New Face for Ontario’s Sports Betting As Bayes eSports extends Their Partnership with Bet365

Canada recently allowed single-event sports betting after removing a ban in August 2022. In addition, Ontario became the country’s first province to stop its iGaming monopoly.

This extension will mark a new step in the country’s development in sports betting. This will also mean that Bet365 will become the first bookmaker to serve Ontario with esports betting services.

According to the managing director and COO of Bayes Esports, Amir Mirzaee, these couple of months have been great for the two companies. They entered the US during this time, thus extending more of their services. They have also launched an amazing odds integration platform that will greatly change the face of sports betting in BODEX.

The COO also added that they have added experts from different industries to their team. He further added that the extension with their partner, Bet365, has only strengthened their partnership, and it feels like a cherry on top.

Amir Mirzaee added that in the near future, they would be glad to distribute their esports live data to all sportsbooks in Canada if the other provinces emulate Ontario.

The Growth of Esports

Despite being one of the most ignored categories in many sportsbooks, esports is surprisingly growing each day. According to BetMGM founder, Entertain, esports could bring in $12 billion in the near future with how popular streaming is.

The state authorities in New Jersey have seen this potential and have introduced legislation to further regulate esports betting. Conversely, Ontario now has a sportsbook, Rivalry, which is dedicated to providing video games. The sportsbook 90% of its handles are from esports. While Alberta is still debating on which bookmakers should be in the market. Ontario, on the other hand, have already identified 49 gaming operators and 25 online sportsbooks.

It is a slow but sure growth for esports, which is seen by the extension of the partnership between Bet365 and Bayes esports to Canada. As soon as the other provinces realise that the move by Ontario is generating revenue, they will seriously embark on allowing esports in their provinces. This already makes Ontario the biggest online sports betting in all of Canada.

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