TG Lab gains green-light for Netherlands launch

The Netherlands is one of the highly regulated markets, with progressive sports and casino betting guidelines. It came into force in April 2021, effecting a betting control journey that started back in 1977. Some of the focus areas include Remote Gambling Model License, Responsible Gambling Policy, Information Management Policy and Fining Policy.

How TG Lab is Revolutionising Online Gambling

The software provider allows betting operators to take control of gaming, with direct involvement in game innovation. It gives room to the operator to model their platform around the games, which cuts operating costs significantly. TG Lab automates the games, replacing manual processes and other operational activities.

Games from TG Lab can work on several platforms across different markets. Each market has a different approach to gambling, especially on end-user management and taxation. TG Lab customises these regulatory policies to suit the need. The Netherlands is the latest on the list to welcome the software developer into its market.

As TG Lab games disseminate into the market, every operator can customise its slot to suit its setting. Compared to other betting operators, there is little one can do on the slots or tables, making the game uniform across the divide. This feature makes every online game for TG Lab unique, although they keep the original games processes and infrastructure.

The Netherlands as Europe’s Gaming Hub

Speaking at the event, Ugnius Simelionis, CEO of TG Lab, said that the regulator surpassed the initial market projection. It signals the sector’s exponential growth, a favourable indicator in the long run. As the company launches its operations, TG Lab is looking to expand with the wave and benefit from the Dutch gambling sector growth. The company is also at advanced stage discussions with local operators to include their games on their platforms. TG Lab online games go live as soon as they get the green light.

Besides the Netherlands, TG Lab is also in the UK, Germany, Belgium and Malta.

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