Betfred Ordered By Court To Pay £1.7m Blackjack Jackpot

Lucrative Wins

It is without a doubt that it is possible to win millions when playing blackjack games at Betfred. For Andy Green, who won the £1.7m, BetFred claimed that it was due to a glitch in the platform’s software. The win was something out of the ordinary. He had to celebrate and spent more than £2,500 with his family following the news expecting to receive his £1.7m from BetFred.

BetFred had initially recognized Any Green as a winner but later refused to give him the money and decided to reject the claim blaming their software for his win. The news came from a call from Betfred’s director, which ended up giving him a hard time, especially after spending so much on celebrating his victory.

Challenging Betfred

The immediate decision that the winner made was to challenge BetFred on why they deny giving him his wins since it is not fair as their loyal customer. Knowing that the challenge might be an issue later, BetFred had tried to buy Andy’s silence by offering him at least £60,000 as a form of goodwill. He later denied this offer and decided to take legal action and file a case against Betfred.

Suing BetFred seemed to be the best decision he made, and this time it wasn’t just for the £1.7m; he was suing them for £2m to include interests that he presumed he would have earned from the £1.7m jackpot win.

BetFred went ahead to try and prove that the software glitch even made Andy win the jackpot up to three times to prove that his win is not valid. In other claims, BetFred said that the software developer noted the glitch and decided it would be appropriate to withhold the payment until the problem is resolved.

Term and Conditions Protection

On the other hand, Green seemed to be protected by the terms and conditions stating the policies on making wins in the platform. At the end of the case, Green’s argument was considered and gave him the win to receive his £1.7m from BetFred.


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Joshua Rawlings Written by Joshua Rawlings