Meeting the Demand: Collaboration and Consumer Protection in European iGaming

The Source of Demand

As René Jansen’s term as chair nears its end, with Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin set to take over, his emphasis on cooperation arises amidst the growing prominence of online gambling and development of online casinos. This development has raised valid concerns about safeguarding consumer interests and ensuring effective regulatory oversight.

These remarks were made during the European Online Gaming Forum held in Amsterdam. The meeting brought together 90 representatives from 30 countries across Europe. Representatives included industry experts, policymakers, and regulators. The main agenda was to discuss emerging trends and challenges in the iGaming sector.

Before yielding the floor, Jansen stressed the importance of establishing a cohesive regulatory framework that transcends national boundaries. He expresses that by working together, European countries could more effectively combat issues such as money laundering, match-fixing, and illegal gambling.

The Demands

During his time in office, Jansen identified four crucial problems that needed attention, regardless of the variations in laws and regulations across European countries.

One of these critical issues Jansen emphasized is safeguarding players and preventing addiction. He stated that when creating policies for iGaming, it is crucial to prioritize player protection. He mentioned implementing playing limits as one way of achieving the player’s safety.

Jansen also talked about the need to decrease the number of gambling advertisements and sponsorships. He mentioned this as a way to address public concerns and protect vulnerable groups like children and young adults.

The chair also advised the members of the Gambling Regulators’ European Forum (GREF) about dealing with illegal gambling providers. He said that by taking decisive action against these providers, GREF could protect the markets from unlawful activities.

Lastly, the outgoing chair accentuated that the gaming industry is evolving rapidly, and regulators need to keep pace with these changes. He also added that collaboration on supervision could ensure a level playing field for operators and protect consumers from potential harm.

Final Considerations

The chairman also discussed how gambling laws and rules differ in Europe. However, he said it’s essential to have common standards and ways of doing things that can be organized through working together.

At the end of his talk, he said he was happy to have Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin take over his position. Isabelle is the President of the French regulator ANJ. He finished by wishing Isabelle and the new GREF board great success.

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