The Cyprus Gambling Regulatory Authority launches a new Self-Exclusion Platform

Cyprus Clamps down on Safer Gambling

The National Betting Authority (NBA) of Cyprus has recently introduced the National Self-Exclusion Platform (NSEP), which enables players to responsibly manage their gambling habits. Moreover, the NSEP not only prohibits players from engaging in any gambling activities but also bars them from creating new accounts throughout the duration of their self-exclusion.

This all-encompassing strategy is designed to mitigate the dangers associated with problem gambling and safeguard individuals from potential harm. This platform, launched as part of the Safer Gambling Strategy 2022-2025, allows players to voluntarily exclude themselves from all licensed online casinos and bookmakers in Cyprus.

The registration process on the platform is both uncomplicated and free of charge. It enables players to establish their self-exclusion preferences across all authorized betting service providers. Whether choosing temporary, long-term, or indefinite self-exclusion, players possess the freedom to customize their preferences based on their unique requirements.

Ioanna Fiakkou, the president of NBA, emphasized the importance of this platform in promoting safer gambling practices. The NSEP provides flexible self-exclusion options, with the aim of safeguarding vulnerable individuals and combating match-fixing.

Through its comprehensive approach and continuous collaboration with stakeholders, the NSEP represents a significant milestone in Cyprus’ dedication to responsible gambling.

Other nations are also currently placing a high emphasis on self-exclusion measures, not just Cyprus. Australia, for instance, has recently implemented the National Self-Exclusion Register – BetStop, and there are other countries considering following suit.

What Is A Self Exclusion Plan – How does it Help?

A self-exclusion scheme designed for casino players is a voluntary initiative that empowers players to limit their involvement in gambling activities for a designated duration. Players who perceive themselves as vulnerable to developing gambling-related issues have the option to voluntarily abstain from participating in casino games, whether it be for a temporary or permanent period.

Throughout the self-exclusion timeframe, individuals are generally unable to gain access to online casino platforms, and may be prohibited from entering land based casino premises. This measure aims to assist players in regaining control over their gambling habits, seeking necessary support, and mitigating the potential harm associated with excessive gambling.

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