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Feb 25, 2020
Dominic Franklin
7 .2

I like to try fresh casinos and Sunnyplayer is just for me – not too complicated and not too over the top. I love their 3D slot games and instant play options, but it takes a while for money to come, which is the only downside.

Jan 13, 2020
Aaron Myers
6 .1

For a new casino I didn’t expect something quite as boring, their website is easy to use and navigate and registration and verification is easy but it could be better.

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Are There Any Negative Customer Reviews?

Regarding negative reviews there is quite a lot about. Players first reviewed that the welcome package could be a lot better and secondly they state that the selection of games is not as great as elsewhere. As for customer support, they do not have phone support and Sunnyplayer PayPal payment methods are limited. Seeing as they are new in the field this is to be expected but as for yet we do not see any improvements being made. Customers also announced they would like to see a mobile app with them before signing up.

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Sunnyplayer Casino Scam & Fraud INFORMATION

Reasons Why Sunnyplayer Casino Is a Reputable Online Casino

Sunnyplayer is a reputable and trustworthy casino to choose to play with. Even though they have only been around three years or so they are certified as an online casino. The company Sun Media is actually located in Costa Rica and work in joint with Merkur gaming who have a strong reputation as gaming providers. Despite there not being a lot of information about Sunnyplayer casino itself all information can easily be read through and found on their official website.


  • They have the right jurisdictions to operate as a casino
  • Sunnyplayer casino are working with a popular gaming provider
  • Although only around since 2013, they haven’t been found to be a part of any scams or fraud operations

    What Can You Do in Case You Suspect Sunnyplayer Casino of Fraud?

    If you do suspect Sunnyplayer in misleading customers and players or you think there is a scam or fraud at play on the internet that is based on Sunnyplayer casino then first get in touch with their head office. If you do not get an answer or you are not satisfied with the answer then get in touch with an expert team like ourselves who can help resolve the issue.

    Is log in at Sunnyplayer Casino safe?

    The one and important million dollar question that people ask when joining up with Sunnyplayer casino is, “Is my financial and personal information safe?” Our experts have researched this matter so you can enjoy a safe and secure gaming experience. Sunnyplayer use encryption technology so every detail that you use is safe from third parties. They also have a fine print in their terms and condition which state they will not disclose any information of yours out anywhere. Have peace of mind regarding this issue when signing up with Sunnyplayer casino because your details are safe, your financial information is safe and log in safe with the site.

    Is the Casino Bonus of Sunnyplayer Casino Reputable?

    New players ask a lot about the welcome Sunnyplayer Casino bonus available for new customers. Although it is not the biggest and the best we have seen Sunnyplayer do keep their promise and offer a 100% match deposit at the site. There are no Sunnyplayer casino free spins or free play but we think that the bonus is enough to get just a little excited about.

    Had a Bad Experience With Sunnyplayer Casino? – We Can Help You!

    If you are one of those customers that have essentially had a bad experience with Sunnyplayer then do not worry because our team of specialists and experts in this area can help you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us by dropping a message below in the comment section or writing us an email. We like to get issues resolved if you cannot so if you have had a problem with Sunnyplayer Casino then tell us today!

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    Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans