Game supplierSmartsoft Gaming
Release date13/04/2021
ThemeCrash Games
Max. win
Mobile versionNo
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Bonus £450
RTP 94.40%
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Bonus 1000€
RTP 95.40%
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Bonus 1
RTP 96.50%
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How to Play JetX Crash Game

  1. The first involves first having a JetX account then learning how to play the game using the demo account.
  2. The second step include setting the amount you wish to stake.
  3. The third involves you setting when you can automatically withdraw or just opt for manual withdrawals.
  4. The fourth step is when you place your stake.
  5. The last step is when you choose to opt out before the crash.


No Free SpinsThere are no free spins since it isn’t a slots game so no free play.
JackpotThere is no specified jackpot for the game, only the highest multiplier in the game qualifies as the jackpot.
Stop when you wantThe user can stop the round at whichever time they prefer.
Daily SurprisesThe minimum multiplier is x1.00 while the maximum depends on the highest multiplier on that day.
Play on the GoThe game is played on any mobile device or browser.
Great musicThe music offered within the game is that of the sound of a plane and the sound of the crash.
Fun GraphicsThe game has 2D graphics.
Great returnsThe RTP is at 97%.
Demo is availableThe game offers a JetX demo version.
Quick withdrawalsThere is an auto-withdrawal or manual withdrawal option.

JetX Review

Joshua Rawlings
Joshua Rawlings

19 June 2023

JetX slot review

When exploring and playing JetX you realize that the game isn’t like other traditional slot games. Crash slots and sweepstake slots like Caishen Wealth for instance, are very different from your regular slots. The game was developed by SmartSoft Gaming and released back in 2019. This exciting game has brought gambling to a whole new level. There is no talk of reels or spins in this game because its’a totally different model.

The game involves your point of view play jet plane that’s about to take off, and when it does, the multiplier increases as the plane continues flying. Once the plane crashes, the multiplier stops it’s count and the game ends at that point. The game features makes it resemble an arcade game. It does not offer a multiplayer game mode, however.

The game offers something different than most casino games and that’s the freedom to opt out of the game before the plane crashes. The plane could fail to take off and crash a x1.00 or a low multiplier of x1.35 but there are moments when the plan takes off and goes past the x100 multiplier. When the plane goes past this point, that’s when you can consider this as the jackpot for your maximum win. There are no fixed jackpots in the game, it just depends on your luck and when you hit the highest multiplier but you get an exciting gaming experience.

The graphics are enjoyable and simple since there aren’t a lot of icons that need to be spruced up to form a visual appeal. Simplicity is key in a 2D game because over complications could make it all about the design, rather than the gameplay.

What I liked about the game is the ability to watch and learn how the multipliers are fluctuating. It gives you a key sense of understanding on when the chances dip and when there could be huge wins. It is also a good thing that players can start and drop out at whichever point they wish as long as their anticipation is on point and the plane doesn’t crash before they withdraw.

JetX Special Features

JetX isn’t like any slot games so don’t expect features such as bonus rounds and free spins. The bonus features are simply the long spells of huge multipliers that you might encounter while playing the game.

  • Withdrawal methods – The player has the opportunity to choose between manual and automatic withdrawals.
  • The high multipliers – They are special since they are unpredictable and they could feature as jackpots if you get very high multipliers.
  • Different levels – The game has three levels, planet, galaxy and space. Each has its jackpot attached to it.

The game allows you to manage your process. You can choose when to place the bet after a crash and it all depends on your intuition. The bonus rounds are quite hard to determine but they appear after a series of bad rounds, and that’s when you should place your stake and that’s when you might get lucky and land a high multiplier. The bonus rounds are enough to keep you engaged since you have to patiently wait and read the game to anticipate when these rounds might strike.

Other recommended JetX Crash Game

JetX Strategy

It’s important to have a strategy when approaching such games on a platform. It is useful to note that games are won and lost due to patience or lack of it. Patience involves making calculated risks which means you need to place huge bets on low multipliers. It means you have to frequently cash out at low odds to make huge profits and withdraw your winnings.

Another tactic is determining a base amount, which means you need to automatically set your multiplier at a limit you think would win you lots of rounds. The strategy is risky and it doesn’t guarantee you any wins. You need to study the game and have some set limits that you wouldn’t go beyond.

JetX mobile app

Like many other casino games, there are mobile apps available fr them but for JetX there are no mobile applications. However, you can play the game on any mobile device because the developers have enabled them with HTML5 software.


Can I play JextX for free

Yes you can play the game for free because the game has a demo version that’s suitable for new players who may want to familiarize with the game before registration. It is an incentive curtailed at attracting more players to the platform.

In which casino can I play JetX

There are numerous online casinos that offer games such as JetX. JetX is available on famous crypto casinos such as BitCasino. You can also find the game at the JetX casino where you can also find thousands of games provided on the platform.

How high is the RTP percentage for JetX game

The RTP percentage for the game is as high as 97% which means it is not as volatile as other games. 97% is just above the medium volatility rates which means there are relatively high returns when playing the game.

Are there any tips and tricks for the JetX game

As explained above and like any other casino game, it requires patience and observation. In this game you also need to know how to manipulate the system by changing the multiplier and the stake you can place at any particular period.

Can I Receive free rounds for JetX from a bonus

Yes you can get free rounds from a bonus depending on the casino you are playing. The free spins options can be found on a lucky wheel that randomly chooses bonuses and applies them to any game in the casino.

Can I win more if I play at a certain day or certain time

Gambling doesn’t have a particular time earmarked for winning. It’s either you win or you lose, however, you might catch the winning fever if you are confident and patient enough to stake high and wait for multipliers that suit your mission.

Are my chances higher I I haven’t won for a long time

Definitely not, your chances are not higher if you have been unlucky for a while. It depends on your decision making at that moment. You need to be strategic and wait for the perfect time to bet and don’t lose your head or else you may lose your entire bankroll.

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