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Mar 29, 2021
Edward Hughes
5 .5

I have played on several online casinos for the past 3 years and I know a good casino when I see one. Casoo casino is for sure one of the best casinos I have seen around. They have a user-friendly interface which makes finding games easy. Their welcome bonus package is also good and the wagering requirement is easy to meet. I haven’t encountered any major difficulties but I wish they would add PayPal as a payment option.

Mar 23, 2021
Jack Robinson
8 .0

I have been a Casoo casino customer since their launch and so far so good. I have stuck with the casino because they treat me well with their non-stop flow of promotions of free spins, deposit and reload bonuses. I also have lots of fun playing their slots since they have different exciting titles and I always find something new. At Casoo casino the entertainment keeps coming and I can’t complain at all.

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Are There Any Negative Customer Reviews?

For the period that Casoo casino has been in operation, there have been a few complaints from users on how it handles various issues. However, none of the complaints relates to the platform not paying its players or holding cash unfairly. This is a strong indicator that the platform is genuine and transparent. Some of the negative customer reviews revolve around delays in getting withdrawals paid out. The casino pays cryptocurrency withdrawals instantly but may take up to a day with most other methods, which makes some customers unhappy. The verification process sometimes takes up to 48 hours, which also seems to be too long for customers waiting to make withdrawals.

The other major complaint is the slow response for customers who contact customer service via emails. It may take several hours for one to get a response. Fortunately, the casino has a live chat feature, which is quicker and more efficient for urgent matters. Most of the other complaints emanate from customers not reading and following the terms correctly.

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Casoo Casino Scam & Fraud INFORMATION

Reasons Why Casoo Casino Is a Reputable Online Casino

We carried a review of Casoo features, licensing, and terms to determine if the casino is legitimate. From the review, we found various reasons why the platform is reputable and popular with players. Here are some of the reasons.

The casino does not have any hidden terms and conditions. Therefore, you will not be surprised by restricting terms that were not listed on the bonus or main terms page. Second, the casino uses legitimate software for all its games. This enables it to pay any winnings that players make on the site, especially progressive jackpots. You can find software providers’ licence information on the terms and conditions page.

Third, Casoo casino does not withhold cash or winnings without any valid reason. It makes fiat payouts within a day and cryptocurrency payouts instantly. Account verifications are also fast and straightforward. Finally, you get to withdraw winnings from Casoo free spins and other bonuses on the platform when you meet the terms.

Summary on why Casoo Casino Passes the Integrity Test

It has straightforward terms and conditions and uses legitimate software and makes payouts accordingly.

It does not withhold winnings without a valid reason and the process of account verification is fast and straightforward.

You can withdraw winnings from all bonuses, including Casoo free spins.

What Can You Do in Case You Suspect Casoo Casino of Fraud?

The action that you take when you suspect fraud at Casoo casino is dependent on the type of fraud. If fellow players commit fraud, you can report the matter to customer service for action to be taken against the perpetrators. Player fraud includes opening various casino accounts and filling most seats on the live casino to increase the chances of a win.

If you suspect that the casino is engaging in fraud or has lost cash unfairly, you may start by seeking an explanation from the casino. Sometimes the issues come about due to technical hitches or genuine mistakes rather than fraud. This can be rectified and you get refunded. However, if the casino does not act on your complaints, you can seek help from the gambling watchdog. The watchdog will investigate the matter and give a verdict. If the casino is in the wrong, you will get your money back. Be sure to report the same on popular forums (including any response from the regulator) so that other casino players do not fall into the same trap.

Is log in at Casoo Casino safe?

From our review of Casoo, we have found that the login at Casoo is safe. The casino has implemented a password policy to ensure that unauthorised parties do not access the casino using the user device. It also has systems in place to detect suspicious logins and locks the account for verification.

In addition, the casino has SSL encryption to ensure that unauthorised parties do not tap the communication between the user’s device and the website. Therefore, there is a low chance that anyone can access customer information remotely.

From our casino comparison, we found Casoo had several security features beyond many sites that ensure the security of the site, customer information, and games. These features include web antivirus, fraud detection systems, and secure backup systems. Therefore, you can log into the casino and start playing without fear that your information will leak or your winnings stolen. On your part, always log out after using the casino account, and do not leave your device unattended. This ensures that no one gets access to your casino account when you are logged in.

Is the Casino Bonus of Casoo Casino Reputable?

Casoo bonuses are reputable. The platform keeps its word when it comes to paying out winnings from bonus offers. However, you must follow all the terms and conditions to get the winnings. Fortunately, Casoo casino has simple terms written in a way that any player can understand. If you have issues with any of the bonuses or their terms, you can always reach out to customer service for assistance.

From our casino comparison, we have found that Casoo has some of the best bonuses on the internet. There are several reasons for our verdict. First, its bonuses have few terms, which are easy to meet. For example, its bonuses have a wagering requirement of 25 times, way below what other casinos impose on their players. Second, there is a wide range of bonuses that cover most of the games on the platform. Therefore, you will not be at a disadvantage for playing one category of casino games and not others.

There is also no limit to the number of Casoo bonuses you can pick in a given period. As soon as you complete the wagering requirements of a given bonus, you can choose another offer and run with it. There are usually various offers at any given time on the platform.

 Is my debit card data safe?

Your debit card data is safe with Casoo casino. The platform ensures that each customer’s information is safe from any unauthorised access. Such data is not kept on the website to reduce the risk of unauthorised access. Also, the casino does not see all your debit card data. It sees your name and number. The rest of the information is processed by your debit card provider.

If you do not intend to use your debit card o the casino, you can always use other secure methods accepted on the platform. They include Skrill, Neteller, Zimpler, Visa, Paysafe, and MasterCard. Some methods, such as Casoo PayPal, are only available in particular countries. If you are already using a method for online transactions before joining the website, check if it is accepted at the casino so that you do not have to open an account with another payment provider.

On the other hand, if you suspect your debit card has been compromised, contact your provider as soon as possible and have it locked. If the card was compromised at the casino, report to the gambling watchdog.

Had a Bad Experience With Casoo Casino? – We Can Help You!

We can help you recover your lost cash or get compensated for compromised and stolen information. You can write your fraud complaint in the comment section, and someone will pick it from there. Alternatively, you can send an email to mrringo.com with the fraud complaint as the subject of the email. If you have any evidence, such as screenshots and communication with the support team, be sure to include it on the email for fast follow-up. Besides, if the issues touch on a third-party provider such as Casoo PayPal, contact the provider for assistance.

Most players complain that it takes long before they get a response from the regulator. This can be frustrating, especially if one has lost lots of cash from a scam or identity theft. When you report to us, we contact the casino fast and have the influence to cause them to act quickly. We will communicate any response we get from the casino or the regulator.

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