EveryMatrix Integrates New AI for Real-Time Personalisation
By combining Future Anthem’s cutting-edge technology with EveryMatrix’s platform capabilities, personalized gaming experiences in real time are set to transform the industry. This article explores the partnership’s significance, CEO statements, and the potential of AI and machine learning in revolutionizing the iGaming experience.


EveryMatrix, a leading provider of iGaming software, has agreed to a platform partnership with Future Anthem, a pioneering AI and data science company. The partnership will see EveryMatrix integrate a real-time personalisation product for users; Amplifier AI designed by Future Anthem, into its Casino Engine platform.

Amplifier AI uses machine learning to humanise anonymised transactional data, enabling real-time personalisation across the player journey. Future Anthem designed the AI to make it easier to personalise the player’s journey.

By deploying the revolutionary real-time technology within Casino Engine, EveryMatrix will be able to offer AI-driven personalised player journeys, game recommendations, and marketing engagement offers to improve retention and conversion. All of this can be achieved with the speed and unmatched velocity of real-time intervention through Amplifier AI.

The partnership, which initially focuses on casino games, reinforces the EveryMatrix commitment to building high-quality iGaming products. By combining Future Anthem’s unique algorithms and metadata with the strong promotional and technical capabilities of its platform, EveryMatrix aims to improve player retention, satisfaction, and revenues for its portfolio of customers by offering personalised entertainment experiences in real time.

CEO Statements

EveryMatrix Casino CEO, Stian Enger Pettersen, emphasised the importance of the partnership, stating,

This partnership represents an important step for the EveryMatrix platform as we harness the power of AI and invest in real-time technologies to provide our clients and their players with hyper-relevant and automated actions.

In the world of iGaming, where a personalized experience can make all the difference, Amplifier AI’s real-time personalisation technology will give EveryMatrix a competitive edge in the online casino market.

Future Anthem CEO, Leigh Nissim, praised the partnership, stating,

Platform features play a critical role in EveryMatrix helping its operator customers grow, so they must integrate the latest technologies to facilitate improvements and innovation. From the moment I first met the EveryMatrix team and had exposure to the full potential of their platform, it was clear they would be a great partner to leverage the power of Amplifier AI, in real time – I’m confident that great things will come from this collaboration.

AI in Casino Gaming

With more companies investing in AI-driven technology, the iGaming industry is poised for major growth in the coming years. The partnership between EveryMatrix and Future Anthem is a testament to the importance of innovation in this field, as well as the potential that AI and machine learning have in revolutionising the gaming experience for players around the world.

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