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Jan 05, 2020
Scott Baker
8 .0

Great casino with a wide selection of games! Download version lagged a lot though, not sure why but it's not as fast as online.

15 Free spins immediately after registration and 100% Welcome Bonus of up to €250 and 85 Free spins after the first deposit

Are There Any Negative Customer Reviews?

Casino Club do have a few negative customer reviews out there. With many members, this is perhaps inevitable. Many of the negative reviews around Casino Club actually refer to its name. People seem confused if it is a UK only casino, and have spoke to live chat regarding this.

There does not seem many negative reports about Casino Club, which is great news. This shows what a trustworthy, safe and secure site it is.


Here is a sample of a Casino Club review, about the beloved casino:

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Casino Club Scam & Fraud INFORMATION

Reasons Why Casino Club Is a Reputable Online Casino

How do we know if an online casino is reputable? Well the first thing to check is if the casino is regulated and licensed, to operate in your county, and Casino Club is. This shows that they are a trusted casino, and follow the approved laws to operate. The next thing to check is if they advocate gambling responsibly, which Casino Club do and have membership with Gamble Aware, to show they put customers safety first.

Next Casino Club have good payment methods available to customers. World leading online financial services (for example Neteller), will work with trusted casinos. Data protection and privacy policies are in place for customers to view, ensuring good security for personal details is kept.

Casino club have a great customer support service, with varying ways to contact the customer. They also use technology which allows random number generation. This ensures the games can not be manipulated by customer or casino, so everybody has the same chance of winning.

All of the above are why, Casino Club have great customer reviews.


  • Fully licensed and regulated
  • Advocate of gambling responsibly
  • Good range of payment methods
  • Data protection and privacy policy
  • Great customer support
  • Trusted technology
  • Good customer reviews
  • A lot of Casino Club free spins available after registration

    What Can You Do in Case You Suspect Casino Club of Fraud?

    f you even suspect for a moment that Casino Club is involved with fraud, then you must take fast and direct action. This includes the following:

    • Ensure your suspicions are well founded. At first glance, things may not be as they seem, so make sure the activity is definitely suspicious.
    • Can you get some proof? This can be in the form of recorded conversations, emails or screenshots of website activity. This will help you prove the fraudulent action.
    • Stop your activity with Casino Club. Do not deposit any more of your own money, and do not play any more games. It may also be a good idea to withdraw any winnings you have, and contact your payment method provider to keep them informed.
    • Get some advice if you can. Fraudulent activity is illegal and accusing Casino Club of fraud, is a very big thing. There are gambling authorities available to take advice from. They may put your mind at ease, or give you next steps you can take to report action.
    • Contact Casino Club. If you feel you can, contact the website directly. There could be a reason why you are seeing such activity, that you wouldn’t understand.

    Is log in at Casino Club safe?

    Casino Club use secure webpages with regards to logging in. The page should switch to a https:// address and customers should check this. Also customers must take responsibility for creating unique usernames and passwords. Casino Club use privacy and data protection laws to protect customers details, and data is stored at the site securely.

    Is the Casino Bonus of Casino Club Reputable?

    As long as bonus terms and conditions are met, then bonuses at Casino Club, are very reputable. Bonuses are credited to customer accounts fast, and qualified winnings are paid out. Bonus conditions are strict, and this is why there are some bad customer reviews regarding them. They are subject to specific deposits, strict wagering requirements and turnover numbers. Customers must be clear with these, before relying on any bonus especially if they want to use PayPal at Casino Club.

    Had a Bad Experience With Casino Club? – We Can Help You!

    So, the very worst has happened, and you have had a negative experience whilst using Casino Club. Do not panic, there are people who can help including us. To make direct contact with us and gain some help and advice, do one of the following.

    • In the comments section of this article, write a comment to us
    • Send us a direct email to us, and we will respond

    Of course, we hope you never have to use these options, but they are there for customers to use, when needed. Casino Club is a reputable website to join. When creating an account, you can be sure your details are safe, the games are trustworthy, and any qualified winnings will get paid out to you. The casino prides itself on its customers, so you should feel safe and secure using this site. If you are looking for a casino, then feel free to do your own research, but Casino Club does come out as a great one to join.

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    Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans