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Feb 24, 2020
Oliver Little
9 .2

I had a really good time at OVO Casino, and I think I will go back there and deposit again.

Jan 29, 2020
Leo Fry
7 .8

Novomatic games can give you really big winnings or they will use up your balance quickly.

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Are There Any Negative Customer Reviews?

As with absolutely everything that has a huge amount of customers, there are bound to be those, who have had a negative experience. A few people are saying that there promotions are not updated enough to keep customers interested. OVO Casino provide a good welcome bonus to customers, but people are saying that there should be much more offered by the casino, to keep customers happy. A look on their promotions page at time of writing, does show that there is the welcome OVO Casino bonus, and just one other bonus for customers. There are also OVO Casino free spins offered.However, OVO Casino have said that they take these comments on board, so this could change in the future. The only other negative points come from customers looking for more than Novomatic games. OVO Casino do specialise in Novomatic games, and although some people do not like this, there are many customers that enjoy the selection available.

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OVO Casino Scam & Fraud INFORMATION

Reasons Why OVO Casino Is a Reputable Online Casino

OVO is a fully licensed casino, meaning they can operate in the countries they have chosen. They are also a regulated online casino, so their processes are verified as being legal, and they demonstrate good practice within the casino industry. OVO Casino are also a member of gambling therapy, so they advocate responsible gambling to their customers. This level of customer care is very trustworthy, and shows how much they value their customers. They offer customers a large range of trusted payment methods, with some of the world leaders, in online financial services, including OVO Casino PayPal. There is a privacy policy so details are kept safe and secure, and they also have a good range of contact options, for customer support. They use modern technology, ensuring random number generation takes place. This makes sure that casino games can not be manipulated, by customer or casino. This assures customers that they all have the same chance of winning. All of the above, contributes to the reason that there are so many, good customer reviews.

  • Fully licensed & Fully regulated
  • Advocate of responsible gambling
  • Trusted payment methods
  • Privacy policy
  • Modern technology
  • Good customer support
  • Good customer reviews

What Can You Do in Case You Suspect OVO Casino of Fraud?

This can be a daunting situation to be in, but there are steps you can do, if you ever suspect Fraud at OVO Casino:

  •  Confirm your suspicions if you can. This could be by taking some proof of the fraudulent activity via copies of conversations, emails, or even screenshots of the activity
  • Cease your own playing activity with the casino. Do not play any more games, or deposit any more of your own money
  • Withdraw any winnings that you are due
  • If necessary, contact your chosen method of payment, and let them know you suspect fraudulent activity at OVO Casino
  • Get advice from a gambling regulatory authority. They may be able to put your mind at rest, or give you some next steps to make. You can even get help from us, and details are at the bottom of this article
  • Contact OVO Casino, as long as you feel comfortable in doing so. There may be good reason, that you are seeing this type of activity, and this gives OVO a chance, to explain why

In all suspected cases of fraudulent activity, it is vitally important to act immediately.

Is log in at OVO Casino safe?

Yes, log in at OVO Casino is safe, as they use secure web pages, on every page, that requires customers to enter personal details. Customers should look out for the https:// on the web page address.

Is the Casino Bonus of OVO Casino Reputable?

There are no reports to show, that the casino bonus at OVO is not reputable. Customers seem to successfully claim this bonus, and go on to use it.

Are My Card Details Safe?

Yes, debit card details are entered onto the site, on a secure web page. There are privacy policies in place and data protection laws, stating how data should be stored. Customers can trust OVO Casino, in that their details are stored correctly.

Had a Bad Experience With OVO Casino? – We Can Help You!

We mentioned earlier that we can help, if you have a negative experience, or suspect any fraudulent activity. You can alert us that you need help by doing either of the following: leave a comment in the comments section of this article or directly send us an email containing your suspicions and supporting evidence. OVO Casino is trusted, safe and secure online casino, and research has found it to be very reputable. If you are looking to join an online casino, then you should take a look at OVO Casino.

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Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans