolina in the USA.

According to Playtech, Space Hunter is the first fish game to obtain a license. As a matter of fact, the British Gambling Commission is the first regulator to approve it.

UK arcade players can rest easy as Playtech’s Space Hunter is designed in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Space Hunter vs Other Slot Games

Space Hunter is a space-themed fish shooting arcade game. However, unlike other shoot ’em up games, it is more than a skill game. As the Head of Content at Playtech, Mr Eran Gilboa, points out, player input is key to understanding the game. Besides all the typical elements found in a casino game, Space Hunter’s gameplay is more vigorous than the normal slot.

Player Reaction

In the words of Nolan Fredo, Betvictor’s Casino Games Manager, the player’s reaction has been fantastic. The game has all qualities of becoming a long-term favourite. In just a few weeks after its launch, more than 80 Playtech casinos have gone live with it and experienced by over 54,000 players.

However, promotion and storage of this type of game are some of the issues facing Playtech casinos. Does it belong to slots, new games or live casinos? In the long run, casino sites may have to create a tab for arcade-style games to make it easier for players.

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