A Treat for Online Gamers After Kongebonus Inks a Deal with iGaming Platform Flows

Accelerated Feature Delivery

Kongebonus’s creativity and innovation skyrocketed with access to high-tech no-code technology. It is possible for the team to build and deploy custom-built features and applications quickly, which significantly enhance the user experience on the web. Integrations and features that normally take months can be completed within days. Increasing interaction with the site’s audience will enable the team to collect and incorporate user feedback more quickly.

Optimized Playing Experience

The partnership will benefit the Norwegian online casino community. By doing so, Kongebonus will be able to match punters with online casinos that suit their gaming preferences. The accelerated delivery allows web visitors to review their favorite online clicks with a few clicks of a button. Still, it’ll enable the iGaming community to reward the casino in its network with qualified leads. That reduces churn and promotes player engagement.

Bold Futuristic Move

Kongebonus is the leader in casino affiliate marketing because it harnesses the power of innovative technology. More features will be available to allow players to create a custom online gambling experience. Collaboration makes online gaming more rewarding. A bold move like this will put Kongebonus miles ahead of its peers and create unmatched value for its network of casinos.

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Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans