KSA Announces its Chairman Rene Jansen’s Retirement

Rene Jansen’s Time as the KSA Chairman

Jansen has done a lot to promote KSA’s safe gambling mission. The key mission of the KSA is to supervise and enforce safety and fairness measures in various gaming markets. During his tenure as the chairman, Rene Jansen oversaw the launch of the KOA marketplace in 2021. This marketplace’s role is to regulate online gambling in the Dutch scene.

Before announcing his intended resignation, Rene offered feedback on online gambling developments in adherence to the Dutch government’s compulsory evaluation of the KOA marketplace following its inauguration.

The chairman also called for more strict duty-of-care requirements on licensed operators when it comes to customer interventions. This will help with monitoring harm and keeping records of play times and transactions made by at-risk customers.

Rene Jansen has achieved a lot as the chairman of KCA. However, in his resignation announcement, he expressed that there are still so many challenges in the Netherlands gambling market that the incoming chairman would have to address. He describes the role of chairman of KSA as challenging and one that requires a lot of creativity, innovation, and decisiveness. However, he also expressed his pleasure to have served as the KSA chairman and explained the great social value of the role.

What is next for KSA?

Following the announcement, a vacancy has been posted on the Dutch government’s General Administrative Service. Candidates can submit their applications and the KCA, in partnership with the Minister of Legal Protections, will review the applications. The next person who will take over this position will serve for a period of six years. So, the institution and parties involved are very strict regarding the candidate review process.


The Netherlands Gambling Authority is an important body that regulates gambling practices in the country. The chairman oversees all the operations of the institution. This includes coming up with and approving new measures to promote safe and fair gambling in the Netherlands. Therefore, this is a critical role. Jene Ransen has held the role with grace and pleasure for many years. Now, it is time for someone new to come and go on with the work that Rene Jansen started.

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