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Are There Any Negative Customer Reviews About Bitstarz Casino?

Despite its progressive approach and ease in betting, there are few areas of concern on Bitstarz casino. First, the casino is not available for gamblers in the United Kingdom. As an important and lucrative hub for casino gaming, Bitstarz casino is losing out significantly.

Secondly, a casino comparison with other online casinos shows that Bitstarz casino has a higher minimum deposit amount. Standing at €20, it means more gamblers miss out on deposit bonuses, especially first-time customers. More so, some bonuses only apply to Bitcoin deposits on specific slots. This limits the full extent and impact of bonuses on customer sign up and retention.

However, since the casino is still growing, Bitstarz casino will address these concerns in time. They should not deter any online gambling enthusiast from enjoying their favourite slot or table game.

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Bitstarz Casino Scam & Fraud INFORMATION

Reasons Why Bitstarz Casino Is a Reputable Online Casino

As a pioneer in crypto betting, Bitstarz casino allows several digital currencies on its platform. Currently, there are 9 cryptocurrencies available for use, each enjoying the privacy and convenience that comes with digital currencies. If you do not have a crypto-wallet, you can buy your preferred digital coin using a debit/credit card on Bitstarz casino.

Besides cryptocurrency, you can use other payment options available on the gambling site. Popular e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are available for consideration. Others include online vouchers such as Paysafe card and direct bank transfers.

All software providers are reputable, offering tried and tested games to the public. Winning spins and table games are automatically generated through the RNG system. The casino does not influence the person or game that wins, making the whole process trustworthy.

In case of an issue, complaint or suggestions, Bitstarz casino customer service is on standby to help. There are several communication channels available, including a live chat portal, a dedicated email address for every issue and social media channels. They are open 24 hours a day, 7days a week, throughout the year.

For over 8 years the casino has been in operation, there has been no breach, scandal or negative publicity that Bitstarz casino has suffered. Every review of Bitstarz casino since its inception shows a growing gambling service provider with a commitment to the course.

More importantly, Bitstarz casino bonuses are generous and easy to get. New customers get up to €500 or 5 BTC as the sign-up bonus, alongside 180 Bitstarz casino free spins. Dedicated customers have an exclusive VIP bonus, a dedicated account manager and a front-row seat to offers, promotions and new games released.

Summary on why Bitstarz Casino passes the Integrity Test

  • Among the pioneer online casinos accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option. It currently accepts up to 6 digital coins.
  • Also accepts other payment options, including e-wallets, online vouchers, debit/credit cards and direct bank transfers.
  • Impartial winnings, thanks to the RNG system.
  • Open complain management system through the complaint department and independent adjudication services.
  • Positive feedback from every review of Bitstarz casino.
  • Generous Bitstarz casino bonuses, pitting matched bonuses and free spins

What Can You Do If You Suspect Fraud at Bitstarz Casino?

The first step is to notify customer service for immediate action. If it is something the customer service can’t solve, they escalate it to the complaints department. Bitstarz casino complaint department is the first conflict resolution, and their rule book is the terms and conditions. If the suspected fraudster is their employee, they have an internal mechanism to deal with it.

In case the two conflicting parties do not reach a consensus or one party feels that their plights are not addressed, they can appeal to an independent adjudicator. They are recognised as quasi-judicial institutions with expertise in gambling and betting matters. Their decisions are final and binding.

Is The Log In At Bitstarz Casino Safe?


Your sign-in details are safe from any 2nd or 3rd party interference, including Bitstarz casino staff. The casino uses an SSL security protocol, which is the world’s best online security, to prevent firewall breaches. Gamblers are assured that no hacker can penetrate the firewall.

On the other hand, Bitstarz casino staff are bound by the non-disclosure agreement signed alongside their employment contracts. They can only do so upon issuance of a court order in matters related to national security.

However, account users should also protect their login details from prying eyes. Bitstarz casino will not be accountable for any data or financial loss in case of the user’s negligence.

Is The Casino Bonus of Bitstarz Casino Reputable?


It has verifiable gambling processes, which they use to reward winners, bring in new casino games, pay winners and manage transactions. It helps boost customers’ confidence in the system.

Over the years, Bitstarz casino has had outstanding achievements, which were recognised by internationally acclaimed institutions. Some of the accolades include Best Casino in 2017 and 2021 by Casinometer and Best Support Department by Casinometer (2020). Bitstarz casino was also shortlisted in the EGR Awards in 2018.

The casino also hosts the world’s best software providers, known for impartiality and reputability. These partnerships point to the fact that Bitstarz casino has a history of trustworthiness. Even before issuing a gaming license, casino regulators always test for reliability, level of probability and sustainability. These are the yardsticks for reputability in casino gambling, which Bitstarz casino passed before being issued with a certificate.

Above all, there is no negative feedback from the customers on Bitstarz casino games.

Is My Credit Card Data Safe?


No one, not even Bitstarz casino, can access your details and card balance on Bitstarz casino. Besides the credit card safety features, Bitstarz casino runs on an SSL technology, which is widely used in financial institutions. It encrypts data from the card, allowing only you to view it. In essence, your credit card data and details are safe.

Reader’s Call – We Will Help You

If you suspect any data breach, cheating claims, or casino fraud, please contact Bitsarz via email. They will investigate and offer speedy solutions.

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