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Feb 24, 2020
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The casino slots offered at SuperCasino are very interesting not to mention the bonuses on offer at the casino. New and exciting games are added regularly and they at times come loaded with bonus offers. However, the fact that the casino does not have a SuperCasino Android app is not such a welcome idea to me since I own an Android tablet that I would have loved to play my slots on. I hope in future they create the Android app but in the meantime, I will continue using the casino’s mobile website.

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GB Only. Further T&Cs apply. Min. £10 dep. required. 25X wagering requirement (dep and bonus). 30 Day Limit. Single bet no greater than 20% of bonus amount. Max Bonus 100% up to £200

Are There Any Negative Customer Reviews?

Scouring through the numerous reviews and customer experiences in one internet shows that SuperCasino is among the few trusted online casino companies. Although there are a few negative comments here and there, the majority of customers giving a review of Supercasino only had positive words to say. These are the customers who, despite losing or winning, have enjoyed the experience out of dealing with SuperCasino. Looking at some of the negative reviews, one notices that those making these reviews were playing with the mind-set of making a killing with one go, and when that did not happen, they were left frustrated and want to vent their frustrations on casino review platforms.


Get SuperCasino Bonus
GB Only. Further T&Cs apply. Min. £10 dep. required. 25X wagering requirement (dep and bonus). 30 Day Limit. Single bet no greater than 20% of bonus amount. Max Bonus 100% up to £200

SuperCasino Scam & Fraud INFORMATION

Reasons Why SuperCasino Is a Reputable Online Casino

One of the keystones of a reputable online casino company is its policy on privacy and fairness. A customer wants to know that he/she will earn what she wins in a fair manner and that his/her information is safe and secure. There is no easy way to guarantee that a company will meet these requirements without proper licensing and regulation. Being licensed and regulated by a reputable organisation, means that SuperCasino ticks the necessary boxes. Furthermore, the positive online reviews of its casino apps also work in its favour to make it one of the leading and reputable online casino companies in the UK. This is not forgetting that it is owned by a highly reputable and experienced company Betsson AB, which is listed on the “Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap List” Stock Exchange (BETS).


  • Owned by an experienced and reputable company
  • Fully licensed and regulated
  • Trusted payment methods
  • Secure website
  • An advocate of responsible gaming
  • A promoter of good practice
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Good customer support

What Can You Do in Case You Suspect SuperCasino of Fraud?

Fraud is a very serious accusation especially when it comes to casinos. If at any time you suspect fraudulent activities at an online casino, the first thing you should do is stop any activity you are doing on the website. Do not play any more games or deposit any money. This is to ensure that your money and information is safe. It is also highly advisable to withdraw any money you might have at the site as soon as possible. If it is possible, you can try and find proof of the fraudulent activities you suspect. If possible, take screenshots as evidence. This is to make sure you have enough proof when you report them to the regulatory authorities. It is always advisable to talk to SuperCasino about your suspicions as they may have valid explanations as to why you may have witnessed such suspicious activities on their site.

Is log in at SuperCasino safe?

Yes, the log in at SuperCasino is safe. The website uses a 128-bit SSL encryption, which is theft-proof. Customers are advised to check for https// in the web address to ensure their information is safe when logging in. Should you have any issues with your log in, you can contact their polite and helpful support team for any queries you might have.

Is the Casino Bonus of SuperCasino Reputable?

Yes. The SuperCasino Promo is hailed as one of the best offers in the market. They offer free spins through promotions, deposits and codes among others. After loading any slot game, they prompt you to choose whether you want to activate your free spins. If you accept to activate your free spins, then you are given a variety of options for the games you are eligible to use them on. there current Welcome bonus is a 100% match bonus up to £200 to which with have not seen any complaints or causes for concern, just ensure you adhere to the T&C which include a 25x turnover and a bonus time of 30 days.

Had a Bad Experience With SuperCasino? – We Can Help You!

If in any case you have experienced a negative experience or suspected fraudulent activities, you can alert us directly by using any of these two methods:

  • Write an email to us here at casino-casino-casino.net
  • Leave a comment in the comments section of this article

SuperCasino is one of the leading and reputable online casino. We promise you a unique experience. Join us today to be among our satisfied customers.

Get SuperCasino Bonus
GB Only. Further T&Cs apply. Min. £10 dep. required. 25X wagering requirement (dep and bonus). 30 Day Limit. Single bet no greater than 20% of bonus amount. Max Bonus 100% up to £200
Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans