SocialPoint, a Wholly-owned Studio of NASDAQ: TTWO, has Announced a New partnership with AMC

Today SocialPoint, a highly successful game developer and a publishing studio of Take-Two Interactive, has said that it has joined hands with the AMC Networks to introduce The Walking Dead Gaming experience to its Monster Legends and Dragon City games.

The collaboration brings a new experience to the fans and players alike. Here is a quick look at what it’s all about. What to Expect After SocialPoint, a Publishing Studio of NASDAQ: TTWO, Announced the Introduction of The New Walking Dead gaming experience to its Monster Legends and Dragon City games.

The game will be available for two months, starting on 12th September 2022 and will conclude on 6th November 2022. During this duration, players will acquire the creatures (dragons and monsters) through in-app purchasing or participating in competing tournaments. Afterward, players can use their creatures to battle with unique themed resources from The Walking Dead game.

“Bringing characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead to Dragon City and Monster Legends will delight both fans of the show and our players,” said Amparo García Cifuentes, Head of Growth & Innovation at SocialPoint. “AMC has created a massive global following with the TV series that has captivated audiences for years and it’s exciting to partner with them for this in-game event.”

What’s New for Dragon City Players?

Now Dragon City players have up to 1650+ dragons to play. Each dragon in the game is different from the others in its beauty and character. A player can breed, raise, train, and improve their dragon for use in epic battles. The Dragon game now features a special event available in 12 languages across 220 countries.

What’s New for Monster Legend?

Monster Legend enthusiasts have a disposal of up to 1000 monsters for use in the game battles. They will also be able to collect, coach, and equip their monster with the best gear possible in preparation to battle other monsters. The game is available in 12 languages across 220 countries.

Dragon City and Monster Legends can be found as:

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