888 Announces Major Financial Moves with £400 Million Notes Pricing and New Credit Facility

Details of the Financial Instruments

The senior secured notes, exempt from the registration requirements of the US Securities Act of 1933, represent a strategic move by 888 to diversify and strengthen its financial standing. In tandem with the notes, 888 has secured a multicurrency revolving credit facility amounting to £50 million, which will reach maturity on December 31, 2025.

Use of Proceeds and Financial Strategy

888 plans to utilize the proceeds from these financial instruments to repay existing debts under its Euro-denominated term loan A facility (TLA). This repayment is anticipated to reduce the company’s net debt by £18 million, continuing its deleveraging process initiated after the acquisition of William Hill. This acquisition previously escalated 888’s indebtedness nearly to £2 billion.

Impact on 888’s Financial Structure

The introduction of the senior secured notes will not only extend the maturity of a portion of 888’s debt from 2028 to 2030 but also increase the cash interest costs by approximately £4-5 million annually until 2028. Furthermore, the arrangement is expected to optimize 888’s debt portfolio by improving the mix between fixed and floating rates and better aligning the currency mix of the debt with the company’s cash generation activities.

Corporate Developments and Outlook

In April, 888 not only reported a slight increase in revenue in its Q1 results but also announced a significant rebranding initiative, transitioning its corporate identity to evoke plc. This rebranding is part of a broader Value Creation Plan, which sets clear medium-term financial targets aimed at leveraging the company’s robust cash generation for sustainable growth.

Comments from Leadership

Per Widerström, CEO of 888, expressed optimism about the company’s future, highlighting the strategic financial maneuvers as a pathway to reducing leverage and achieving profitable growth. The company is now gearing up for anticipated growth in the second quarter, following a transformative first quarter.

Conclusion: 888’s Strategic Financial and Corporate Moves

888’s recent financial undertakings and corporate developments underscore its proactive approach to maintaining a robust financial base and fostering long-term growth. With these strategic moves, 888 is well-positioned to navigate the complexities of the global gambling market and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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