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Sep 23, 2022
5.5  /  10

I deposited 5K and won $11,000. They have blocked my account asking for verification documents. I sent them my documents numerous times ! They still will not let me withdraw the money. They keep playing games back and fourth about documents I have already sent ! Do not trust 888 Casino they are scammers !!! Horrible operations team treating me like this. Its been 3 weeks of back and fourth calling everyday to get my money. They are trash !

Feb 03, 2022
5.5  /  10

I bet 35 blacks in a row and 35 reds in a row come out. When I finally bet red suddenly black comes out. Now imagine this happening all the time and imagine it never happening to the players advantage. Need I not say more about how crooked and filthy online casinos are? Even there so called “regulators” are in on this scam. I will do what is in my power to have all gambling i my country banned especially online casinos. May they burn in hell! May they never see any good in all that millions they steal from hard working honest=people. It’s just disgusting!! Well I just described 888casino for you. They’re simply part of the big criminal organization called online gambling.. You’re all connected! Soon you will all be eating out of a garbage dump

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