Gambling legislation to be introduced in Alabama’s upcoming session

Previous Gambling Legislations

According to Greg Albritton, the gambling laws were unclear, especially on taxation. He voted against every bill that came to the Alabama state senate then. Most of the bills had no regulation provision, which would have allowed it to thrive unchecked. Now that he had the opportunity to fine-tune the grey areas, he was ready to re-introduce it to the State Senate.

Gambling Legislation of 2022

The content of the legislation revolves around the state having more control over lottery and casinos. As it is, lottery and gambling are managed by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians (PCI). It is a group of recognised Native Americans operating casinos within Alabama. They operate 3 casinos and several digital gaming sites in Victory Land and Green County.

Greg Albritton wants the central regulatory mandate of lottery and casino given to the State government. The government can institute taxes, collect and disseminate them into deserving sectors in the economy. Specifically, the money collected should go into mental health.

The state has deserving cases on mental health, and the funds collected from gambling taxation can help. He proposed the re-establishment of a long term mental health plan could go a long way in improving the well-being of Alabama citizens. At present, the legislation does not delve into current gambling matters, such as videogame loot boxes or skill-based slots.

There will be a state lottery if the state senate approves and adopts the legislation. The government will collect a significant amount in taxes to fund some state projects. Other digital gambling sites are angling to come in. They will pay operational tax before being commissioned. The legislation also proposes a certain percentage of winnings as taxes.

The Cog in the Wheel

Being an election year, most state senators are up for re-election. It means that most of his colleagues are hesitant to support the legislation, owing to its social ramifications. Unfortunately, if it does not pass in this session, the state might go back to the people for the final approval.

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