REEVO and BetSoft: The Strategic Partnership that will Amplify iGaming Excellence

Details about REEVO and BetSoft

REEVO is a B2B content and aggregation platform whose mission is to transform the iGaming sector by simplifying the customers’ experience and streamlining partnerships with its operators. It is one of the leading companies in its sector.

On the other hand, BetSoft is a leading gaming software provider with an immense slot content. It also provides table games and engagement apparatuses for gamblers. This company is known for providing appealing and adaptable slot content, allowing players to experience regular wins, and bonus content. Furthermore, it delivers outstanding return to player rates and state-of-the-art elements such as spectacular graphics, swift downloads, and graceful mobile gaming expansion.

The partnership between REEVO and BetSoft

This is a strategic partnership that aims to hoist the gaming experience of its players and wide range of operator partners. This will be realized by integrating BetSoft’s innovative games into REEVO’s portfolio. The partnership between REEVO and BetSoft is significant as it brings together two high performing companies.

The significance of this strategic partnership

  • Both companies have independently made a mark in the online casino sector through their quality services and positive reputation.
  • Both companies share principles and commitment towards elevating the iGaming sector. This commitment and shared values will help with the development of a long-term and successful collaboration.

Statements from Leaders at REEVO and BetSoft

According to Petra Maria Poola, the REEVO Head of Sales, this strategic partnership will strengthen REEVO’s pledge to providing high quality content to operator acquaintances and gamblers via their gaming content. Poola is confident that the partnership will equally benefit both parties.

BetSoft’s Head of Account Management, Fernando Van Velen, commented that the software provider is pleased to work with a successful company like REEVO. Fernando explained that bringing together BetSoft’s award-winning content with REEVO’s quality conveyance will create the definitive experience for players, which will benefit both partners.


The strategic partnership between REEVO and BetSoft promises to deliever a thrilling and diverse experience in the iGaming space. It will grant operators’ access to BetSoft’s extensive library of games. The games cater to a wide array of genres, themes, and features. Additionally, operators will be able to deliver BetSoft’s series, sequels, and enhancement tools for players like tournaments. All these elements will guarantee and extraordinary experience. Both companies hope that this will be the beginning of great things to come from their partnership that will change the iGaming space positively.

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