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What is Bitcoin Cash and How Does it Work?

Bitcoin Cash is a fork created from Bitcoin’s original code but developed separately to become an independent digital currency that offers more protection than the original Bitcoin cash transactions. It runs on blockchain technology and has similar characteristics to its predecessor. Bitcoin Cash creators released it in August 2017, and it has gradually evolved to rival other crypto currencies. It is more of a mode of currency than a digital investment platform.

The main difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is the size of the “holding blocks.” Bitcoin Cash has bigger holding blocks, which gives it the needed capacity to offer multiple transactions at once. This feature makes it suitable for online Bitcoin Cash gambling.

Bitcoin Cash Casinos require their gamers to either have Bitcoin Cash wallets or buy them on select Bitcoin Cash gambling platforms. After purchase, the equivalent in Bitcoin Cash goes into the gaming wallet, and the gamer is ready for betting. Bitcoin Cash gambling works the same way as other e-wallet casinos. It is only the mode of currency that changes, not the gaming procedures. Bitcoin Cash casinos have rewards such as free spins to increase participation to make the deal even better.

Several online casinos have embraced Bitcoin cash. Read on and understand how the Bitcoin Cash online casino works.

Pros vs Cons of Bitcoin Cash Deposits

  • Secure System: The blockchain technology which hosts Bitcoin Cash is secure
  • Privacy guaranteed: The digital transactions do not leave a paper trail.
  • Easy to Deposit: BCH payments take a short time.
  • Good Casino Bonuses and Offers: A good source of deposit bonuses, free spins and other offers.
  • Highly volatile: Affects the value, which makes the currency unstable.
  • Few Bitcoin Cash casinos: Not many betting sites accept Bitcoin Cash as payment.

5 Things You Should Know About Bitcoin Cash Deposits

  1. Thanks to the large transaction blocks, gamers can deposit more at once with Bitcoin Cash than other cryptocurrencies. Besides, there are free spins for such significant deposits. It is feasible for an online casino, especially those with high gaming traffics.
  2. If you do not have a crypto wallet, you can purchase Bitcoin Cash at Bitcoin Cash casinos. However, make sure you have enough to facilitate the transaction.
  3. If you aren’t sure how to convert your monies or deposit, reach out to customer service for assistance. However, most Bitcoin Cash casinos have a FAQs section with all deposit details clearly explained.
  4. Most Bitcoin Cash casinos have a QR code for security and accuracy. The code guides the process to finality and shortens the deposit time significantly.
  5. Lastly, confirmation of contact details is essential as the system needs to confirm the transaction’s authenticity.

How to Use Bitcoin Cash to Deposit at an Online Casino

Bitcoin Cash online casino deposits are more precise, making the process intense and complicated. However, if you do it repeatedly, it becomes easier. The process varies across different Bitcoin Cash casino sites but has the following similarities.

Sign up/in on the online casino and confirm your details.
Collect the free spins or deposit bonus if applicable.
Confirm the details and authorise the transaction.
Link the crypto code and the digital wallet.
The online casino generates crypto and QR codes.
Click on "Deposit" and select Bitcoin Cash on the profile page.
Key in the exact amount you want to deposit and press "Send."

What is the Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

The Bitcoin Cash wallet is a digital purse for storing Bitcoin cash. It links the digital coin to online storage, protected by a password. When moving Bitcoin cCash from one wallet to another, the receiving wallet generates a Bitcoin Cash wallet to facilitate the transfer.

To get a good wallet, go to the Bitcoin Cash home page and generate the address and the passcode. Store safely away from prying eyes. It also helps when you generate a backup copy of the passcode, just in case you forgot the original one. You may use any browser to access the Bitcoin Cash site for transaction purposes.

Bitcoin Cash Casino Safety - Are Bitcoin Cash Casinos Safe?

Blockchain technology uses blocks for transactions, which differentiate transactions. Every transaction has its codes with end-to-end encryption to avoid intrusion from other transactions. However, gamers must be keen on the conversion sites and Bitcoin Cash casinos.

Cybercriminals use such websites to swindle gamers of their Bitcoin cash. They might steal their Bitcoin Cash pretending to be conversion sites. Others hike the exchange rate, which reduces the amount credited in Bitcoin cash. Always confirm if the conversion site is credible before using it to exchange your money.

Secondly, BCH casinos operating in the UK must have a betting licence from the Gambling Commission. They act as industry watchdogs and gives the gamers value for their money. On its own, Bitcoin Cash is secure. No one can easily hack the system. It is our actions as gamers that makes the transaction vulnerable.

Look at the top Bitcoin Cash Casinos

Bitcoin Cash Casino Games

Playing casino games at BCH casinos is no different to playing casino games at conventional online casino sites. All of the classic casino games are available, players can play slots, dice games, live casino games, video poker and all the best casino table games.

Bitcoin Cash gambling is basically the same as playing at any other real money casino site. The only difference is that you’ll be depositing and withdrawing Bitcoin Cash as your cryptocurrency rather than standard currency.

Some casino sites will even offer special Bitcoin Cash games available only for those players who make deposits. Not only will the casino site offer unique Bitcoin Cash games, but the best Bitcoin Cash casino will also offer exclusive casino bonuses and promotions.

Bitcoin Cash casinos have some excellent welcome packages available to new customers registering at the casino. Players can pick up an excellent Bitcoin cash casinos offer including no-deposit free spins for slot machines or a deposit bonus up to a certain percentage. To see the best Bitcoin Cash Casinos offering a no deposit bonus, free spin bonus or welcome package deposit bonus, check out our list of the top Bitcoin Cash casinos.

How to Withdraw Your Casino Winnings Using Bitcoin Cash


The withdrawal process varies across Bitcoin Cash gambling sites desponding on the payment procedures. To make Bitcoin Cash casino withdrawals follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the profile and select withdraw.
  2. Choose Bitcoin Cash as the withdrawal option and click "Withdraw."
  3. Paste the recipient's crypto wallet address on the link provided.
  4. Key in the amount and confirm the transaction.
  5. The transaction will take between 15 minutes to 48 hours for the transaction to mature, and the funds to move to the digital wallet.

Alternative Cryptocurrencies - Can You Use Other Crypto besides Bitcoin Cash at Online Casinos?

Despite the advantages posted above, Bitcoin Cash casinos aren’t the only cryptocurrency gaming sites available. There are other digital currencies with much better coverage and reception in the betting world.


Bitcoin uses the same concept used by Bitcoin Cash casinos, only that the transaction technicality varies. Nonetheless, it is the biggest cryptocurrency, both in volume and capacity, and tops the list of digital currency used in gambling.

How to Deposit with Bitcoin


Ethereum follows second after Bitcoin in terms of value and trade capacity. It operates on blockchain and has one of the steadiest growth in crypto-trading. The same statistics follows it to online betting, accounting for significant figures in online gaming.

How to Deposit with Ethereum


Of the above 2, Litecoin has the most affordable coin value. It rivals Bitcoin Cash value, although the latter has a sizable following in the market. The coin features in nearly all cryptocurrency-powered casinos and is popular with lower cadre gamers.

How to Deposit with Litecoin

3 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Bitcoin Cash Deposits

  1. Transactions that involve cryptocurrency are costly since there are many transaction costs involved. Consider depositing a significant amount at once and benefit from the economies of scale and cut down transaction costs. Furthermore, a sizable deposit gives a substantial welcome bonus and free spins where applicable.
  2. Look for Bitcoin Cash casinos with a competitive exchange rate and benefit from the marginal increase in deposits. Many online casino analysis sites compare the suitability of online casinos. Deposit rates feature among the top factors to consider.
  3. The transaction cost for Bitcoin Cash is fair compared to other cryptocurrencies supported by online casinos. It facilitates instant deposits and withdrawal of funds of any amount. Bitcoin Cash casinos ride on this factor to post competitive marginal growth compared to other cryptocurrency online casinos.

Alternate Deposit Methods - Bitcoin Cash Alternatives

Bitcoin Cash casino transactions are relatively new in online gaming. Before them, online payments, especially e-wallet, were the go-to payment casino payment method. Below are the most common online deposit methods that still apply today.

Debit Cards

They have the most extensive payment network, both in capacity and volume. Nearly every online casino will have debit cards as their first choice payment option. Some even customise deposit options with free spins and other bonuses to increase the transaction volumes.

How to Deposit with a Card


PayPal’s deposit method is unique since it uses an email address to transfer funds to and from the platform. Owing to its versatility, a good number of online casinos use it extensively. However, compared to other e-wallets, its use is limited to specific online casinos.

How to Deposit with PayPal


Skrill uses the same deposit concept as PayPal, only that it has customer-friendly transaction policies. Most online casinos prefer it, thanks to the elastic transaction volume and ease in the deposit process. It is one of the most loved payment systems among modern gamers.

How to Deposit with Skrill
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Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin Cash Deposits FAQ

How to check If an online casino accepts Bitcoin Cash?

Most Bitcoin Cash casinos have the Bitcoin Cash logo on the page footer. However, if you do not see it, visit the terms and conditions page and check the payment options. If they haven’t listed it, reach out to the customer service attended and ask.

Are Bitcoin Cash Casinos Legal?

Yes. Part of the issue the casino regulator check is the mode of payment. It is not formally recognised as a mode of exchange, but there is no law that criminalises it. Therefore, any BCH casino registered by the Gambling Commission operates legally. Any feature it has, including free spins, is legal.

What can I do if my casino doesn’t accept Bitcoin Cash?

Any Bitcoin Cash gambling site with a Bitcoin Cash logo should accept the digital coin. If it doesn’t, check on the link between the digital wallet and the online casino. If the problem is widespread, reach out to the casino customer service and seek clarification.

How long does it take to withdraw winnings using Bitcoin Cash?

Each Bitcoin Cash casino has its transaction timelines based on the verification process. However, most Bitcoin Cash casinos take between 15 minutes and 48 hours to complete the withdrawal process. To find out the exact timelines, reach out to your BCH casino customer attendant and enquire.

What is the minimum amount needed to withdraw or deposit Bitcoin Cash?

Most Bitcoin Cash online casinos consider the amounts equivalent to pounds. £10 worth in Bitcoin Cash is the minimum and withdrawal. Free spins and bonus winning withdrawals depend on the bonus terms and conditions.

Can Bitcoin Cash be hacked?

It is not easy hacking Bitcoin cash, thanks to the block transaction system. However, Bitcoin Cash casino has an online security system for reinforcement.

Is it free to open a Bitcoin Cash wallet?

Yes. The procedure only requires identification documents and personal details. Bitcoin Cash only charges when you transact with Bitcoin Cash online casinos or other Bitcoin Cash wallets.

What Casino Games and Casino Bonuses can I expect to find at Bitcoin Cash Casinos?

You can play casino games the same as those that you would normally find at a real money online casino site. Table games, slot machines, video poker and live casino games. Some crypto casino sites will also offer unique crypto games. You can also find Bitcoin Cash bonuses, the same casino bonuses as regular online casino sites such as no deposit bonuses and free spins deposit bonuses.

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