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Jan 21, 2020
Reece Reynolds
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I am disappointed with the casino. There seem to be few rewards as one progresses to higher levels. Once you are above level five, it becomes hard to get any bonus in your play. I would suggest that they put in a few bonuses here and there to encourage us to play more at the casino.

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Are There Any Negative Customer Reviews?

Yes. Several customers have voiced their concerns in the form of negative reviews of the period the casino has been in operation. Actually, it is expected that there would be a few complaints given its high number of customers. Most of the customer complaints revolve around the inability to reach customer service, especially by email. Unfortunately, there is no telephone support. Their live support is available around the clock but always seems overwhelmed by the number of requests. When available, the service is fast and has lots of positive reviews.

There is also a complaint from the customers that they are few rewards for existing customers. The Rizk Wheel is the main source of rewards. However, there are a few rewards in between the stated levels where the rewards are available. It is also not possible for customers to change their currency. This means that if customers move to another country, they may need to close the accounts and open new ones that work with the currency of the new countries. On average, most of the complainants around the internet have been reached out by the casino and issues solved, which is advantageous to all parties. There are also many good rating from customers who have enjoyed the services of the casino. The casino has a rating of 8 out of 10 and above in several review sites.

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Rizk Casino Scam & Fraud INFORMATION

Reasons Why Rizk Casino Is a Reputable Online Casino

Rizk casino is regulated by some of the world best-regulating bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission. The gambling watchdog is good at ensuring compliance with the set regulations, which is beneficial to the players. In addition, Rizk uses 128-bit SSL encryption that provides that their customer’s information is secure from hacking. The casino has also entered into agreements with reputable online payment gateways such as Neteller, Ecopayz and Skrill.

These companies have strict requirements for businesses that would like to do business with them. Therefore, Rizk is forced to maintain a high level of financial integrity to keep working with them. The casino has a guarantee of fairness to all its customers. Rizk Casino bonus terms and conditions are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. This reduces mistakes and misunderstandings from customers. The live chat helps resolve any problems that come about effectively.

  • This casino is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, an organisation that has strict rules
  • The casino employed 128-bit SSL encryption to enhance the site’s security
  • Works with reputable online payment companies
  • Has a guarantee for fairness
  • Has easy-to-understand terms and conditions

    What Can You Do in Case You Suspect Rizk Casino of Fraud?

    A casino can engage in fraud using several methods. Players can also take part in various scams. The common method used by players is opening several fake accounts and trying to play them at once to get an advantage over other innocent users. The casino can also change rules of various games especially the live tables abruptly, withhold some of the cash that should be paid out to the players or introduce hidden fees onto the winnings. If you suspect any form of Fraud at Rizk Casino, consider any of the steps below to get assistance.

    If you suspect the player who you are competing with are engaging in fraud, it is in your best interest to let the casino know as it increases your chances of winning the game after they have been stopped. However, if the casino is the one engaging in unfair activities, you should first let the casino know of the practice. If it does not take any action, complain about it to the relevant regulating bodies for them to take requisite action. You can also reach out to review sites that also work as intermediaries to pressurise the casino to change the way it operates. It is also worth sharing these finding with other players so that they are aware of what may befall them if they play at the casino.

    Is log in at Rizk Casino safe?

    Yes. Rizk Casino has invested in several tools that ensure that your login details are not leaked out. Some of the tools include SSL encryption and strict password regulations. Feel free to log in at the page.

    Is the Casino Bonus of Rizk Casino Reputable?

    Yes, Rizk Casino has several bonuses for both existing and new customers. Once you win and meet the terms of the bonus, the casino will honour the withdrawal request. Therefore, it is good to check the terms of the bonus so that you follow them and cash in from the bonus offer.

    Had a Bad Experience With Rizk Casino? – We Can Help You!

    Have you experienced any form of fraud or unfairness at the casino? Have you lost your cash in any way that you did not understand? We are here to help you find answers and solutions. Our experts can pursue the casino to resolve the issue at hand. If it does not fix it, we can help you reach out to the UK Gambling Commission.

    Contact us for assistance by providing details of suspected incidents of fraud. Emails us through our contact page or write these details in our comments section below this online casino review, and we will get back to you.

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    Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans