Bet365 Ordered to Pay $697,000 in Compensation to Danish Athletes

Recently, The Maritime and Commercial High Court of Denmark ordered Hillside, the owner of Bet365, to compensate 23 Danish athletes. Bet365 was launched in 2000 by the Coates family, and Hillside has been managing its operations.

This order resulted from a lawsuit filed by Danish athletes accusing bet365 of using the athletes’ names and images without their consent. According to the athletes, their reputations had been damaged by the unauthorized use of their identities. Due to this inconvenience, the athletes felt entitled to compensation for the damages.

Danish Court Orders Compensation for Athletes in Bet365 Lawsuit

Hillside has to pay the athletes 4.7 million Danish crowns ($697,000), including Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen. Due to the frequent use of Eriksen’s images, he was awarded the largest sum of 1.45 million crowns. Other sportspeople to be compensated include badminton player and Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen, football player Simon Kjaer and goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel.

On the other side, Bet365 had reasoned that its use of names and images should be regarded as editorial content and was therefore not subject to payments. Instead, the court found that it amounted to marketing that required consent.

The online gambling company, Bet365, vowed to respect the court decision and comply with the order to compensate the athletes. Additionally, the company stated that it takes its responsibilities to customers and the wider community very seriously. It also added that it will continue to work to ensure its operations are conducted responsibly and ethically.

Importance of Consent and Responsible Marketing Practices


The lawsuit has emphasized the significance of properly acquiring consent for someone’s images and name for marketing materials or other forms of communication. It also underlines the potential risks and consequences of using someone’s identity without permission.

There is also significant reputational harm besides the legal and financial repercussions as the risks and consequences. Reputation and personal brands are vital to every business, individuals such as athletes, since they depend on it to make money, not forgetting to advance their career or business.

Overall, the lawsuit is a reminder of the importance of ethical and responsible business practices. These practices eradicates potential risks and consequences that can arise. The court decision helped companies ensure that individuals are respected and treated fairly to avoid legal and reputational harm. These steps could also create a more positive and sustainable business environment.

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