Dutch Gaming Authority KSA Initiates Consultation for Enhanced Responsible Gaming Measures

KSA’s Progressive Step Towards Responsible Gaming

In a pivotal move, Kansspelautoriteit, the Dutch gaming authority, has launched a consultation period, inviting gambling industry professionals in the Netherlands to voice their perspectives on the revised Responsible Gaming Policy rules. This crucial phase commenced on December 21 and will draw to a close on February 1. The updated policy introduces refined details on the duty of care and revises advertising regulations, signalling a new era of responsible gaming.

Insights and Amendments: Shaping the Future of Gaming Responsibility

The genesis of this policy update was a comprehensive survey conducted by the KSA with ten gaming providers, focusing on the interpretation and application of the duty of care. Findings revealed a concerning trend: several providers were sluggish in intervening upon signs of excessive play or potential addiction. Following these revelations in September, the KSA acknowledged the need for amendments to “further elucidate open standards in the legislation”, thus enabling providers to more effectively fulfil their duty of care.

The proposed rules mandate providers to identify signs of excessive gambling within one hour, addressing the delay observed in current practices where such activity is not monitored in real-time, often leading to significant losses for players in a brief span.

Stricter Controls and Protective Measures in Advertising

In a bid to fortify player safety, the policy update delineates stricter advertising standards. These include a prohibition on employing role models and a ban on untargeted advertising campaigns, both designed to shield vulnerable groups, notably minors and young adults.

Moreover, the policy introduces a new measure where, if a player (adults aged 18-24: €300 net deposit) deposits more than €700 net in a calendar month, providers are compelled to request proof of income before permitting further deposits. However, funds already in the account prior to this request can still be utilised for gaming.

As the consultation period concludes on February 1, the KSA’s objective is to officially release these new policy rules in the Government Gazette by April 1. This initiative reflects the outgoing KSA Chair René Jansen’s appeal last September to Dutch operators, urging a heightened sense of duty in safeguarding players from the perils of gambling harm and addiction.

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