Finnish Group Launches World’s First “Pay-and-Play” Online Casino

Mata-licensed Lucky Dino will launch the brand with a lot of the target market being its already established customers from its platform. Customers from Finland will be the first to enjoy the “Pay-and-Play” online casino launch as the primary market is set to there as the company expands to reach a wider audience from other geolocations globally.

“Pay-and-Play” Benefits

“Pay-and-Play” casinos have seen an increase in customers over the last decades as it just makes the process much faster. Having a system where you can skip all the tedious registration processes makes it easy for customers who want to get in and get out and not have to think about giving out their details.

Fiksukasino will have many benefits since customer acquisition, and all the traffic sources will all be passed through the platform. The easy registration process will lead to better performance and increased clientele as well.


Up to now, Esports Entertainment Group has been trying to get a foundation within Europe, and expanding in Finland may be what the company needs. They have had significant investments from 2020, starting with the acquisition of Lucky Dino Gaming for more than $30 million. Argyll Entertainment was also another major acquisition from Sportnation. These acquisitions are slowly increasing the valuation and portfolio of the company.

The “Pay-and-Play” online casino approach comes with the best casino bonuses that are strategically set to increase customer satisfaction and increase winning chances. The new “Pay-and-Play” system will probably be readily accepted by players as soon as they try it out.

Finland’s Gambling Industry

Finland has seen a growing pace in the gambling industry, and sites such as will have to take advantage of this and get the necessary data to spearhead new developments in the gambling industry and in the company. The “Pay-and-Play” online casino has a lot more benefits that follow it, so players are bound to get hooked as they enjoy everything that the platform has to offer.


“Pay-and-Play” might still be the future of online gambling as momentum picks up and starts showing exponential growth. With the online gaming industry growing by as much as 10% just from 2020 with almost $3 billion in revenues generated, Esports Entertainment Group seems promising enough to rely on in the future.
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