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Game supplierTurbo Games
Release date17/08/2023
ThemeCrash Games
Max. win10000
Mobile versionNo
Paylines -

Where can I play Aero for real money?

Bonus 1000€
RTP 95.40%
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Bonus £200
RTP 95.40%
Claim Bonus Read Review ❯
Min deposit £10. Wager required: 35x. Bonus balance is paid with 10% installments to account balance. Bonus balance is not playable. Max bet is £20. Account balance is withdraw-able at any time. Upon withdrawal, any remaining bonus balance is forfeited. Play responsibly.

Aero Crash Game Rating

Sweet Bonanza rating was last reviewed by on the 09.07.2023 and received a rating of 7.1/10

How to Play Aero

  1. Log in or register at a casino with Aero
  2. Navigate and find the game under slot games or crash titles
  3. Open the game and set the amount you want to play with
  4. Click on ‘Place Bet’ and start the round
  5. Click on the cash out at your desired level


Visual Excellence Excellent graphics
Device-Friendly Runs comfortably on your devices
Demo Delight Allows for demo play to practice
Cashout Choice Does not impose mandatory cash outs
Round Review View the outcome from the previous rounds
Bonus Bliss Get a bonus game
Thrilling Themes Interesting, exciting theme
Interactive Quality Quality interaction with the game
Sensational Sound Excellent sound and navigation on the game
Autoplay Freedom Allows for autoplay

Aero Review

Alejandro Dalby
Alejandro Dalby

13 December 2023

Aero slot review

Aero is a spin or crash game that was developed by Turbo Games. The game was released in August 2023 and has attracted huge masses. This is highly attributed to its simplicity. As we all know, crash games require you to cash out before the game or time crashes. These games sit on the fence between crash or slot games as they include spins associated with slots.

Being a crash game, Aero does not involve rows or reels. Instead, it has the minimum amounts you can place a bet with. These amounts will be preset in the game but mostly begin at $1. The game allows you to multiply your winnings up to X999999. With a maximum multiplier of 96 and an RTP of the game, the game is an exciting option for most players.

The game requires you to cash out before the airship crashes or is timed out. Its simple mechanics welcomes players of all kinds regardless of their expertise. Whether you have played crash games before or this is your first, it will be easy for you to navigate and play. Turbo Games is a reputable provider of crash games and has perfected its skills with Aero.

During our review, we had so much fun playing the game as it is simple. All we had to do was find the game, place our bets, and wait for the opportune time to cash out. Even better, the game has a demo version that allows you to play for free until you master the tricks and confidence to play with real money.

We loved how it had frequent wins and the graphics involved. Though simple, the game is a very engaging and exciting choice for anyone who wants to pass the time and make some money similar to Astros by Red Tiger

Special Features of Aero

Like most crash games, Aero operates on the ‘burst’ technique. Here are a few features you will find here while playing.

  • Crash Mechanic
    In Aero, you will have an airship that takes off and moves onto the flying area. The principle is that it can crash at any time. As such, your focus should be on cashing out at the latest, most reasonable time to collect your win. It has no fancy rules and is easy for any player to understand.
  • Multipliers
    As the airship in Aero moves, it will accumulate a particular number, mostly denoted by an ‘X’ sign. For instance, if you see a particular game has a 2.84X, it means that cashing out at that stage multiplies your wager 2.84 times. These multipliers at Aero can get very high and are a perfect way to maximise your winnings.

Our first impression of the game was exciting. We had an easy time placing our wagers and a lot of fun watching the airship soar higher and higher. The multipliers are also very visible, and you can see how much money you will make in each round. It is an engaging and very fun game to play.

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Aero Strategy

Slots use RNGs and formulas to give unpredictable results or outcomes. Like most slots, there is no surefire strategy for winning. However, there are a few things that you can do to enhance your winnings on Aero.

It has frequent but relatively low winnings. This means that every round or spin will give you some little profit. Instead of waiting for the airship to reach X5 or X10, you can play around with X1.50 or even X2.00.

The other thing you must be careful with is chasing losses. After making a streak of losses, most people place bets back to back with the hope that they may win. Well, this is never true and will lead to a depletion of your account balance. Manage your bankroll and know when to stop.

Aero Crash Game App

The games manufacturer, Turbo Games, does not have an official Aero crash game app. Nonetheless, there are some third-party APKs and apps available which have gained popularity among gamers. These applications allow players to enjoy the game for free on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

You can find them on both the App Store and Google Play, as well as on certain online casino websites. It is recommended to download the APK from a trusted casino site to ensure a secure experience, avoiding the risk of viruses or falling into the hands of scammers.

Aero Crash Game FAQ

Can I play Aero for free?

Yes. You can play Aero for free. The game is a demo version that allows you to play the game and get the ropes without placing any wagers. Once you master the skills and are confident, you can play the game for real money.

In which casino can I play Aero?

While the game is only a few months old, it has already made its way to most online casinos. Most of them have it under the mini-games or crash games. To confirm availability, simply visit your preferred casino and check on the game’s catalogue.

How high is the RTP percentage for Aero?

The RTP for Aero is 96%. Most online slots have an RTP rate of 85% to 99%. The average RTP for these slots stands at 96%, which makes Aero an average RTP game. If a game is above 97%, it crosses to the other side and is considered a high RTP game.

Are there any tips & tricks for this slot?

Like most slot games, the outcomes are entirely based on the RNGs (Random Number Generators). This means that the outcomes are already predetermined by the system for a long time. You only need to have your timing right and avoid chasing losses, which could hugely disadvantage your bankroll.

Can I receive free spins for Aero as a bonus?

Yes. Most casinos offer free spins for particular slots and mini-games. Since Aero uses spins, you may be eligible for free spins. However, to be sure of the usage of the spins, confirm with your selected online casino.

Can I win more if I play on a certain day or time?

No. The game uses RNGs to ensure that the outcomes are unpredictable and ultimately fair. It does not matter what time you play the game, as the outcomes are completely random.

Are my chances higher if I haven’t won for a long time?

No. You do not have a higher chance of winning if you haven’t played for a long time. All the outcomes are based on the RNGs and assure players of fairness. Whether you play ten or two times, your chances are the same.

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