Gaming Corps Now Has its Own Custom Version of Baccarat

Even though this might not be news in the traditional world of casino games, it is a first for Gaming Corps.

As a table game with a rich history and a strong following on brick and motor casino tables, a classic implementation will surely evoke some nostalgia and love among veteran players.

What’s new in this version?

The idea of adding already known and loved games to an e-gaming portfolio is captivating. The learning curve remains shallow meaning more players will adopt the game on launch. The more the people playing the game the more popular it will be. This will translate to better bets and better yields for prudent and persistent gamers.

While some will argue that choosing between two types of bets narrows your options and ties you to 50-50 odds of winning or losing, some will find the game relaxing and soothing.

Intuition, luck, and guesswork will play a huge role. This is the recipe for a relaxed time. You don’t have to overthink. Just guess, look for a trend if you are lucky, and place your wagers accordingly.

In some sense, Gaming Corps launch of this simple traditional Baccarat game appeals to the good old times. Picture this; the sun is setting, you had a long tough day driving cattle across the open prairies, you walk into a saloon, order a whisky, and sit at the Baccarat table to unwind. You are tired. You don’t want to think hard. Just some casual gaming to unwind. You might win, you might lose – but you don’t care.


This is exactly the appeal this simple yet versatile version of Baccarat brings to the table. It is for the casual gamer who is there for the fun and isn’t really keen on making a living off playing Baccarat.

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Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans