Roba the Robot Dealer Leads in Casino Innovation

Gaming businesses have repeatedly shown their agility during times of uncertainty. The focus now shifts to land-based casinos to explore how they can innovate to stay competitive, just as online platforms embrace technology.

CreedRoomz is at the forefront of the latest developments. Its senior product manager, Levon Hambardzumyan, thinks that AI and robotics are in the next stages of the gaming industry’s digital revolution.

Who is Roba?

According to Hambardzumyan, Roba is a robotic croupier who performs the tasks of a casino dealer. It debuted at the end of 2021 and is skilled at dealing cards, gathering cards from the gaming table, loading the shuffler for the subsequent round and displaying game results.

Currently, Roba is only available on CreedRoomz’s Baccarat and Dragon Tiger games. A Blackjack launch is scheduled for later this year.

“The machine executes every step openly and clearly,” explains Hambardzumyan. This cutting-edge gadget enhances the operations in a live casino studio by eliminating human errors, improving dealing correctness, assisting administrators in lowering the cost of employing workers for a gaming hall and offering an automated, around-the-clock gaming experience.

Costs and Workforce Challenges in Land Casinos

The pandemic tested the human aspect in many industries, and many companies looked to automation to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Hambardzumyan realised there was a need for an autonomous, robotic croupier in the gambling industry and that “the casino needs to innovate, too, in this day and age.”

Over the past decade, AI technology has gained popularity across businesses due to its significant benefits.

During the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia in 2017, the issues regarding the rising cost of hiring casino dealers and the introduction of robots in the gambling sector came up. Since then, AI technology has been tested in Asian casinos, notably in the gambling sectors of Singapore and Macau.

Can Human Effort Be Replaced?

The human-to-player interaction with an in-person dealer in a land casino setting is undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions for customers visiting land-based casinos. Creedroomz insists that Roba does not substitute human interaction.

Robots can improve the level and calibre of player entertainment while offering a distinctive player experience, but they cannot replace human roles in a live casino fully. Robotic technology is already here, bringing home automated games. Roba has its place in the industry, but will never replace human interaction.

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